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Benefits of Blogging for Business,Here it is everything you need to know

Benefits of Blogging for Business

Mar, 29th 18

Today, Blogging has grown into so much and become an integral part of your digital marketing strategies. And it’s a marketing fact that blogs are facilitating business in numerous ways. From driving traffic to your website, building and maintaining your brand identity and brand awareness online, attracting new customers to your business, and reach right customers by promoting your content.

Blogging has come a long way and it was initially used as the platform to share his/her thoughts, opinions, feelings or experiences – an online blog or diary with a minimal following. Today, from individuals to businesses owners, around millions of people use blogs for their small business to large ones.  One of the main lessons that digital marketers teach every business owners: blogging can surely improve your digital marketing success.


If your business website does not have a blog page which is frequently updated with new content, then you may have a serious disadvantage compared your competitors. In today’s internet world, your business has to have a strong online presence to stay one step ahead of your competitors.


Are you looking to grow your business? Luckily, it’s never too late to get started. Start the blog for your business in a right way and leverage the benefits.


What is Business Blog?


A marketing strategy that uses blogging to promote the business and to get your business more online visibility. It’s important to create quality content and write about the subject matter related to your business. It helps to get your business in front of the right customers looking for your products or services.


But how is it important in the business world? Let’s read out how exactly business blog work to build your business:


Increase traffic to your website:


Every time you publish a blog post on your website, it’s an opportunity for someone to find your business and look what you are. In another way, it’s an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. A blog gives your business the chance to create valuable content for your website customers.


Your business might be on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You should always be posting content from your blogs on social media platforms in order to drive traffic to your site. Your social posts should include the right website links to the blog article along with relevant visuals and provide your followers a reason to click on your website.


You can also increase traffic to your website via inbound links by posting a guest blog to the third-party site. An inbound link is a link coming from third-party site to your own website. A Website that receives good inbound links can be more likely to rank higher in search engine result. The more traffic you get to your website, the more leads you get for your business and generate revenues.


Increase your SEO/ SERP:


Better your website SEO, the higher your website will appear in search engine results. Blogs increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google love freshness, fresh and unique content is still a key to beat your competitors in SERP. Google updated their algorithm and mainly focusing on website content and frequency of posts. If a blog is well-managed, regularly updating your content based on topics related to your business, it will increase your website SEO.


Use keyword (words that your target marketing is searching for) in website content. Search for the keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with. For example, if your business is about Education then don’t post about travel.

Google find your website in the search engine when people search for the relevant keywords and topics.


Position your business as an industry leader:


This is where you can make your business look like the leader in your niche. By posting relevant content frequently about your products or services, this shows to your customers how informative and knowledgeable you are in that industry.


By investing in creating content that helps to answer the questions of your target customer, you are gaining a trust that makes them more comfortable to visit your site again and again and expecting the information they seek in near future.

Convert your blog readers to customer:


You remember how we discussed about blogging opens up to new opportunities to drive traffic? Every visitor who visits your website serves as an opportunity to generate new lead and convert it to a customer. Suppose if you post a blog and that has100 visitor you have 100 chances to turn those readers into customer and then turn to leads by putting a call-to-action on that blog post. A call-to-action is an invitation for your readers to take an action. It can be in the form of small button, links or well-written line of texts at the bottom of the blog. It can ask the readers to exchange their contact information for something like a free consultation, sign up for the free trial, etc.


If someone is reading your blog about the certification training and after that they might want to get more information about that certification and might be they are planning to opt for certification.  If they do, they can find out the call-to-action at the bottom of the blog, and fill the form to get information. That reader is a lead of your business, might be they will become a customer.

Keep business focused on content marketing strategy:


Launching a successful marketing campaign is an ultimate goal of any business that wants to grow your business and build a strong online presence. Without impelling marketing, there is less chance to get in front of a right customer and creating a long-term business.


Content is still the king.  With Content Marketing Strategy your business can expect a quick growth with minimal investment.


Content Marketing for businesses can help you:

  • Introduce and maintain a brand identity that your customer connects with.
  • Gain an extra advantage over your competitors not to use content marketing.
  • Build a long-term, trustworthy relationship with customers.
  • Position your brand as a niche expert.

Promised Improved Public Relation:


By writing about your niche, reviewing products or services, providing business news, your blog is ready source of news stories. By creating in a style reflects your brand identity, along with your leader in the industry, the public will consider your business to be an industry expert.


The conversational voice and most updated blog postings, establish a trust with the blog reading public. Customers prefer to buy products or services and do business whom they find trustworthy.


Blogging is no longer for individuals who express their feelings and opinions, it has become a potent tool for the businesses of today. With blogging, you provide your right audiences to interact in the form of engaging buttons, shares, likes, and comments. So, put your valuable time in creating quality content and drive a successful business.


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