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The common mistakes made by Project Managers and how do they overcome

The common mistakes made by Project Managers and how do they overcome

May, 29th 18

Handling responsibilities of a project right from initiation to execution can be a tedious task for project managers. They must possess various skills to ensure smooth flow of operations. While some projects are simple and can be handled with perfection and ease, there are times when serious damage can be caused by a project due to even slightest of the mistakes.

Here are some of the most commonly made mistakes in handling a project and how one can avoid/overcome them,


Poor Initiation:


Setting clear goals and proper introduction to the team is an essential step. If skipped, it can lead to chaos since the team members lack clarity in their work. Which in return, affects overall growth of the project in long-term.


Therefore, a well-structured plan with a proper understanding of goals among team members is a must.


Assigning tasks:


Too often we find people working on projects without a proper roadmap, keeping important tasks at hand and working on something else gets us into trouble. Having a thorough knowledge of the project being handled will enable you to break things down and carry out the task in a most efficient way.


Break the project into smaller parts. They can later be divided into manageable small tasks giving your team members clarity about the priority of tasks assigned.


People management:


Managing project related issues and ensuring it is delivered to the client on time is a priority. But project managers often forget that people management is just as important and can’t be compromised with. Overlooking this can lead to poor performance, unsatisfied outcomes and sometimes even cost overruns.


Losing track of changes:


Proper usage of integrated tools to keep a track of progress, changes made or even the failed tasks play a prominent role in project management. Missing out on small details sometimes comes with a heavy price. Also, be sure to inform the members of your team when the project undergoes alterations. Even the smallest change can cause a huge effect on a task being carried out by your team members.


Poor hiring choices:


Before hiring an individual, it is important to evaluate him/her taking several factors into consideration depending on your requirements. Bad choices during hiring process lead to a bad team, which can lead to project failure since the candidate won’t be able to work efficiently or value deadlines.


Paying no attention to mistakes:


Combating an issue and leaving it to that is one mistake many project managers make. The focus here should be on making the most of mistakes made. Deriving a lesson from the mistakes made and making it a point to share it with the team can be highly beneficial in the long run.


Not giving enough importance to Risk Management:


One of the most integral parts of handling a project is risk management. Paying no heed to it can get the team into trouble. Identifying risks well in advance that may arise during the different phases of a project can prevent losses to a great extent.


All in all, these mistakes can be easily avoided by proper planning, follow up and effective communication. Ignoring even the minutest details can sometimes lead to failure of the project, so constantly keeping a check on all the ongoing tasks in every phase of the project is the surest way to the success of a project without any roadblocks.


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