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With the Automation threat Looming, IT Companies Employees Reskilled in newer Technologies

With the Automation Threat Looming Employees Reskilled in Newer Technologies

Mar, 30th 17

Will robotics lead over your IT jobs? Although the newer technologies have reduced the workforce, a recent survey an automation replacing growing numbers of employees in IT sector including highly skilled or basic knowledge employees.

Artificial intelligence is booming very faster than anyone had expected before, a study estimates that for the next 10-15 years, 80-90% jobs will be eliminated due to automation. Google and Microsoft have demonstrated that AI can understand human speech better than humans.

Automation is the new norms in a sector like automobiles, manufacturing, IT sector, banking, and agriculture. As adoption of automation increases, it will affect to all high labor jobs.

To halt this fallout, reskilling the workforce to take new jobs which will emerge post automation. As the need for manpower, IT company’s employees are tending to reskilled in newer technologies. There is a warning for IT employees, developers must have to focus on full stack programming rather than specializes in particular technology. Those who are full-stack programmers must have the knowledge of front end and back end technology including design. 

Reskilling in trending technology is happening through the in-house training or online training. IT employees preferred to earn some certification in the field of technology and management. For those seekers, there are numbers of training companies which offers various certification courses like PMP, ITIL, Six sigma, CSM, Digital Marketing Professional, Data scientists, etc. Sprintzeal as such of the leading corporate training which has come out with flying colors in providing training to professionals.

After earning certification and reskilling gain a lot of strength around new technologies. It is safer to be updated with the newer and emerging technology.

Some of the demanding technologies nowadays are cloud-based services, machine learning, IOT, Digitization, re-engineering, artificial intelligence, analytics, and modernization. That is the area which will need a lot of focus and especially around complex digital services.

There is a big demand for big data, Hadoop a programming tool & Data Science that helps how to manage the complex data, along with cloud computing.

Some experts believe that automation will not take all the jobs because there is a need of manpower to build and monitor the robots.


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