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ITIL® Service Transition
ITIL® Service Transition
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ITIL® Service Transition  ( United States )

Servicetransition includes the management and coordination of the processes, systemsand functions to package, build, test and deploy a release into production andestablish the service specified in the customer and stakeholder requirements.<br>It helps to plan and manage the change of state of service in its life cycle.

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<span><b>Itmakes sure that changed services satisfy the needs of customer and businessexpectations.<br></b><br></span><span>The goals ofservice transition:-<br></span><b></b><ul><b></b><li><b>Plan and manage the capacity and resources required to package, build, test and deploy a release into production</b></li><b></b><li><b>Provide a consistent and rigorous framework for evaluating the service capability and risk profile before a new service is released</b></li><b></b><li><b>Establish and maintain the integrity of all identified service assets and configurations</b></li><b></b><li><b>Provide good quality knowledge and information to expedite effective decisions about promoting a release</b></li><b></b><li><b>Provide efficient, repeatable build and installation mechanisms to deploy releases to test and production</b></li><b></b><li><b>Ensure that the service can be managed, operated and supported in accordance with service design.</b></li></ul><b><br></b><b></b>During service transition, the following&nbsp;organisational&nbsp;elements need support:<b><br><br></b><ul><b></b><li><b>1. Service Strategy</b></li><b></b><li><b>2. People</b></li><b></b><li><b>3. Process</b></li><b></b><li><b>4. Technology</b></li><b></b><li><b>5. Suppliers of the service</b></li><b></b><li><b>6. Organizational culture</b></li><b></b><li><b>7. Governance</b></li><b></b><li><b>8. Risk</b></li></ul>

The scope ofservice transition&nbsp;<br><b>It includes the management and coordination of the processes, systems and functions to package, build, test and deploy a release into production and establish the service specified in the customer and stakeholder requirements.</b><br><br>The following activities are excluded from the scope of service transition best practices:<br><br><ul><li><b>1. Minor modifications to the production services and environment, for example, replacement of a failed PC or printer, installation of standard software on a PC or server, new user </b></li><b></b><li><b>2. Ongoing continual service improvements that do not significantly impact the services or service provider’s capability to deliver the services, for example, request fulfillment activities driven from service operations</b></li><b></b><li><b>3. Service transition processes </b></li><b></b><li><b>4. Knowledge management  </b></li><li><b>5. Change management  </b></li><li><b>6. Release and deployment management </b></li><li><b>7.&nbsp;IT service asset and configuration management  </b></li><b></b><li><b>8. Service validation and testing</b></li></ul>

<b>1.  A minimum 21 hours ofinstruction with an Accredited Training Organisation (or an accreditede-learning solution).</b><br><b>&nbsp;2.  ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management</b><b><br></b><br><b>Two years of experience in the field of IT is highly desirable. Candidates should also spend some time reviewing the syllabus and the ITIL® Service Transition publication to prepare for the exam</b>

1. Tell me about LVC training?<br><b>It is a live training conducted online by live streaming class. You can clear your concepts and doubts during the training.</b><br><br>2. Whom I can contact for any enquiries?<br><b>You can do live chat with our experts or you can also mail us at</b><br><br>3. What are the criteria for this exam?<br><b>There are no eligibility criteria for attempting the exam.<br><br></b>4<b>.&nbsp;</b>What will I get along with this training?<br><b>You will have access to the online e-learning and practice tests along with the training.</b><br><b><br></b>5.&nbsp;What is the duration of training?<br><b>Training duration will be of 2 days</b>.<br><b><br></b>6.&nbsp;Who can attend this training?<br><b>There are no prerequisites for this course, individuals must have some experience in IT field.</b><br><b><br></b>7. &nbsp;What to do after this course ?<br><b>After this, you can proceed along with above Expert and Intermediate level ITIL exams</b>

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