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Project Management Methodologies Helps Marketing Teams To Work More Effectively

Project Management Methodologies Helps Marketing Teams To Work More Effectively

May, 16th 17

Does your organisation work on demanding Project Management (PM) methodologies? There are some methodologies which are adopted by companies in order to make market themselves. Perhaps you have been Integrated some techniques and project management methodologies into your marketing strategies. Unless you have spent in IT industry as a project manager, it’s doubtful that you are familiar with the many methodologies associated with the project management.

With the globalization, technology evolution and others parameter, project management has also evolved with the same concept. Nowadays, Because of the demand increased speed to market, technology and creative industries have a need for Project management. In Industries, projects are complex and difficult to manage, and the teams need proper management to deal with it. Project Management follows the discipline and to the need for a structured approach to initiating, planning, executing, controlling and completing work and achieve the desired goals satisfy success criteria.


Here are some PM methodologies which is taking rounds of marketing field to help improve companies effectively and overall growth:

1. Waterfall Methodology:


A Waterfall is a traditional approach to software development. It is first PM methodology introduced by the Winston W Royce in 1970 and gained support immediately by the project managers because of its linear approach.


Under Waterfall PM Methodology, managers want to eliminate risk and doubt by depicting the steps of a project in sequential process.


It follows a non-iterative process, in which process is represented as downward through the phases of conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, production, verification and maintenance.  


In the early stage of the project, project manager assures design needs and other requirements that help to save the time. Each stage finishes first before the next one begin.




From many recent years, there is been a sound of agile methodology in project management. It is an iterative approach to development. The way agile methodologies works by reducing complexity by breaking down the process into small segments that are specified, developed and tested. Agile creates a “time-boxed into phases called “Sprint” rather than creating tasks and schedule. Each Sprint phases has a duration (a week, or a month) with an ongoing list of deliverables, planned at the start of the sprint.


Many of the IT and E-commerce companies embraced agile methodology to stand up their growth, which has helped to attain their long-term goals and objectives. Over the years, the agile methodology has improved the quality, speed to market and increased the productivity of IT firms.




Under agile project management, Scrum is a lightweight process which comes with a daily stand-up meeting, 30 days sprint, and monthly session. Scrum is a simple set of rules to follow. Scrum is an agile, agile is not a scrum.


Scrum management encourages team members to manage complex projects and products through projects visibility. With daily stand-up meetings, scrum enables all team members to know exactly what is going on with work, who is doing work at any given time.


Scrum has three roles that share traditional Project Management responsibilities: Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum team.


1.Product Owner: Product owner is responsible for controlling the vision of the team, builds and manage the product backlogs and priorities to the development team.


2. Scrum Master: Scrum master acts as an assistant to the product owner and team. Scrum master doesn’t act as manager. They organise meeting and deals with impediments and challenges and work with the product owner to assure that the team is ready for the sprint.


3.Scrum Team: The Scrum Team is responsible for self-organizing to complete work.



Like a waterfall, and agile, Scrum also works well for complex projects and tend to evolve over time.


After reading this, there is one question strikes to you which are the best methodology for your project management teams? After all, each team has different agenda and scope to complete the projects. Though each methodology has their own advantages and disadvantages, may be not applied to the projects your team is working on. Before applying you first check if it fits your project or not. That way, you can increase the project management methodology’s efficiency.


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