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How important is Networking for Professional Career

How important is Networking for Professional Career

Jun, 12th 17

Networking plays an important role in your personal and professional growth when we think about the word networking the first thought we get through our mind is we need to do everything in an official way. We ourselves think networking is a long formal process, I can say it’s absolutely a big no from my side to the thought that networking is a formal process.

Let me start with this what you think when you are off to build a strong Professional network? If my guess is correct one would definitely think in this way that I need to increase my LinkedIn connections to build my professional network. Yes you are correct, definitely building LinkedIn connections will flourish your professional network but I can say you are missing out the key and the basic source where you can build the network. It’s the people you work with every day, your college friends, and your family members never forget to include these, they can turn out to be very important to build your professional career.

When you interact with a person for a very first time, I generally came across some type of people who continuously talk about themselves, about their goals and plans and much more. I would suggest them that while you are in a process of building your network you need to talk about yourself but also you need to listen to others. Give a space to express themselves, I promise when you start listening to the person this creates or sends a message to the other person that you are very much interested in the other person and willing to learn from them. There should be a reciprocal process “say and listen” this will definitely help in growing your network.

Coming back to Social Media (LinkedIn), yeah definitely Social Media a great source but you should not rely much. I can say social media can’t replace the rapport developed by face to face interaction.

You may like or not like a person in your professional connections, it doesn’t mean that you should burn out the connection, you may not know how the situation may be or you may not know how important they can turn out in your professional career, so never take a chance to burn out your connection. Always carry out the situation smoothly by considering the fact that you should not burn out the connection, especially during professional interactions.

You have people in your network, might be you have spoken to them long ago make a time for them something like follow-up, wish them, greet them, spend time with them, recollect what you spoke in your first interaction and also mention that we need to share thoughts on regular basis, this says to another person that you are paying attention to them. This can definitely help you out in building a strong network.

Let me share one ongoing trending fact how networking turns out to be handy, in the present hiring process most of the recruiters hire the candidates who are been recommended by others or the candidates referred by influential people this happens when you have a strong professional network.

I hope I have helped you to some extent how easy is to build a strong professional network and it’s not the formal process anymore. Like networking there are many other skills that you need to develop, to be successful in your professional careers. Skills like Time Management, Risk Management and many more. Associate with us for many skill development courses and enhance your career. Try to comment on this post what you have felt and your suggestions and opinions are most welcome.



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