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33 best updates to social media platforms in 2018 - Sprintzeal

33 best updates to social media platforms in 2018

Jul, 24th 18

We are flooded with tons of updates on social media platforms every year and such updates never cease to amaze their audience. To focus on the same and explore, here we are listing out the 33 major updates released in the year of 2018 so far, Read on!


  • Twitter launches AD transparency center


With the launch of Ad transparency center, Twitter has enabled its users worldwide to view ads posted by twitter accounts at any time. It gives a search option and aims to provide more transparency to the viewers. Plus, these ads can be viewed by non-twitter users too, which gives better exposure to the ad campaigns run by the marketers


  •  Pinterest’s one-click saving


Pinterest has won hearts with the release of the one-click feature as its users can save pins in a more efficient way. One doesn’t need to click twice to save the pin and the ‘choose board’ step can also be skipped because Pinterest provides a drop down option too. By studying the user behavior, Pinterest suggests the board options while pinning ideas.


  • IGTV by Instagram


Keeping in view the fact that today’s generation spends a large amount of time watching digital videos, Instagram has released IGTV. It aims to bring the users and artists/creators closer to each other through this platform. Anyone can create and upload videos on IGTV and the best part is that it provides an extended video with a vertical view to its users.


  •  3D-180 degree video by Facebook


With advancements in virtual reality, Facebook has now decided to give its users a taste of the virtual experience. By providing a full 180-degree view, it aims to engage the audience in having a better experience. Moreover, these videos are quite easy to shoot and upload. These are believed to give the users a more believable and real feel while watching the videos.



  • Translation tools and QR code feature on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has released two tools to improve the connectivity among its users and to provide the better experience while using the platform. With the translation tool, users can now read the post in 60 different languages. People who can’t read/understand English are most benefitted by this release as it provides an easy way of communication and increased engagement. The QR code feature enables the users to search for their professional connections simply by scanning the code.


  •  Upvote and downvote feature on Facebook


The terms upvote and downvote might remind you of Quora and Reedit, but it is the new feature on Facebook too. To explore the feedback related to comments on public posts, Facebook has added the new feature where users can choose to upvote the informative comments which will be shifted to the top depending on the amount of engagement.


  •  New option to boost Ads and market posts on Facebook


The amount of revenue, publicity, and exposure several businesses are receiving through Facebook is astounding. To further help these marketers, Facebook has released new options to boost Ads and posts shared for publicity of products.  This option enables marketers to post an Ad by simply filling the details like budget and amount of time they want the Ad to run. It targets a similar audience and boosts the listings by increasing effective exposure.


  •  Snooze option by Facebook


The all-new ‘Snooze’ feature by Facebook is surely going to be the most exciting update this year, especially among the youth. Reason being, people who are big fans of sitcoms and popular TV shows or movies often cringe at the sight of spoilers which are unavoidable in today’s well connected social platforms. With this feature, users can choose to “Snooze” the updates for at least 30 days and FB will make sure their news feeds are not flooded with related updates.


  •  Group video calls on Instagram


After releasing features like IGTV, Live, and stories, Instagram has now updated the app with “Group video call’’ feature. The best part of this feature is that it even allows the user to browse the news feed on app whilst staying on the call. It allows about 4 people to video call at once. You can find the call option in the chat or direct message box.


  • “Time spent in-app” feature by Facebook


Keeping in mind the user well-being, Facebook is planning to release a new tool “your time” which enables users to track the amount of time they spend on the social media platform. It also allows users to set their own time limit and alerts the user on reaching that limit. This aims to improve user experience and to ensure that the time spent on Facebook helps people connect better and cause no negative effects on their lives.


  •  Snap map features by Snapchat


With the new Snap map feature, users can share their location or request the same from their friends. This enhances engagement and connectivity among users. It shows up on the map and even in the chat threads, users can share the location based on their privacy preferences.


  •  Free tools for non-profit and other pages


Facebook has been doing its part for the welfare of the society. It has extended the help to several non-profit organizations online by providing free tools for their growth and popularity. It helped them raise funds. Now, the same free tools are being given to other users too, who are handling pages on Facebook.


  •  Snap-kit by Snapchat


Snap kit is the feature that allows developers, third-party apps to use the features of Snapchat. It helps people share their favorite moments with others instantly. Snap kit will allow developers to use the “log in with Snapchat” option and other features like Bitmoji avatars on various platforms.


  •  Quick and easy "create" option


Facebook never leaves a chance to make the online experience a good one for its users. With the new update, it has placed a create button on the top bar which will allow the users to instantly create a page, group, an ad and many more.


  • Real-time alerts by Twitter


The real-time alerts feature by Twitter is winning hearts already. With improvements in its search options, trending news categories and happening now feature, Twitter is striving to provide its users with better experience with personalized news alerts. By understanding the user behavior and patterns of the topics they follow, Twitter sets the preferences and provides information in the form of notifications.


  •  Kudos feature by LinkedIn


LinkedIn believes that a little appreciation goes a long way and has proven it by releasing the new “kudos” feature. It allows the user to appreciate his/her connections and the role they play in his success by sending this kudos wishes to them. The aim is to celebrate the success — big and small by appreciating everyone’s contribution to it.


  • Expansion of advertising by Apple


Apple has decided to expand its advertising business by connecting with third-party apps. In partnership with the apps, Apple will provide some sort of revenue for the publicity they carry out and for the Ads they display for it.


  •  Shopping tag in stories by Instagram


To all the shopaholics, this is a treat. With the new feature, Instagram allows the viewers to shop things easily by simply clicking on the shopping bag icon that appears in stories which will direct them to the main account of the brand. This is one of the best ways to sell your products online as it is driving more engagement than ever.  


  •  In-App Ads bidding by Facebook


Yes, bidding on Facebook for getting the Ad published. This release enables the users (ad networks) to compete for the best publisher and the one with the best deal wins. It aims to bring together masses of advertisers, publishers, and marketers for better engagement with their products.


  • ‘Unsend message’ option on Snapchat


Ah! Anyone who uses Snapchat will know what a relief it is to have an unsend message option in the chat. This might not be the best update but it surely has proven to be one of the most useful ones. It allows the senders to unsend the message in a chat and saves a lot of embarrassment for many who accidentally send texts to people. 


  • Ranking criteria by Instagram


Instagram has revealed some major secrets about how their algorithm works and what are the factors taken into account while ranking a post. Turns out, recent update, popularity, and relationship are the three pillars that hold a post strong in the news feed. Many marketers were benefitted with this little secret.


  •  ‘@mentionsharing’ by Instagram


After releasing the stories feature, Instagram has added another hint of awesomeness with the “@mentionsharing” option. We know that when someone mentions us in their stories we are notified via direct message from that person. Now, we can share the same on our stories and even add some stickers or text before sharing. However, this is available only for users whose accounts are public.


  •  Commute tool feature by LinkedIn


Believe it or not, the commute is one of the major factors one takes into consideration while looking for a job. Keeping this in mind, LinkedIn has added a new “commute” feature as one of the filters/preferences options while browsing for jobs on the platform. With this, users can estimate the time it would take and distance that needs to cover, to reach the new workplace. It will help applicants to make better job decisions.


  •  Lip sync live by Facebook


It was known that Facebook has been negotiating regarding its terms of agreements about music for a long time now. The reason behind it is, Facebook has been planning to add music of various genres to the app for its users to engage better with family & friends. And finally, lip sync feature is the product of it which allows users to add in music during the live stream and sing along to songs of their choice. Plus, the viewers can comment on it and with the artist label and song name being visible, they can instantly follow the official page of the artist or the album.


  • Cross posting from Facebook to Instagram


With this new feature, Facebook enables cross-posting from Instagram. Considering the high use of Instagram among people from all over the world, this feature is expected to increase the connectivity between the two apps. Facebook now allows the users to post things directly from their Instagram account on Facebook; as a post or as a story, without leaving the platform or having to switch between apps.


  •  ‘Admins only’ update by Whatsapp.


Good news to all those who are fed up with unnecessary/irrelevant group messages on WhatsApp. To eliminate such behavior, WhatsApp has released a new update which allows the user to change the settings to “only admin”. This feature will allow only admins to post to the group.


  •  ‘Soundtrack to stories’ by Instagram


Instagram has introduced a new feature that enables its users to add music tracks to the stories from the music library or from the tracks available online. A music icon is now visible while adding new stories on Instagram which allows us to browse music based on mood, genre or trending tracks. It also provides a little preview of the track before posting.


  •  ‘Group chat and reactions in stories’ by Facebook


It is no surprise that Facebook initiates another exciting feature to engage its audience. After releasing the story feature, Facebook has now updated it by adding reactions and group chat option to it. Users can now reply to the stories with stickers, tag others while replying and even send reactions that are available on Facebook – like, love, angry, amazed and more. This creates a group thread which enables users to engage in stories collectively.


  •  Spam detection update by Twitter


With the new update, Twitter is focusing on detecting the spam and fake users. Increase in fake accounts usage and bots online have led to breaches in the security policies of Twitter. To combat this situation, Twitter has decided to step up the game and is doing its best to filter such activities.


  • Improvement in two-factor authentication by Facebook


To make the user data more secure, Facebook has taken initiatives on improving the two-factor authentication. After the burst out that took place recently as Facebook was allegedly accused of sharing data of millions of users with third parties, this update is believed to be a subtle way of making amends.


  •  A lens that responds to sound, by Snapchat


Snapchat is famous for its creative filters and it never fails to amaze its users. This time, Snapchat has released its first ever lens that responds to sound. It not just responds but also hears and reacts to the user's voice.


  •  Periscope releases Background Audio for iOS


Good news for all the multitask lovers out there. Periscope, a live video stream provider app, has released a new feature that enables background audio even while the phone is locked or the user switches between other apps. The video plays in the background allowing the user to listen to the audio while browsing other apps. However, this feature is presently available for iOS users only.


  •  Instant article builder tool by Facebook


This feature eliminates the need to write a code and allows the user to create instant articles. It is possible to do this on the desktop. This feature allows its users to set the template by simply pointing to the mobile site. It will later be visible to the audience on Facebook.



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