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How to Crack Project Management Interview - Sprintzeal

Cracking Project Management Interview

Jul, 03rd 17

Are you prepared for the interview to crack the most coveted Jobs in every industry i.e. Project Management? Project Management is the best career decision to consider in your life. If you pursuing the next step in your career, then now you should know which is better for you?

A Project Management is the crucial field that several other people’s job will depend on. Companies want to hire someone who is competent, experienced and have the right skills to manage the complex projects that bring the profit. It’s important to know that what type of questions you can expect so that you can prepare for your interviews.

You should expect the asked questions about your ability to handle efficiently, you are the person that you lead the whole activity. Project Managers need to sharpen their soft skills and technical skills, your interview will most likely be a combination of technical, behavioral and situational questions.

Here are some of the most asked Project Management interview questions to help you crack your interview. If anyone has attended PM interviews previously, we encourage you to add your questions to our comments box, we will happy to answer them.


Technical Questions

Q1. What is the difference between a Project, a Program, and a Portfolio?

A Project is undertaken for a specific task that is constituted by teams within or across the organization to achieve a particular task under time constraints.  A Program is a set of projects managed in a systematic manner in order to achieve a goal. A Portfolio handles a set of programs that help the organization to achieve a high-level business purpose.


 Q2.What are the knowledge areas you must aware to be as a Project Manager in order to effectively handle the project and attain the anticipated outcome?

  • Scope Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Cost Optimization
  • Application of Lean Six Sigma
  • Risk Management
  • Benchmark Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Quality Planning
  • Root cause analysis for major deviations.


Q3. Define RAID in the context of Project Management?

RAID stands for Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies. This all are main components that Project managers should familiar of. A Risk is a specific event which might occur thus has a negative impact on the project. An Assumption is something we set it as true then only you can proceed with the project.

Issues are anything which arises anytime on your project and have to deal with this in order to run the project smoothly. Dependencies exist when an output from one piece of the project is needed as compulsory input for another project.

Q4.What is Six Sigma and how it is important in Project Management?

Six Sigma is a methodology or tools in business that strives for near perfection. The tools can be used to eliminate defects from the processes. In order to achieve the quality output, a process must not produce more than 3.4 million opportunities. If applied effectively, it helps the team to finish a project on time, be reducing the risk of defects.


Situational & Behavioral Questions

Q1. Tell me about a situation in your previous project wherein you had to adapt and manage change and what were the challenges involved?

 The Best Strength a Project Manager can display is adaptability to change and mental agility decides when to modify the plan. If you have 3-4 years experienced in Project Management, you must have come across a situation like this and you must produce an honest account. While answering this question make sure that you bring across your understanding of Agile Project Management.

Q2. What are the important values and ethics you should present as a leader?

Integrity: Being trustworthy and dependable and having a strong belief is essential leadership ability. The effective leader present values and ethics in personal behavior and integrates these abilities into an organizational practice. While Leaders are frank with the employees

Q3.What is the most Challenging aspect about being a Project Manager?

You can response this question based on your past experiences, while answering make sure that you do not present your inability to deal with some of the critical sides of Project Management. Challenges can be empowering, so try to build your answer around this.

Q4. How have you improved a Project Management process at your current organization?

You might not achieve something great in your current organization and i.e. absolutely right. Interviewer wants to evaluate by asking you this question, is to check your ability to make difference and contribute as an individual.


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