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Scrum Master Versus Project Manager Differences and Similarities

Scrum Master Versus Project Manager Differences and Similarities

Oct, 10th 17

Well, you all have heard about the importance of Project Management. Perhaps you are considering Project Management because it’s globally recognized credentials and more demanded.


But wait, you also heard that organizations are going agile and Scrum Master might be a good option.


Or maybe you are already Project Manager and you are curious if Scrum Master Job might be a great move to your career.


If you think that both are similar, then think again. Here I will explain you the difference in the roles of a Project Manager and Scrum Master.


They are not same. Both are invaluable roles. They are different in terms of roles.


Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities


The role of a Project Manager is to manage projects, the scope of the project and the resources used to make sure that the projects meet the requirements.


We will look into Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Define Project Scope.
  • Planning Project goals.
  • Gather requirements.
  • Preparing the work schedule for the project.
  • Define the resources requirements.
  • Create the project budget.
  • Monitor and control the plan.
  • Assure Quality.
  • Manage risk, change and team.
  • Manage relationship and expectations with the clients and
  • Stakeholders.
  • Get the user feedback.
  • Close the Project.

Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities

Scrum Master is not your traditional Project Managers. Scrum Master one of the most used agile framework and it is best used for small teams of developers who split their work into a sprint with the aim of developing working software at the end of every sprint.

  • Lead Sprint Planning.
  • Lead/organize the daily scrum meeting.
  • Responsible for managing the scrum process
    with the help of scrum team in agile methodology.
  • Removes impediments so the team can focus on the work and follow Scrum practice.
  • Assist with the product backlog.
  • Help Product owner to make the product backlogs in good shape and make them ready for next sprint.
  • Acts as a Safeguard protects the team from external and internal distractions.
  • Assist with reporting.
  • Monitors and helps improve team dynamics.


Traditionally, Project Managers have defined goals: finishing their projects within time, budget, and scope. Scrum Master at least those who understand their role is responsible for making sure that the members of the team are well trained in the following values of Scrum framework and agile practices. They coach their teams and to fix time budget and increase scope.


Scrum Masters understand the quality and the importance of it. Project Managers also know the importance of quality, but usually don’t have a hint beyond that. Just hire a consultant to fix and trust on the professionalism of the project managers involved.


Project managers are very fond of making things large. They feel proud in having projects done with more people and large budgets involved. That’s how they improve to Program managers. Scrum Masters still lean to always make smaller things. They do love to work in a small team and usually don’t care about budgets.


Project Managers and Scrum Master they both do a mistake. They learn from the mistake and recover from those. They have the skills to communicate, to apologize, and to receive feedback, to deal with risk and make develop great bond to their team member.


Project Managers are not bosses. They have to report to the clients and stakeholders. Scrum Masters are not bosses either. They usually have to sidekick their product owner while reporting and then to stakeholders and clients.

Project Managers and Scrum Masters both tend to fail when they neglect being professional. They fail when they snub the basic discipline about the real job they do perform. They fail when they aren’t skilled professional. They do fail if they disregard team members and opinions.


When contrasting the differences between Project Managers and Scrum Masters, you observe that Project Manager has more of a Leadership role and Scrum Master plays a support role for Scrum team. Project Managers lead the planning and execution of the project. Scrum Masters work closely with the scrum team and assure that they agree to the activity.

This much above information should help when discovering which one would be more likeable path to co-opt.


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