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How do I Become a Data Scientist in 2018 - Sprintzeal

How do I Become a Data Scientist in 2018

Dec, 14th 17

Who actually Data Scientists are? What exactly they do? Why does everyone want to become one? How do you become one?  These are some commonly heard questions in the market as the term Data Scientists pass around.


Now, every organization is collecting massive of data across the industry and an Organization is looking for someone who can examine it to help a business make better strategic decisions and data-driven decisions. Data Scientists have a great job and high salary prospects as demand exceed supply. At the same time, the number of candidates with these skills is comparatively low as per the demand, which results in higher pay.  


What exactly they do? What skills does it take to actually become one how can you make the money when you are one?


It combines knowledge of computer science and applications, modeling, mining, statistics, analytics, and math’s to convert data into actionable insights about everything from product development to customer storage to business opportunities.


Mainly they are involved in data extraction from multiple sources, mining the data, running it through the analytics tools and creating a visualization of the data. They will spend hours in analyzing and validating the data to assure accuracy, completeness, and uniformity.


What skills do I Need to Become a Data Scientist?


They always own a unique combination of technical, Non-technical, and analytical skills.

Technical Skills


You need to have the knowledge of programming language like Python, Perl, R, SQL, C, C++ and Java being the most familiar coding language required in data science roles. In term of big databases, there are Hadoop, Mango DB which has high demand which will put you in a better position.


Depending on your experiences and interests, you can begin by opting the wide areas like databases, some analytical modeling or tools and then focus on these programming languages and platforms.



Analytical Skills


With the technical skills even analytical skills are crucial to your success as Data Scientists. Knowledge of analytical skills that helps you to extract the valuable insights and organized data set. These skills refer to the ability to garner, view and analyze all forms of information in details. SAS, Hadoop, Hive, Tableau, R and Pig are the most popular data analytics tools that data scientists use.


Analytical skills are major skills that make it possible for you to address problems by making a better business decision in the right way. If you wish to become successful data scientist then one of the best resource in the market is Sprintzeal Big data Analytics help you to establish your expertise in the use of these analytics tools.

Non-Technical Skills


These skills are the part of the candidate persona and it’s difficult to judge just by looking education qualification, certification or so on. You need to have strong business awareness; if data scientists don’t have this skill then all those technical skills cannot channel productivity and also you should possess strong communication skill, you need to understand the data in a better manner than anyone else. For your organization to benefit from your services, you should be good at communication with client who is a non-technical user of data.


Data is a rapidly growing field and will continue to grow for the predictable future. Increased demand across all sectors that you would find many opportunities but still you have to prominent and excellent data scientist’s skills to success in this profile.


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