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Importance and Responsibilities of Scrum Master in an Organization

Importance and Responsibilities of Scrum Master in an Organization

Jul, 11th 17

The existence of expert and experienced Scrum Master is an important part of the success of Scrum teams which use to help companies to increase the productivity. He is responsible for making sure that Scrum teams live by practicing the scrum framework and assures effective product delivery by his team.
Here in this article, we will discuss the role and importance of Scrum Master which is making easier for the organizations to complete their project.


Increasing use and popularity of Scrum


The Techniques of Scrum has become a popular and vital component for projects involving agile methodology. A recent survey reveals that over 60 percent teams are implementing the pure Scrum approach, while 80 percent teams are including agile approaches to enable successful project deliveries.


In IT industry, the recent growth trends, it is no wonder that the job profile of scrum master has scored a top on the LinkedIn list of the most promising job of 2017.The role of Scrum Master has been assigned with a salary of $100,000 USD. Year-over-year the job opportunities of Scrum Master has increased and base salaries are expected to reach higher levels.


Role and Responsibilities of a Scrum Master


The roles of Scrum in Agile Methodology are quite different from the traditional roles and other software development methodologies. A Scrum Master is responsible for facilitation of his agile development team. The basic aim of Scrum Master is to keep the entire team on the same page throughout the project. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities that help individuals perform their tasks effectively.


• He is responsible for managing the scrum process with the help of Scrum team in agile methodology.

• He has the knowledge of all software delivery process of his organization and knows how to implement the steps needed for bringing products to the market.

• He removes impediments so the team can focus on the work and follow Scrum practice.

• Knowledge of agile methodologies and framework in the role of Scrum Master like Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.

• He is a facilitator who encourages his team for better creativity and tries to improve the efficiency of the development team.

• Help Product owner to make the product backlogs in good shape and make them ready for next sprint.

• He acts as a Safeguard, protects the team from external and internal distractions.


To perform the above-mentioned roles and responsibilities effectively you should understand the complete methodology of Scrum framework. An Individual with advanced knowledge of Agile methodology and Scrum framework are preferring for training for CSM (Certified Scrum Master) or Scrum Master Certification.


Make the most of your existing knowledge of Agile methodology and Scrum framework by sharpening your skills. Do you want to acquire the rewarding role of Scrum Master? Then you may like to acquire the new practices by enrolling for a Certified Scrum Master certification.



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