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CBAP Training in Carrollton , CBAP certification
CBAP training in Carrollton
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Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) is apopular professional certification currently most recognized certificate in theindustry for Business analysis professionals. Sprintzeal training introduces anew level of competency-based certification program in order to stay updatewith ever growing network of demand in analysis, to evolve oneself to study in-depthnature of business analysis and continue to uphold the highest Standards ofpractice.

CBAP® analysis is rapidly growing profession. Getyourself certified to achieve designations which are recognized byinternational standards Similar to PMI, Spriintzeal gives you best priceguaranteed in industry that has working professional trainers who gives100%pass guarantee.

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CBAP® Course is been designed to administer intense preparation for CBAP® certification exam. Sprintzeal trainers Focus is on understanding the Business Analysis, Acquiring fluency in the terminology of analysis and identifying the tools and techniques that are part of Business Analyst toolkit.

This certification training is ideal for professionals with in-depth experience in business analysis; this program offers great proficiency in understanding business requirements and recommending likewise solutions that bring maximum returns.

CBAP® certification is Ideal for people working as:

  • Systems Anaylst 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Consultant 
  • Process Improvement Managers 
  • Process Improvement Specialist

Certification Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) designation a professional certification for individuals with comprehensive business analysis (BA) experience. With minimum of 7500 hours of working experience, CBAP® certified are senior members of the BA community.

With numbers of individuals all over the world achieving the CBAP® certification since the first Certification for Business Analysis exam was held in November2016, CBAP® Recipients are known experts in identifying the business needs of an organization in order to determine the best Solutions. Most of the reputed companies are looking out for recognized CBAP® certified and value expertise those professionals to bring them in organization.

Some of the Benefits of CBAP® certification

  • Participation in a recognized professional group. 
  • Expertise in the principles and practices of business analysis 
  • Advanced career potential due to recognition as a professional business analysis practitioner 
  • Recognition of professional competence by professional peers and management 
  • Execute knowledge of skills necessary to be an effective member of business analysis community

To get the CBAP® certification, applicants must have the following criteria:
Minimum 7500 hours of BA Hands-on experience aligned with a Guide to the business analysis Book of Knowledge in the last 10yrs minimum of 900 hours in four of the six knowledge areas with 21hrs of professional Development in the past four years two references from career management.

How can i prepare for CBAP® exam? Do IIBA® provide training?

Sprintzeal provides CBAP® exam prep classroom training throughout the year. also offer online self-learning courses and online classroom training. IIBA® does not provide any training for certification.

How to appear for the Exam? what is the cost?

certification process is of two steps

  •  One, You must submit your application with the application fee (non-refundable) and clear the initial screening process for the CBAP® exams.
  • Once the IIBA® assesses your qualification for exam, you should schedule a date for the exam with official testing agency, and you will receive an email with instructions once the reservation is approved you can visit  are the complete process.

     Applying for Exam procedure:

  • Application fee is $125  and is non-refundable ( No matter whether your application is approved or declined)
  • The Exam fee is $325 for IIBA members and $450 for non members

Where can i get the BABOK book to study?

members of IIBA get a complimentary copy of the BABOK Guide version 3 PDF. Non members can purchase a copy of BABOK Guide version 3 PDF for $29.95.

Whats the Exam structure for CBAP BABOK V3 exams?

The duration time for CBAP exam is Three and Half hour and consists of 120 multiple choice questions. The questions are bases on case study ( one to one and half pages of information ) with multiple questions of each case. The exam assesses the candidates practicl applications of the defined competencies for this level 3 certification in the IIBA certification framework.

How long does it take for application to be approved?

The IIBA® will notify you that your application is being processed within two weeks of receiving the application.  The IIBA® assesses the application for completeness of the certification requirements and will notify you of the results within 21 days of receiving the application vis mail.

Is it necessary to have experience in all the knowledge areas to apply for ?

Yes! one should have 900 or more hours in at least four of the six core knowledge areas to apply for CBAP® certification.

Is it mandatory to complete the required 35 hours of PD?

Yes! 35 hours of professional development (PD) are required before you submit your application. However you do not need to submit a course certification with your application.

Do we need to retake the exam to remain certified?

No! need not to retake the exam unless your certification has lapsed. however CBAP® professionals are required to complete the IIBA®  Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR) program. For CBAP®s certification should have a minimum of 60 continuing development (PD) during three year (CCR) cycle.

How do i get more information about the certification program?

You can get instant support on our live chat, can reach us on call 24/7 or request call back to have your quries answered.!

Getting Certified for CBAP® Process

Sprintzeal provides easy instructions on certification process that helps you face the challenges of the ever expanding and changing IT industry. all our trainings are focused on clearing the examination, includes tips for clearing exam on one go. In order to become certified you must.

  • Complete at least 86% of the course or attend one complete batch
  • Pass course simulation exams with minimum score.
  • Submit a project and get it approved by our panel of Subject Matter Experts
  • Get help from our subject matter experts in the case of initial rejection to recieve proper guidance on future project approvals.

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