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How Technology Can Give You

How Technology Can Change the Future

Aug, 25th 16

As technology is changing the world very fast, we can’t even imagine where we were after few years. In our day to day life, technology is changing at a fast rate.

1 hour of work can be completed within few minutes by using latest technologies. It is a collection of new skills, techniques, and processes. It has many effects.

Technology is a very wide term and everyone has a different way of to understand the meaning of technology. It is an application of science which helps to solve a problem.

Technology is nothing but a human knowledge that involves tools and systems. To stay in this competitive world, the knowledge of using and applying technologies is a must. Technology goes on changing as our needs and demands are changing. It comes in different types:

Communication Technology- The first and the best is the invention of the internet. This technology helps to transmit data and information from one person to another very fast. It is used for many purposes like to exchange emotions, convey ideas. We can use different tools to convey our message which is all possible because of communication. We can use mobile phones to communicate with others. We can send emails, images, videos, etc

Construction Technology- It consists of advanced methods and tools to build structures and complete 2hr work in 10 minutes. It saves our time by helping to complete the work faster than ever.

Assistive technology- It is helpful for the people with disabilities. They can complete their difficult to difficult task by using this technology.

Medical technology- This technology is used to extend and improve human life. It reduces injuries and pains of patients. It is used to treat disease by using advanced medical machines.

Information Technology- The last but not the least is information technology. It is a set of hardware and software tools used to gather information. It helps to provide right information to the right people at the right time.

Various helpful technologies: Instead of all above, we also have the following technologies

Big data technology- Big Data is used for complex data calculations and large data processing. This technology helps to predict future. How much data you have doesn’t matter, but how you utilize it matters. It is important in providing accurate results.

Hadoop- It is open source framework that helps to store and process big data using simple techniques.


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