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Why choose Digital Marketing as a career - Is Digital Marketing career rewarding ?

Digital Marketing The Next Big Career Opportunity

Sep, 19th 17

The term “Digital” has become the next big thing, and hence it is quite effective that every business moving to the digital way to promote their products or services. Industries have embraced digitization so quickly that it has created a large opportunity for online marketing.


In the early 90’s, there was only 0.5% of the world population had access to internet facilities. After 20 years, the figure jumps to 51% with 3885 million internet users. With the increased number of internet users, a transformation from lower generation internet connectivity (2G) to higher generation internet connectivity (G and 4G or LTE), there is a large scope for the adoption of digital Practices.


Digital Marketing skills are very great in demand. While the Digital Marketing looks quite promising, brands are paying more attention to digital marketing Practices or techniques than ever before like SEO, content marketing, social media strategy, email marketing, and more.

Reasons why Digital Marketing is a growing trend:


•Increased in Internet usage.
•Brand Awareness.
•Target large number of customers.
•Less investment more ROI.
•Can target right audiences at right time.
•High Engagement rate for ads.


If you are planning to make a career in Digital Marketing field then there are reasons that why you must establish your role as Digital Marketers:


1.You can kick-start your own career-


In other professions, you’d have to wait for a graduate placement in order to gain an experience and create your own portfolio. But Digital Marketing offers huge opportunities to stir your own career.
Just you need to do is to build a strong social media presence, create your own blogging website start writing high-quality blogs to attract the audiences. Grow your own Twitter followers and contribute to online conversations.


Give weight to your resume and highlight your skills by gaining various courses and exam, such as Digital Marketing associate certification course from Sprintzeal or Digital Marketing specialist certification and Google analytics exam.
There are many digital marketers who have been recruited after showing their knowledge and abilities through social media.


2.Digital Marketing in Demand:


It is expected that there would be around 1, 50,000 Digital Marketing jobs at the beginning of 2020.According to the report, there will be a rise in demand for Digital Marketing professionals.


3.A field for everyone:


A Digital Marketing Team consists of the Content writer, SEO Executive, Business development executive, graphic designers, and social media marketer.


If you are passionate about writing, if you are social media addict, or if you are interested in designing then this field is well suited for you. Digital Marketing is multi-skilled industries that want a mixture of skills set.


4.Get Paid more than any peers:


As you are already aware of the fact that how demand for Digital Marketing Professionals is skyrocketing. In the market, there is a shortage of digital marketing professionals and you find yourself as a fully equipped digital marketer with required skills. According to industry standards, you can negotiate your salary. The average salary of Digital Marketing Managers is $95,457 as of September 2017.


With the rapid growth of mobile users, internet users, businesses will require digital marketers for targeted brand awareness and focused engagements. Thus, the career opportunities in Digital Marketing field look evergreen and auspicious.



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