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Data Scientists – The hottest jobs to watch out in 2017

Data Scientists The hottest jobs to watch out in 2017

Jun, 15th 17

In the fields of Information Technology, Data Scientists are in huge demand to look out and stay at cutting edge in the market. Positioning yourself for a career in Data Science could be a great move in your life. Earlier, Data Science wasn’t so popular, but their sudden popularity grows how businesses think about the Big Data. With the detonation of Big Data and needs to track in, employers keep hiring Data Scientists. But in IT industry, qualified candidates are very less in supply. The field is so new that many companies are not even in the track of big data.

Data science requires a complete understanding of mathematics and statistics. Data Science is machine learning, analytical and statistical skills to draw important perception. According to a report from market research firm, “Business are drowning in data but starving for insights”. This statement alone is enough to justify Data Scientists being included in our hottest job in 2017.


What exactly are Data Scientists?


Data Science is known as data-driven science and an art of considering petabyte and terabytes of data in a short span of time and extracting useful information from a large volume of data. Data Scientists are a type of analytical data expert who has the technical skills to solve a complex problem and the desire to know what problem need to be solved.



Want to become a Data Scientists: Here is a quality guide to becoming a Data Scientists in 2017:

•You should have a good knowledge of statistics. I suggest you take up a crash course in statistics.

•With a degree in computer science stream is usually preferred, it is not a must.

•Learn data visualisation tools such as Qlikview, Tableau, and Microsoft power BI.

•A good hand on Hadoop and Apache Spark is a must.

•Learn the basics of machine learning algorithms.

•Learn the important tools of the trade- R programming, Python, Perl, SPSS, Apache Spark and SQL.


Which Skills are most required in a Data Scientists?


There are some of the pre-requisite in Data Scientists: Machine Learning, Statistics, data analysis and in the programming language we have R, Python and SQL. As a Data Scientists you would be working on a Data visualisation libraries and ML libraries then you must brush up your machine learning skills.


How are Data Scientists different from the Data Analysts?


Sometimes, the terms we used similar and even in job description data analysts refer to junior data scientists. However, in the skillset, there are some skills you can find in both the Data Scientists and Data Analysts. A Data Scientists peers will have knowledge of statistics and Big Data Technology such as Hadoop and apache-spark.


Data Analysts are the guys who have the knowledge and well-versed in BI – Tableau or any other analytical solutions.

When it comes to packages, Data Scientists are getting a more attractive

salary than the Data Analysts.

Salary range of Data Scientists at the beginning: $100,000-$110,000.

Salary range of Data Analysts at beginning: $55,000-$75,000.


If you are pursuing a career path that brings more opportunities, more demand, and handsome salary and great work-life balance, then it’s the best time to look at becoming a Data Scientist in 2017.


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