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7 Most Common Myths of DevOps Demystified

7 Most Common Myths of DevOps Demystified

Sep, 25th 18

Introduced in the year 2009 to the masses, DevOps has gained immense popularity and applicability in the recent years. It has become a major part of processes in businesses and industries of various fields. Like the name itself suggests, DevOps plays a major role in an organization by bridging the gap between the development and operations department.

Before going further, it is essential for us to understand that DevOps is not a methodology or technology; In fact, it is an ideology that focuses majorly on employee and works environment development.


In this blog, we present to you the 7 most common myths of DevOps. Alongside this, we demystify them with facts, so, read on!


Myth #1


DevOps is the cure-all:


Hiring a DevOps professional and hoping all the issues of your organization will vanish away is one of the biggest myths. Like every other technology, DevOps has its own set of pros and cons where cons don’t necessarily cause great harm to the organization. In fact, they can’t be named as cons and should be called as shortcomings instead. Likewise, all the pros/advantages of DevOps contribute largely to an organizations success but cannot eradicate every single issue of the company.


Myth #2


Only engineers and operators can take up DevOps


It is a myth that only individuals from engineering background or experience in operations are eligible for making a career in DevOps. DevOps is about bettering the relations and improving workplace scenarios. By reducing the gap between different departments and bring together employees from various levels, DevOps encourages collaborations. To attain this, one doesn’t necessarily have to be an engineer or an operator. DevOps is a wide concept and requires great interpersonal and logical skills from an individual to reap full benefits.



DevOps is cloud-based


Sure, the cloud is the newest and most trending technology and has found its place in almost every sector but DevOps isn’t related to cloud and neither is it dependent on it. The meaning of cloud keeps varying and it is certainly not related to DevOps in any way. The terms might be used together but it is a misconception that DevOps uses the cloud. While DevOps is related to teamwork, one can clearly see that it has nothing to do with the storage and visualization platform.


Myth #4


Usage on Ansible/puppet/chef/salt


People who are new to DevOps and just started using it are probably under the impression that the use of enough tools at right time means DevOps. They’ve got it all wrong. The motto behind DevOps isn’t achieved by applying the tools in a process, in fact, there’s much more to it. It requires changes in the system and patterns of work. From modifications in the process to improvements in each department, team relations and working procedures are needed. DevOps is more about people than the machines.



Myth #5


DevOps is easily acquirable


Having the title DevOps engineer or expert on your resume doesn’t guarantee the organization perfection or improvement of processes. Likewise, attending DevOps conferences and reading about it doesn’t mean one has acquired the skill. DevOps is so much more than just theoretical knowledge, it involves teams and relations.

Myth #6


DevOps and continuous delivery are same


Another myth of DevOps is that it is similar to continuous delivery. People tend to confuse it with the continuous delivery, although the concept and goal are the same, these terms aren’t interchangeable. For the continuous delivery of software or product in an organization, DevOps is needed and plays a major role in the proper execution of the project. But, DevOps isn’t continuous delivery, it is something that facilitates continuous delivery by improving the process with its procedures and methods.


Myth #7


DevOps is a fad


Many people believe that like every other technology trending online, DevOps, too, will disappear after a certain period of time. This isn’t true. DevOps isn’t a fad, it is here to stay and grow with time. Several organizations are adopting it on large scale and the number keeps growing. It is a way to the overall improvement of an organization which is the basic goal of every business and this is exactly what makes DevOps different.




In conclusion, we can say that DevOps has a lot of growth potential and forecasts a promising future for individuals opting to make a career in it. In order to have a solid foundation and a great start to a career in DevOps, one should be aware of its basics and possess in-depth knowledge about the ideology. Taking up a certification course in DevOps can be a wise move, may it be at a beginner’s stage or at an experienced level. With several institutes offering online training courses in DevOps, one can take the course even in the comfort of their home. 


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