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How Six Sigma Helps to Improve Quality in your Organization, How Six Sigma Helps Manufacturing Sectors

How Six Sigma Helps to Improve Quality in your Organization

Mar, 23rd 17

Six Sigma a set of principles that helps to improve the process to get quality output. Let’s have a glance how actually these set of principles are playing a vital role in manufacturing & other sectors. Six Sigma principles are basically designed to improve the process in the manufacturing sector; this is not said by anyone history itself speaks a lot about Six Sigma in the manufacturing sector. Initially, it was developed to improve the process in manufacturing sector later with its positive outcome it has been applied to other sectors.

The concept of Six Sigma actually originated in 1980’s by Motorola many senior managers were believing that if you want to achieve a quality product you need to spend a lot but by implementing six sigma principles it has been proven wrong and certainly quality was achieved.

The main goal of Six Sigma is to minimize the number of defects occurred during a process and the ultimate goal is to ensure that there are less than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. By applying these set of principles Motorola has benefitted lot and they have revealed stupefying facts they have saved around $17 billion by implementing the quality improvement process. By the above example of Motorola we can see how Six Sigma is playing vital role in the manufacturing sector. By seeing the success of Motorola many manufacturing organizations have started applying these principles.

Just not by seeing the results achieved by Motorola, Six Sigma methodology itself speak lot about positive outcomes of process the factors that has attracted manufacturing sector are the process can be measured, analyzed and improved. Can enhance the process and eliminate the defects with in them.

By applying Six Sigma principles to manufacturing sector it aims at delivering the product beyond the customer specifications. From its origin till 21st century maximum of fortune organizations have espoused the process for their organizations. Irrespective of sector Six Sigma principles can be applied to any of them and can achieve the desired outcome. The other fields such as Healthcare, Banking, and many others. Six Sigma principles can be applied to any process whether it belongs to the big or small organization. There are various levels of certifications available these levels are a Yellow belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt Certification (from least to most).


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