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Things that your Website turns Visitors into Customers

Things that your Website turns Visitors into Customers

Aug, 04th 17

Increasing your visitors to your site that grows web traffic is pretty cool, who wouldn’t want to see this results? But only visiting alone doesn’t equate to a successful business. To make more successful, you need to convert at least one of those visitors and turn them into customers. Having a good number of visitors is awesome, but money is made only when you got paying customers, otherwise, you are wasting all the efforts spent to bring the visitor onto your website. However you have even paid to bring customers to your site, you need to understand what your customers want and you need to convert them into paying customers.

Let see some of the ways that help to convert your visitors into customers:


Site speed: When users first visit your website, they make a snap judgment. It is the key factor in the Google ranking algorithm. Google reported that 53 percent of mobile visits are abandoned if the websites take longer than 5 sec to load on mobile devices.
Mobile visitors don’t have that much of time and patience to wait around of your website to load. If you don’t deliver immediate then you can guarantee that your first visitors will never look back.
Check your website in Google page speed tool to see how quickly your pages really load across devices and try to improve.

Implement Live Chats: By introducing live chats to your site, Customer would love to interact with the person from the company, because they can get their query’s answered almost immediately, with minimum hassle. If Customer who is not sure about the services or products, they will get a much better idea of your products when they get a chance to talk live. By using live chat you can bring a lot of undecided visitors under the umbrella of paying customers.


Testimonial: You can see nowadays, almost all startups company using testimonial with the headshot of the customer along with their designation. Testimonials are an excellent form of social proof because not only they show that a person is buying these products, but also shows that how wonderful other people think about the products. Using them can create a huge impact when they see convincing faces supporting your product.

Collect Visitors E-mail Address: The very first step is getting new website users engaged enough to share their email address with you. Collect the email address by offering them like free demo sessions, free webinar, free consultation or anything that would stimulate the visitors to share their email ID. Email marketing is one of the most important ways to convert visitors into paid customers. By running email marketing campaign, you can engage with the new visitors where you provide them with more informational content. Persuade them in such a way that they buy your product.


 Valuable Content: Always Content is the king in marketing strategies. Most Companies already invest a lot in content marketing programs to educate their existing customers on products or services updates, company initiatives, and industry trends. But your high-quality content in terms of blogs, articles and video content is an ensured way to attract new customers. Creating new content in the form of blogs, webinar, videos that will convince your new audiences to revisit your website.


Make sure that you design your website like that first time your audience’s visit your site would be worth remembering, Work hard for a long term relationship. Understand your customers and apply the above points to improve the performance on the site. Let us know which ones you have used and the results you saw by leaving a comment below.


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