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Is Digital Marketing the new Traditional Marketing

Is Digital Marketing the new Traditional Marketing

Apr, 28th 17

The major observation that you might have come across if you are spending more time on the Internet, every page you open and every app you install have ads. If you have observed properly this trend of advertising on the internet has gained its importance from last five years. It means from decades the marketing practices we are applying are no more and one can say digital marketing is overtaking the traditional marketing practices.

Let’s see the impacts of digital marketing on traditional marketing.


Many companies have been spending a lot on TV Commercials. Stats say for a 30second commercial ad between a popular telecast averages of 5million dollars were being spent. The days have gone the same stats say there is a huge drop in the number of companies willing to invest in commercial TV ads. The companies are deciding to spend their money elsewhere, what does this actually mean? The days have come to end for traditional marketing.


What has made traditional marketing the outdated one?

The rise of internet, the usage of internet and the average time spent by an individual on internet are the major factors one can say that have affected traditional marketing


Let’s have a question who actually switches on the TV, for having a glimpse of current trending news. I guess no one we just use our mobile devices and log in to our favourite news channels. This actually shows the company on which space they can find more engaging users and where they need to advertise themselves.


Rise of eco friendly promotions 


With the rise in peoples concern towards the environment, paperless advertisement and advertising campaigns have led to rise in paperless trend it means companies are going in a digital way. It’s the only channel which gives companies to promote in eco –friendly way. This is one of the factors which made traditional marketing outdated.

Benefits of adopting digital marketing practices are that you can track actually how your ad performs and also if it is not performing you can change according to the audience preferences. Customization of ads is the best feature available while marketing through digital marketing channels.


For example, you are running an ad on Facebook in which you can target the specific group of people who you believe as the target audience, you can run ads based on demographics and many other features will be available to you.


Spending money to run campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and many others is far better than spending 5million dollars for the 30sec commercial TV ad. You can actually get more engagement rate and traffic sources than compared to TV commercial.


It’s now in your hands to decide whether you want to go for TV ad or go for targeted advertising with platforms like Facebook and much more.


In this way, one can say digital marketing is the new traditional marketing.


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