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Why Digital Branding is New Marketing Dodge

Why Digital Branding is New Marketing Dodge

Apr, 12th 17

Continuously evolving in technologies, emerging social media platforms,   algorithm updates and increased mobile adoption makes industry progress. A bold digital brand building set is critical in this age of digital rage, where the customer and stakeholders interact and engage with the process actively.

Branding is a process to develop and retain the competitive lead. It creates an idea or an image of the specific products in the market that connects the customer with by identifying their brand name, logo and design of the company who owns the idea. In the era of digital media, to remain competitive is more often an everyday challenge. Online users are more active than they were earlier.


“A brand is valueless if it doesn’t connect with the right audiences in a relevant way”. Nowadays, you will have to involve audiences with content, which needs to be valuable. It may take a time to get a better result. People are using digital media platforms to engage with brands, goods, and services.


An internet user in the Asia Pacific region is spending more time online than the developed world. At present, 3.5 billion users in the world of 7.49 billion are using the internet. There is declining in watching television in the developing world. Even the use of laptops has dropped slightly, but the mobile adoption is increasing tremendously. Brand marketers need to understand the audience behaviour and develop their brand accordingly.

Digital Branding is a boon for smaller brands. It is the time that a small industry plays an important role in the economic growth, go for the digital branding. An Organization is using digital platforms for their promotion nowadays and getting success. Before doing digital promotion, managers should understand the need of customers and what they want. They are using the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote their business.


Many customers seek information about the products and services by reading the online reviews. Small businesses used to trust on word of mouth to generate business and traffic. According to the recent survey, 88 percent of customer trusts on online reviews they find it as a personal recommendation. Good reviews or bad review or a lack of reviews that makes or break a small business.

Branding is an important asset of internet commerce, as branding allows an organization to build a good reputation, expectation about the companies’ services and products and expand the business in the market.
“A strong, consistent brand built up over time, is the best guarantee of future earnings.”


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