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  CISM® (Certified Information Security Manager) is a major certification associated with security professionals who manage, assess, oversee, and design security information about organizations. And ISACA best practices guide can be counted as a Bible for the CISM certification preparation as the certification structure is an evolution of the said guide.

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4/8 Days Live Online Training to Prepare for CISM Exam. 

Live Training - No Replay, You Get To Speak to Trainer Live and Ask Questions Real Time.

Get 30 PDUs Certificate to maintain your PMI Credentials

Our Live Virtual Training will ensure you are one among those with the highest pass rate

CISM® Certified Professionals gets paid higher than non-CISM® Certified Professional

CISM EXAM Voucher Included In The Course Price - Selected Countries*

We Assure you'll Pass the Exam After Taking Our Classes

Best Price Guaranteed. Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally

4 Days Instructor Led Training is Focused on Preparing for CISM Exam in Ankeny IA. 

Live In Person Training Will Help You Speak to Trainer and Ask Questions Real Time.

Get 30 PDUs Certificate to maintain your PMI Credentials

Our Classroom Face to Face Training will ensure you are one among those with the highest pass rate

CISM® Certified Professionals gets paid higher than non-CISM® Certified Professional

CISM EXAM Voucher Included In The Course Price - Selected Countries*

Application Assistance and 1-year Live Support Post-Course Completion

Best Price Guaranteed. Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally

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Course Description

CISM Certification - Certified Information Security Manager Training Overview

For your knowledge, there is a shocking increase in business organizations and governmental agencies expecting IT employees with certification that is a major hint that shows what the importance of CISM® is in today’s world. The CISM training in Ankeny IA provided by Sprintzeal is a real lifesaver that will make you skilled to design, deploy, and assess the security structure of your organizations. As you have known the CISM course in Ankeny IAis aligned to the ISACA best practices guide who will make you capable of the professional requirements your enterprise is looking for.


Experience the world best CISM Certification Training in Ankeny IA with Sprintzeal 

Here in Sprintzeal, we are doing our life best to provide each one of the knowledge-seeking professionals what are they seeking for with our dedicated bunch of trainers and staff across the horizon. With our expertise and mastery, we are helping you to Save Yourself from Humiliations and lost opportunities

Benefits you should consider – CISM Course in Ankeny IA potential career paths

CISM Training is a universally recognized In the Information Technology domain this certification is the best fit for many professionals. By gaining CISM Training such professionals can gain very good earning and career growth:

  • Security consultants
  • Security managers 
  • IT Directors
  • IT Managers
  • Security Auditors 
  • Security Architects
  • Risk Officers
  • CISO s 
Knowledge in information security governance
  • Information Security Incident Management skills
  • Improvement in design security architecture
  • Knowledge and understanding in the ISACA domain 
  • Improvised information security programs
  • Key concepts of enterprise IT framework
 Companies who are looking to hire Certified Information Security Managers
  • Oracle 
  • Wells Fargo
  • Amazon
  • EY

CISM Certification Training Course


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Exam & Certification

How do you become CISM® Certified in Ankeny IA?

There are certain criteria you need to fulfill before applying for CISM® training, they are:

  • Get your CISM® certification successfully after examination
  • Be agreeing with the continuing educational policies
  • Have strict adherence to the Code of professional ethics by ISACA
  • Make sure you submit the CISM Course in Ankeny IA application within 5 years of initially clearing the examination

For any further information about CISM Course in Ankeny IA and Certification visit 

Of course, there are some eligibility criteria you need to think about before thinking about CISM® Certification Training, which includes an employee verified completed application and make sure it is submitted within 5 years from the date of initially clearing the examination.
Besides that, the experience must be gained within 10 years preceding the application date of examination or within five years of the certification. And work experience required should range between 3 or 5 years in the role of the Security manager

CISM® Certification is conducted thrice every year that too in July, December, and following September. To know more about exam date details and locations please visit  


Live Online Training $ 975
Traditional Classroom $ 2280

CISM Certification Training in Ankeny IA Certification

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  • 2/ 4 days live online CISM® Certification classroom training, as an ATO (accredited training organization) of ISACA so we prompt you the golden standards.
  • Classes will be interactive and fun, meanwhile, you can clear your queries with real with the trainer in real-time
  • Get a year access to our e-learning platform of high-quality lectures and tutorials about CISM® certification
  • 1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions and Get Live Class Recordings Post Certification Training Life Time Access 

The cost of Examination different according to the type of registration you are enrolling for and that will cost you anywhere from $450 - $750. Your membership doesn’t change anything here.

Cybersecurityhas become a vital element of every enterprise intercontinentally. Data threats faced by any company can damage its chances of growing. The ease and accessibility of online business have also resulted in threats from hackers. So reffering this as main scheme the importance of Cyber Security is doubling every single minute.

With over 126000+ professionals trained spreading the globe the success rate of Sprintzeal’s training programs is impressive with 99.6 %

When you complete the course, you will receive a course completion certificate from Sprintzeal. However, Sprintzeal does not administer the Certification, but once you have passed that exam, you will receive the prestigious certification from ISACA. 

CISM® Certification professionals are always in need and there are certain things which results the increase in the high demand, as we know the IT industry is ever growing in that scenario cyber security is such a big concern to every organizations and induviduals, well that’s the primary aspect which adds a massive stipulation in job market.

Cyber-attacks are evolving as a critical danger to organizations. Most of the organizations are in nonstop marathons in order to prevent the breach from notorious hackers who are finding loopholes everywhere in the organizations software which is publically available for customers to avail multiple offerings and services. In this unsafe condition the importance of Cyber Security arises to its peak.

An estimated 95% of organizations have faced cybercrimes in some way or the other. This is more prevalent in the USA, where increased access to internet facilities has spurred the growth of large cybercriminal gangs. 

To safeguard your data from cyber-attacks, you need to protect and secure it. Create effective solutions for cybersecurity threats by using the latest cybersecurity software. Cybercriminals are evolving faster than ever before. This should make you worry because you also need to increase the level of defense. Businesses are at a larger risk nowadays.

Their sensitive data might get stolen by attackers who can use the information to extort money from them. Often, companies neglect their cybersecurity framework because they think that they can do away with it. This is where attackers take advantage of their vulnerability and breach their systems to attack their sensitive data. Cybersecurity awareness is required to prevent such large-scale attacks. For that, cybersecurity awareness training is imparted to individuals who are wishing to start a career in Cybersecurity continue reading…….

  • IT security:
    IT security or Information Security is the protection of data using electronic networks. When Cybersecurity is limited to protecting the Digital version data, IT security has a broadened perspective of securing both digital and physical forms of data from hackers all around.

  • Cybersecurity:

    The cybersecurity definition is that it protects your digital data from cybersecurity breaches. It is implemented in your computers, PC, laptops, or other systems that are susceptible to attacks by hackers.

  • Computer security or Network security:

    Network security or computer security focuses on the in-between areas between hardware and software. When you’re sending information through your computers, the server that you are sending the information to should be the sole recipient of it. Attackers can intercept your information mid-way and make changes to it. They can also access it and steal sensitive content. Computer security uses a combination of both hardware and software to protect the information you are sending.


  • Big Giants in the industries such as AMAZON, JP Morgan, IBM, Accenture, Oracle, KBRWyle, Honeywell, McAfee, Microsoft, Wipro, Google, and Tesla are currently looking for professionals with Certified Information Security Manager Certification. Hurry up!
  • Certified Information Security Manager Certification is a globally recognized certification that has become the de-facto gauge for effective Cyber Security. 
  • Many employers consider CISM® certification as an essential qualification yardstick for their job requirements. Getting certified in cybersecurity can lead to a bright future in the IT security domain.


Live Online Training $ 975
Traditional Classroom $ 2280