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Big Data Job Opportunities in 2017 & why big data is the best option for career growth

Big Data Job Opportunities in 2017

Mar, 22nd 17

It has been a massive year for big data in 2016 and now the focus is on 2017. How much the job market of big data is going to grow and how it is going to impact the big data field. Almost we have completed Q1 of 2017 let’s see how it was going till now and how it will be for the remaining quarters.

With the introduction of big data, we have witnessed a great revolution in the IT industry. The Buzz around big data is not going to vanquish very soon. The presence of big data is growing day by day and definitely, we can say it will grow. Businesses will rely on decisions taken by data analytics. According to IT industry forecasts big data sector has grown more than six times of the average IT industry growth. The momentum is not going to sustain it is going to grow at a pace and for sure it is going to dominate other industry’s entire growth rate. By the end of 2020, it’s going to be one-third of the whole IT industry.

One can definitely say if you are going to opt big data as career then doesn’t look back go ahead you are on the right path. The demand for data professionals is not going to come down, before people use to think that big data process only reserved for big giants like Microsoft, IBM etc. With growing importance, it’s not the case anymore even small and medium size organizations are going for it, as more and more IT companies are showing interest towards big data for the individuals who can process the data.

As a live example, we can see the popular job portals where the jobs related to big data are more in number. One can say the demand is going to be in an upward trend but not in downward trend. Qualified big data Professionals are the hottest ones for whom the IT recruiters seeing for.

In age wise, if we see big data sector is still the young field. It is facing the scarcity of skilled professional in many corporates the positions have been vacant due to unavailable of skilled professionals. The individuals who possess the right skills, it will not be a difficult task to get a job in this sector.

Let’s have a look at the current salary trend for big data professionals, they are considered to be one of the highly compensated groups of employees compared to others. According to a survey, corporates are ready to pay lucrative salaries and big data professionals are getting 30% more than the IT professionals with the same level of experience.

Due to the adaptation of big data in other sectors like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy sector, Banking and consumer appliances, and the requirement of big data professionals is in rising. On the whole in one word we can say that in this sector the demand is more and supply is not up to the mark. As it is a common principle of economics it wins situation for the skilled professionals.


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