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Our Course SME

Mr. Victor Foster
Mr. Victor Foster

Is highly qualified USA Based instructor, he has ITIL Expert certification under his belt.

Currently working as individual contributor to transform many working professionals life on implementing ITIL Frame work.

Vast Experience in conducting Training Specialist-Cyber Security Training & Initiatives, Annual Cyber Security Awareness training compliance with FISMA Role-based training for Individuals with Special Responsibilities as required by FISM. Translated AutoCad software manuals Reviewed and edited AutoCAD software localization for Macintosh version of Art lantis software application, Microsoft Speech (Text to Speech)

Other translation projects, including Intelligent Office for Microsoft

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Key features

Course description

Service Design has turned into an exceptionally regular term nowadays in verging on each business set up. It is about addressing client needs and enhancing their involvement with an organization. Essentially the motivation behind IT Service Design phase of the lifecycle is the outline of a changed service and getting it prepared for the presentation into the live environment


Online Self – Paced Learning: Our versatile ITIL® Intermediate SD online training is designed to meet the requirement of self-learning candidate. The E-learning content is self-explanatory and consist of quiz and exercises at the end of each session. The ITIL® Intermediate SD E-Learning content is aligned to Governing Body and is sufficient for one to self-prepare for an ITIL® Intermediate SD examination.


Money back Guarantee: 10 Days Full money back guarantee if not satisfied with the quality of the training, do not hesitate as for refund. We value your money, we will ensure you pass the exam even after just going through the E-Learning, speak to our training consultant.


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Practices Papers: Get practice test papers to prepare for your ITIL® Intermediate SD, our Practice Test papers are designed same as actual exam, by going through Practice Test Papers you will have the same feel of the exam and it will build confidence before taking the actual exam.

Course Overview

The Service Design stage of the lifecycle starts with a set of new or changed business requirements and ends with the development of a service solution designed to meet the documented needs of the business. It is imperative to cover all extents of concern in the design process that is the reason an all-encompassing way to deal with all parts of design ought to be adopted. So that while changing any of the individual components of design various other aspects are definitely to be considered.ServiceDesign is like Catalogs that are created to provide in-depth information. It gives the client crucial data with respect to quality, and co-branding including all other fundamental points of interest, for example, guarantee, phone numbers, location, and messages for a consumer friendly marketing.


Sprintzeal is an (A.T.O) Authorized Training Organization of Peoplcert (AXELOS). Get trained from experts and train your company employees to understand the frame work correctly.

This straight forward procedure gives a reasonable comprehension of the item which thus upgrades the deal since consumers don’t have to accept anything; everything is clearly documented in the design itself. The Service Catalog Management (SCM) process gives the method for committing that care and consideration in a consistent design, ensuring that the association gathers the greater part of the potential advantages of an administration design in the most productive way possible.

The main function of service design is to design appropriate and attractive IT services including their policies and processes to meet future business requirements.

Service Design has 5 aspects to work on:·      

New or advanced services
Service portfolio
Management systems and Technology architecture
The processes required     
Measurement methods and metrics

The service design stage of the lifecycle starts with a set of new or changed business requirements and ends with the development of a service solution designed to meet the documented needs of the business. This developed solution is then passed to service transition to evaluate, build, test and deploy the new or changed service.

Objectives of Service Design:     

To satisfy business goals based on the quality, risk and security requirements and delivering more effective and efficient IT services aligned to business needs       
Design secure IT infrastructures and applications that meet the current and future needs of the organization 
Develop the skills within IT by moving strategy and design activities into operational tasks, making effective and efficient use of all IT service resources 
Produce and maintain IT plans, processes and policies for the design of quality IT solutions, to meet current and future agreed organization needs.


Exam & certification


Individuals must have an in-depth knowledge of the ITIL services and tools can apply for this course.


1.   Whom I can contact for any enquiries?
You can dolive chat with our experts or you can also mail us at

2.  Are you an ATO to offer this training and certification?
Yes, we are an ATO of AXELOS (Peoplecert) to conduct this training and certification.

3.   What are marks required to clear theexam?
70% is theminimum passing percentage to clear the exam

4.   What is the duration of training?
Trainingduration will be of 2 days.

5.   Who can attend this training?
There are no prerequisites for this course, individuals musthave some experience in IT field

6.   What will I get along with thistraining?
You will have access to the online e-learning and practice tests alongwith the training 

7.   Tell me about the exam format?
Exam duration is 90 minutes and multiple choice questionsare there. Out of 40, 28 marks is the minimum marks to clear the exam.

8.  What are the criteria for this exam?
Individualsmust have an in-depth knowledge of the ITIL services and tools can apply forthis course

Course Agenda

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