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The need of implementing lean and some widely used lean tools

The need of implementing lean and some widely used lean tools

Aug, 07th 18

Lean is a popularly used methodology in various processes. Its principles help in reducing cycle time and waste. Several organizations functioning on large scale need economical processes without compromising with the quality. Lean methodology serves these needs and helps companies stay intact in this competitive business world.

Quiz Question


 Lean is a?

A.a Method for reducing labor cost
B.about shorten the Lead Time efficiency improvement technique


With recent advances, the market has changed tremendously. This means, old procedures and concepts no longer fit well with these trends. Maintaining stability and following the pattern that works well is an old concept. Today, up gradation is the recipe for success. Lean helps businesses to keep up with the trends by cutting down on unwanted costs. The methodology contributes to the overall cost of the process and makes it economical.


The aim of lean methodology is to reduce costs and enhance product quality in order to attain customer satisfaction. Keeping in mind the needs of the customer, it strives to add value to the process. The principles of lean are applied on all levels in an organization as it is believed to be a crucial part of process development.

What is the need of implementing Lean?


The primary reason organizations are adopting Lean methodology is economy. A few decades ago, the economy was very different from what it is today. In short, Keeping up with today’s economy is not easy and the competition is rising rapidly. In order to maintain a stable business and continue making profits, organizations need to make continuous improvements in their business and reduce production cost. All of this can be done using Lean principles, tools, and techniques.

One of the major criteria of Lean implementation is the team. The team members must be properly trained and it must be done on a regular basis. Introducing them to the tools and techniques of Lean will ensure proper implementation of the principles.


Here are some of the widely used Lean tools,


  • JIT


Just in time (JIT) combats the issues of inventory waste and overproduction. Plus, it focuses on reducing the flow time of a process whilst reducing service/response time too.


  • Kanban


This scheduling system was developed to enhance manufacturing efficiency and recognize the problem areas. It measures lead time and cycle time to locate the areas with a scope of improvement.


  • Mistake proofing


The aim of this tool is to avoid errors from occurring at all costs. It suggests installation of extra equipment to make the process more efficient or use preventive controls as a measure.


  • Kaizen


The kaizen technique is one of the most popularly used Lean methods. It focuses on productivity, reduction of waste and efforts at the workplace. It promotes clarity and active participation among employees at all levels. With this, workers at all levels are able to constantly improve and look for opportunities to enhance the process.


Irrespective of the type of industry, Lean is found to be adopted by all types of organizations. It has seen immense growth in the past few decades and it is expected to continue growing in coming years too. 


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