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Marketing Strategy Professional  ( United States )

A Certified Marketing Strategy Professional facilitates well-planned marketing strategies to satisfy the goals set by the Corporate Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy is one of the most crucial Aspects of Sales and Marketing. A Certified Marketing Strategy Professional is able to define a product’s or brand’s unique value proposition, target markets, and strategies to connect with defined audiences. This professional is able to specify the overall pricing and distribution strategies of a product or brand, and outline the objectives, metrics and budgets for all marketing activities.

Marketing strategy has the fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. It also includes all basic, short-term, and long-term activities in the field of marketing that deal with the analysis of the strategic initial situation of a company

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Marketing Strategy is a decision-making process that transfers a long term vision into day-to-day tactics to effect the long-term plan. Although often thought of only as something reflected in a business plan, strategy is rather a continual process of assessment, reassessment, and analysis, which constantly provides direction to the firm. The strategies for marketing may differ depending on the unique situation of the individual business.A Marketing Strategy Associate is a professional who is responsible for handling day to day activities going in the market and plan strategies according to that. To build a strong and profitable business, it is necessary to develop a strategy. Essentially, marketing strategy is a plan that allows a business owner to direct activities that are consistent with the goals of the business owner and organization and spend money wisely in order to create the greatest amount of return on investment.

Strategy can be compared to the captain on the bridge of a ship, who is constantly scanning both the horizon and the immediate surroundings and adjusting the course, possibly taking the ship in another direction if a storm appears on the horizon or if an object appears to obstruct the path. We provide a global community for all sales and marketing professionals and also an ecosystem for sales and marketing experts to sell or promote their unique content to a wider audience. There is no formal prerequisite for this course.

Marketing Strategy is the heart of any business plan. It is composed of several interrelated elements. The most important is product selection. What ant which type of product to market. Second is price, what price is to set for individual products. Next is distribution system that is the wholesale and retail channels through which our products and services move to the ultimate users. Fourth is the market communication through which advertisement of products can be done. A marketing strategy should explain how the plan will be implemented, who will implement it, when, and at what cost.

Marketing strategy is something that only large corporate businesses either have or need to do. The marketing strategy should set out how you are going optimize your market opportunities, mitigate the threats, and challenge your competitors. It should also set out your goals and the means by which you measure your success of the given period. Your overall business and marketing strategy go hand in hand so whatever the period of your business strategy is the same for your marketing strategy. A strategy basically is designed to answer three simple questions, where are we now, where do we want to be, and how are we going to get there. Marketing Strategy should be aligned with corporate and business level strategies. The initial purpose of marketing strategy is to facilitate exchange transactions with potential customers.

An effective marketing strategy/plan is an ongoing value-creating process composed of several elements:

  • Marketing segmentation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market research
  • Pricing
  • Placement
  • Value chain

This certification is appropriate for anyone interested in becoming a Marketing Strategy Professional.There is no formal prerequisite for this certification.It is highly recommended to attend a Marketing Strategy Professional training.

Will I get any certification for this?
Yes after completing coursework Certified Marketing Strategy Professional exam will validate your basic understanding of Marketing Strategy. On passing the exam, you will be accredited as a Certified Marketing Strategy Professional.

Is this course useful for fresher’s?
Yes, sure if he/she is interested to make a career in this field than it is very useful for them

Whom can I contact regarding more details?
For more enquiries you chat with our live experts or mail us at

What kind of a salary can I expect as a fresher in this area?
The salary for fresher’s in this field ranges depending on the company and profile.

Is there any course material provided for this course?
Yes softcopy of the course is provided for the training

Who can do this course?
This certification is designed for anyone interested in knowing more about Marketing field.

Is this course helpful for my career?
Yes it is very helpful as it adds one certification to your resume and offer you more career opportunities.

What is Marketing Strategy actually?
Marketing strategy has the fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

What is the format of exam?

  • Multiple choice
  • 100 questions
  • No negative marks for incorrect answers
  • 120-minute duration
  • Online exam

  • Multiple choice
  • 100 questions
  • No negative marks for incorrect answers
  • 120-minute duration
  • Online exam

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