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Stay one step ahead in your current working domain - Sprintzeal

Stay one step ahead in your current working domain

Dec, 26th 17

When it comes to career- you often feel worn out or stuck to the same profession for a very long run. While working you may start getting the sinking feeling that your career is going nowhere.


I guess every one of us is Familiar with such kind of feeling right?


Getting one step above isn’t that hard- staying there would require time and effort. With the fast growing technology, your skills and knowledge become noncurrent and it is necessary to keep upgrading your skills to continue being unique in your domain. Because keeping your skill fresh and updated can help you to stay zesty and make you an asset to any organization.


What makes a genuine difference between the candidates during the hiring process? Recruiters will hire those candidates who have updated their skills and have some extra qualities.


If you want to be the pick of the litter there are a lot of parameters you must consider. First parameter is the ability to do your work in an incomparable manner. This will require some knowledge. If you are a programmer, you must be expert at coding, if you are digital marketer, you must be aware of all the marketing tools, if you are an entrepreneur, you have to up to date with the market trends and competitive landscape etc.


Apart from the knowledge it is also important to update the existing skills and should know how to advance in your career. Many People don’t know how to succeed beyond their current position. Sometimes it leads to frustration as all their fellow mates getting promotion even after working hard.

Different ways to advance your career and stay ahead of the pack:


Consider to the next level


What is your next step in your career?  For every field there is different skill set that you require. Discover the next step you would like to take in your career and start preparing from now. If you are aware of the skill set, which you required then you will be able to determine your current performance and identify what you need to improve in order to find out the way to get ahead to reach the milestone in your career.

Measure your skills against those in the job market


From time to time, you need to check with the current job market what types of skills and qualifications are required for the next position that you are applying. If you stick in a career bubble, you may miss the fact there are certain gaps in your skill set that needs to be filled that you can get benefitted and remain competitive in the market.

Boost your skills


Being at the top that doesn’t mean you don’t upgrade your skills and leave your career on autopilot mode. To remain in the same position, you need to keep adding skills to your skill set. By considering the short term online courses and undertaking a postgraduate degree such as MBA which will allow you to upgrade skills climb the ladder of success, widen your knowledge and develop your performance at work.

Build your Networks


Best suggestion you can get ever for advancing the career is to talk with people who are working in the same field where you want to reach. Interacting with such peers that will suggest you the right strategies to segregate which skills you need to develop. It’s really important to build up a strong network of career contacts. Start attending conferences, try to join training classes where you can interact with many group of professionals and industry experts.


If you are very keen to learn and flexible to learn new trends then you have to constantly keep yourself up to date with what’s happening in your domain. You can get a lot of confidence when you are constantly learning. But if you keep learning throughout your career, then you will definitely widen your professional endurance and boost your employability to great extent.


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