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Digital Marketing Expert  ( Hong Kong )

<span><b>DigitalMarketing is a term given to a process of marketing different products andservices using digital technologies. This is the fast ever growing topic rightnow. It was developed in the 1990s and 2000s and has changes the way ofmarketing. It is the engine that drives today’s business no matter whether it’sbig or small. &nbsp;Effective digital marketing bridges electronictechnology with psychology in the marketplace. It is the combinations oftwo words that are digital and marketing. <br></b><br><b>It has changed the way of marketing products and services. It is the veryinnovative concept in this century. </b><span><b>Through this form of media products and services are promoted with theuse of database-driven online distribution channels to reach consumers in anappropriate, significant, individual, and lucrative manner.</b><b>&nbsp;</b></span></span>

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<span><b>Digital Marketing is the term that doesn’t haveany proper definition till now but can be explained by its various tools andtechniques. It has made the promotion of any product very cost-effective and convenientthrough the use of internet. It is the most powerful way of advertising orpromoting services. </b><br><b>With this feature the advertiser can easily know how many times a product hasbeen promoted in the internet or how long he campaign has been shown in theinternet. </b><br><br><b></b></span><b>A Digital Marketing Expert is the person who is responsible formanaging and controlling traffic coming to a website. He uses different digitalmarketing tools and techniques for this purpose. It also includes varioustechniques like Blogging, email marketing, pay per clicks, RSS, instantmessages, etc….</b><span><b>The improved version of digital marketing is Wi-Fi, broadbandinternet and mobile phones. The demand for this is growing in a huge rate. It alsoutilizes various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,LinkedIn and so on. </b><br><br><b>It changes everything about how you market, how you promote, how your customerare connected. Effective digital marketing had a very good impact in yourorganization. One of the best kept secrets in social media is the fact that notall success is organic- it doesn’t always need to happen on its own. Using socialmedia you can grab more traffic to your website, the only thing is you know howto do that. This all techniques and strategies are guided and explained by ourtrainers so hurry up enroll for training now and get trained in digitalmarketing field.</b></span><br>

<b>The term digital marketing from the name only you canunderstand that it’s all related to marketing. But here the marketing is in a digitalway. Different digital techniques are used to promote products and services. SearchEngine Marketing is the most concept used in digital marketing field by SEOexperts. Many professional these two topics as the same but this are twodifferent things.<br><br></b>SEO comprises of two types:<br><br>On-Page SEO – <b>This includes various on-page techniques like Meta tags and image optimization. Different on page strategies are used in this technique. It depends on many important factors like:</b><ul><b></b><li><b>Unique and Fresh Content</b></li><b></b><li><b>Title tag</b></li><b></b><li><b>URL</b></li><b></b><li><b>Image Alt text</b></li><b></b><li><b>H1tags</b></li><b></b><li><b>LSI keywords</b></li></ul>Off-Page SEO – <b>This is the inorganic way of generating traffic by creating backlinks to your website. It includes various techniques like Social bookmarking, Social profiling, Web 2.0 Blogs, Video creation and submission, Infographics creation and submission and so on.<br></b>Other than this there are more different techniques like:<ul><li><b>Email Marketing</b></li><b></b><li><b>PPC campaign</b></li><b></b><li><b>Social Media Marketing</b></li><b></b><li><b>Search Engine marketing</b></li><b></b><li><b>Blog Commenting</b></li></ul><b>This training will trains on all digital marketing concepts and strategies and helps in becoming a Digital Marketing Expert.</b>

<b>There is no eligibility criteria for this course as such. You can take up this course if you are :</b><ul><b></b><li><b>Sales and Marketing professionals</b></li><b> </b><li><b>Entrepreneurs</b></li><b> </b><li><b>Students</b></li><b> </b><li><b>Digital Marketers</b></li><b> </b><li><b>IT Professionals</b> </li></ul>

What are the eligibility criteria for this course?<br><b>There is no eligibility criteria for this course as such. You can take up this course if you are :</b><ul><b></b><li><b>Sales and Marketing professionals</b></li><b> </b><li><b>Entrepreneurs</b></li><b> </b><li><b>Students</b></li><b> </b><li><b>Digital Marketers</b></li><b> </b><li><b>IT Professional</b><b>s</b></li></ul><br>What are the modes of teaching Digital Marketing?<br><b>The mode of training may be classroom or online.</b><br><br>What are the opportunities one can get after completing this course?<br><ul><li><b>Marketing Campaign Manager</b></li><li><b>Web Marketing Advisor</b></li><li><b>Internet Marketing Consultant</b></li><b> </b><li><b>Internet Marketing Specialist</b></li><b> </b><li><b>Online Marketing Manager</b></li> <li><b>Web Marketing Analyst</b></li><b> </b><li><b>Online Marketing Executive</b></li></ul><br>How experienced are trainers?<br><b>Trainers are more than 10+years experienced</b><br><br>What is the process of registering for classroom training?<br><b>Enrolling for our classroom training is very easy. You can use your credit/debit card that includes Visa Card, MasterCard; American Express or - via PayPal. The receipt is automatically issued you by email.</b><br><br>What about the training venues?<br><b>Our training venues are situated at appropriate location including all luxurious facilities.</b><br><br>Is this course useful for fresher’s?<br><b>Yes, sure if he/she is interested to make a career in digital marketing than it is very useful for them</b><br><br>Whom can I contact regarding more details?<br><b>For more enquiries you chat with our live experts or mail us at</b><br><br>What kind of practical experience can I expect during this course ?<br><b>Digital Marketing is a wide area. You are given assignments to explore different concepts and tools of Digital Marketing. For example, conducting advertisement campaigns, creating social media strategies, performing SEO audits, etc.</b><br><br>What kind of a salary can I expect as a fresher in this area?<br><b>The salary for freshers in this field ranges from 15000 to 30000 per month depending on the company and profile.</b>

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