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Top 10 Highest Paying and Most Valued Certifications In 2018

Top 10 Highest Paying and Most Valued Certifications In 2018

Sep, 06th 18

Whether you are ready to kick-start your career in the IT industry or planning to switch domains, certification courses can be your go-to choice. Choosing from the many available certifications can be a chaotic and wearying task; especially if you are a beginner. There are several certifications that are highly-valued in today’s industry. However, each has its own importance as many of them have made their marks in the industry. Therefore, after a comprehensive research, we bring you a list of the most prominent ones.

Let’s begin the countdown,


  1. Six Sigma Green Belt


Focused majorly on Concept of Continuous Improvement, the six sigma green belt certification is in high demand. As six sigma methodologies are being adopted worldwide in order to make processes more efficient. The average salary of an employee with six sigma green belt certification is $104,099. It enhances your leadership skills and equips you with the knowledge to rework the whole process for greater benefits.


  1. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)


Certified Ethical Hacker Certification was the first ever certification course to shed light on the black hate techniques of hacking. It brings to light the concept of illegal hacking practices and equips the individual with the knowledge and techniques to combat the issue. The average salary of a CEH certificate holder is $106,375. It is a highly valued certificate in the field of cybersecurity.


  1. Certified Scrum Master


The major focus of the scrum master organization is on ‘self-organization’.


Several organizations are adopting scrum methodologies at the workplace in order to enhance team performance. It helps create a growth and goal-driven workplace environment. The average salary of a certified scrum master is $106,938.


  1. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)


Protection of vital information from the threats of hacking, leaks and unauthorized access is important for any organization. Information security requires solid planning, in which, an information security manager plays a vital role. He/she will be responsible for developing, implementing and handling of the security plan of any organization. The average salary of a certified information security manager is $108,043.


  1. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control


CRISC enables IT, professionals, to attain risk management skills and prepares them for challenges of the industry. It helps you relate information risk system with the organization making you an expert at handling system control. The average salary of an individual certified in Risk and Information systems control is $111,049.


  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional


The importance and contribution of CISSP in cybersecurity are immeasurable. This certification provides overall knowledge about IT security and helps an individual understand the legal consequences of security.


The average salary of a Certified Information Systems Security Professional is $111,475.


  1. AWS Certified Developer — Associate


The certification introduces you to the core of AWS services, its applications, and the basic AWS architecture practices. It certifies the ability of an employee for possessing technical knowledge about development and maintenance of applications of AWS. The average salary of an AWS Certified Developer is $114,148.


  1. Project Management Professional


PMP® is a globally recognized and internationally accredited certification which holds great value favoring career growth. It validates a project manager’s competence in his/her job of leading and managing projects. It offers great insights and thorough knowledge about the practices in project management. The average salary of a project management professional is $114,473.


  1. AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate


Suitable for the individuals who work as a solution architect, this certification holds the second place on our list. It prepares individuals by equipping them with skills for designing, secure deploying and developing of applications on AWS platform. The average salary of AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate is $121,298.


  1. Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT


Designed for individuals who provide assurance services and governance for the IT enterprise, this certification tops our list as it is currently the most demanded certification. It introduces you to the basics of strategic management and helps align the goals of IT and business for greater efficiency. The average salary of an individual Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT is $121,363.

In conclusion, these certification programs can not only add value to your CV but also keep you abreast of the changing trends in the industry.  If you have any training requirements or looking for certification courses to enroll for, feel free to drop us a mail or comment below. We will be glad to help you out and provide courses tailored to your requirements.


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