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Is Six Sigma the employable skill in todays job market - Sprintzeal

Is Six Sigma the employable skill in todays job market

Mar, 23rd 18

The term “Six Sigma” may have become a buzzword in the business world. As more organization embraces Six Sigma, the need to hire and train the employees in this methodology grows. In today’s competitive business environment, there is much more focus on lean management, high-quality output, no defects and continuous improvement. These are the fundamental principle of Six Sigma professionals who use this proven methodology and tools to achieve near-perfection in processes. Employers also tend to look for candidates who have these skills to drive the business success.


To make your CV stand out from the competition, put Six Sigma skills into your resume that proves your commitment to improving business acumen and analytical skills. Notorious the world over, the basic fundamentals of Six Sigma find applications in innumerable organizations across a wide range of industries. Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Services, Banking, Marketing, IT Industries and many more have moved towards Six Sigma framework. In short, Six Sigma Certification makes the applicants valuable among from the competitors.


What is Six Sigma?


Six Sigma is a method that provides organization tools or techniques to improve the ability of business process within an organization. The main goal of Six Sigma is to validate an individual who owns the skills to identify defects in processes and eliminate them. The Six Sigma allows businesses to track avoidable defects, delays, and variant. Six Sigma was originally introduced by Motorola in the 1980s and later on popularized by Ford, Toyota and general electric all over the world.

Perks of Six Sigma to your career


Considering Six Sigma and implementing its methodology to your work life can have howling impact in your career. When an employer looks at CV and found that you are Six Sigma certified, this will attract their interest. Recruiters have a practical expectation from the candidates who have undergone Six Sigma training that they have a good knowledge of tools and techniques and can implement them to any situations and expect to stay true in its approach towards various aspects of organizational responsibilities. Those who know this skill have become experts in different methods to reduce costs, increase revenue, well-organized business processes, and improve business performance all of which leads to a better bottom line.


It also prepares candidates for leadership roles. Lean Six Sigma skills are in high demand, as many businesses continue to push for lean principles, be it production, efficiency and quality and more. Earning Six Sigma certification can lead to better job opportunities and improved salary.

Job Prospects of Six Sigma Professionals


Six Sigma Professionals continued to be coveted, as more companies across different industries bid to cut costs and improve processes and eliminate defects. Recruiters keep hiring Six Sigma practitioners as an investment that offers a high return- because they know how to achieve more by using less resource.


Job Responsibilities


Holding a Six Sigma Skill that means you will be able to work in different industries. Some of the industries that Six Sigma has been applied across including are Aerospace, Health, Banking, Marketing, IT, etc. Six Sigma Professionals responsible for providing expertise in deploying Six Sigma practices and to achieve desired output using Six Sigma methodologies. They support the analysis, planning, design, and implementation of projects to help an organization achieve their goals. It helps to identify the characteristics of an organization’s manufacturing and business process and be able to define measure, analyze, improve and control them.


A Competitive Salary


According to the survey by, the salary for Six Sigma Certified individuals routinely breaks into $95,000+ pay annually, and among the highest paid professional globally.

Six Sigma Skills can open up career possibilities


With this skill you can become an expert in these fundamentals, save your firm money and become a valuable asset to companies. For employees holding Six Sigma credentials is all about professional success and to stand out from the crowds.


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