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The most preferred training courses to gain promotion

The most preferred training courses to gain promotion

Jun, 26th 17

Want to get promoted in the job? Of course who does not want’s, but the question here is how, is it that easy to get promoted, if so how?

 Does anyone have the perfect answer for the above question? If somebody has do let me know in the comment box so that I myself can follow and let others too.


Before getting some insights on the title “The most preferred training courses to gain promotion”. Let me start with a quote…..


“Anything is possible it’s just hard work and grafting”- Mo Farah


The above quote clearly say’s it’s all about hard work that pays you off for anything, might be hard work can owe you an Olympic gold but I don’t guess it can owe you a promotion.


There are too many misconceptions about the promotion that doing a good job or an exciting new assignment can get your promotion. Get out of them if that’s the case success or promotion is no far from you, but it’s not the case.


I have mentioned that you will be getting some insights from my side to gain promotion, to my knowledge updating your skill set and meeting the organization requirement on regular basis is one of the influential ways to get promoted.


Updating your skill set means keeping yourself closer to continuous learning and learning latest technology or trends that are going to rule your particular industry in the coming near future.


The skill sets vary from sector to sector and job to job


For example let’s first go with the marketing sector, as days have come to end for traditional marketing. Digital Marketing is one highly demanded skill set. The skill set those recruiters and organizations are looking for marketers is evolving as new channels and technologies are evolving. With the rise of digital platforms and data-driven marketing is growing its importance, so recruiters are looking for those candidates who are preoccupied with Digital Marketing skills.


PMP® Certification:


If you are into Project Management and have working on numerous projects, then I guess it’s time for you to get promoted and to see a hike in your pay cheque. This can be achieved only through PMP® Certification, which is highly recognized and one of the most valued Certification globally. Unlike some other Certifications in the market the PMP® Certification exam cannot be passed through reading or memorizing books, you need to have a plan for preparation and clearing the exam. So the IT Professionals and Project Management Professionals promotion and hike in salary is waiting for you go grab it.


DevOps Certification:


The most heard and the most happening Certification in the recent times in IT Sector. Again if you are into IT sector this one can take you one more step in your organization. The popularity of DevOps has increased significantly since its inception and there is a huge demand for DevOps Certified professionals. It’s a great opportunity for individuals involved in Service and product. The Certification makes you understand everything related to DevOps and makes you desirable in the organization.


Certified Scrum Master:


If you are into managing and executing agile projects then you should be expertise in lean and agile methodologies. Certified Scrum Master Certification is one which can make you expertise in agile methodologies. Being a CSM Certified you will be initiating the practices of helping the project teams working in Scrum environment. It raises your skill level in managing a scrum team. Which will definitely present you as a value added asset to organization and reap you the benefits of higher positions


This is from my side hope the above content will make some value added to you, as I have mentioned in the above if you have your own inputs on the above title please do share your thoughts in the comment box as others will benefit from your insights.



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