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How Important to Build an Online Reputation, Why one should build Online Reputation for their Business


Mar, 16th 17

Is it really holds a good impression when you have your own brand name? But have you ever thought of how important to build your personal online reputation in today’s world of digital media? Some people think like that I am not a CEO or co-founder or manager so it doesn’t matter much to me when people search for my name in Google.

Is it really so? No, whether you are the student, job seekers, or an employee you should have an online personal reputation because it displays your involvement in social media what you share and your other online activities.

Your online presence can hover your resume’s achievements if there is a negative result with your name in web. And today’s 70% companies uses social networking sites and search engines to grab the relevant information about the candidates. Here are few reasons that insist employers not to hire candidates as per the information they got from the social media:

  1. Inappropriate photographs, videos or irrelevant information.
  2. Candidates information like boozing, drugs.
  3. Poor communication skills.

Here is few more reason why you need to build your online reputation:

  1. In US and UK, many universities like to see candidate’s online activities and reputation.
  2. If you are applying for the visa of any country, then immigration authority might refuse you to grant the permission if they find something inappropriate about your background details while doing online activities.

Here are some easy steps to build online reputation?

  1. Start managing and controlling your social media account like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  2. Make a profile on Word press, blogging sites, Tumbler and keep updating it once a while.
  3. Make your own website and buy your own domain name.

If you search for anything in Google, Online reputation management ensures that people find the right information about that particular thing. Online reputation management is nothing but taking control the online conversation. This is also a part of digital marketing like SEO, online reputation management is totally about managing the collection of websites that shows in your search result. That means tactics and measure of success are different.


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