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PMP® Exam Prep Bootcamp(Atlanta, GA,United States)

PMP is the hottest career options for professionals in project management field. It provides project managers with certification that is helpful in their career. Sprintzeal aims that the participants must clear their exam in the first attempt.
We are entrusted by more than 30,000+ learners in more than 50+ countries across the world for PMP training. Our training program is very beneficial and it helps you to clear PMP exam in the first attempt.

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May, 30th, 17
(4 days)
Classroom Training
Atlanta, GA,United States
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Jun, 26th, 17
(4 days)
Classroom Training
Atlanta, GA,United States
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Jul, 31st, 17
(4 days)
Classroom Training
Atlanta, GA,United States
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Aug, 28th, 17
(4 days)
Classroom Training
Atlanta, GA,United States
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Sep, 25th, 17
(4 days)
Classroom Training
Atlanta, GA,United States
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Oct, 23rd, 17
(4 days)
Classroom Training
Atlanta, GA,United States
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Nov, 20th, 17
(4 days)
Classroom Training
Atlanta, GA,United States
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Dec, 18th, 17
(4 days)
Classroom Training
Atlanta, GA,United States
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PMP is the most reputed certification across the globe. PMBOK (Project management Book of Knowledge ) is the best practice guide for PMP, introduced by PMI- the certifying body of PMP. This certification is the most distinguished qualification for professionals in the project management field.
PMP certification is relevant especially for those professionals who want to grow their career by completing the course and clearing the exam.
Our training program will help you in clearing PMP exam by providing right and accurate information on PMP. It is based on the principles that are outlined in the PMBOK Guide. It enhances your knowledge and establishes your ability to handle complex projects with more confidence. This certification shows your pace that you have the skills to get a project done from start to end. Nowadays PMP is the most demandable course in global IT industry.
This course guides you on everything you need to pass the PMP exam and become a PMP certified project manager. PMP is provided by PMI, a global not- for-profit project management association for project management professionals.

PMP course covers the 10 Project management knowledge areas:
• Project Integration Management
• Project Scope Management
• Project Time Management
• Project Quality Management
• Project Cost Management
• Project Human Resource Management
• Project Communication Management
• Project Risk Management
• Project Procurement Management
• Project Stakeholder Management

This training covers full PMP syllabus including all stages of project management techniques like planning, initiating, executing, controlling and delivering the project to the right person at the right time.
Project managers are the key member for this course. It enhances both their skills and experience.
Training duration for this course is of 4 days in which exam will be conducted on the last day of training. 35 hours is the time requirement for completing this course. We provide all the training materials required for you during the training.
We are available 24 hours, for any enquiries regarding training you can contact us anytime.
At the end of this course you will

  • Able to manage projects more effectively.
  • Appropriate knowledge to clear the PMP exam
  • More respected in an organization than others
  • Get more jobs with attractive salaries

  • The individual who wants to join PMP must fulfill the following criteria:

    • Graduation or Four-year degree

    • Individual must have minimum 3 years of project handling experience out of which 4500 hours of leading and directing projects

    • For those who are not having graduation degree requires 5 years of project management experience and a secondary diploma.

    • Out of 5 years, 7500 hours must spend on handling and directing projects.

    1.     What are the objectives of this course?
    The main objective of this course is to train every individual so that they can clear their PMP exam. They can learn and get relevant knowledge required to complete their exam.

    What are the eligibility criteria for this course?

    The individual who wants to join PMP must fulfill the following criteria: ·       

    • Graduation or Four-year degree

    • Individual must have minimum 3 years of project handling experience out of which 4500 hours of leading and directing projects 

    • For those who are not having graduation degree requires 5 years of project management experience and a secondary diploma.

    • Out of 5 years, 7500 hours must spend on handling and directing projects. 

    • 3.    
      How to pay exam and course fee?
      You can pay exam fee directly to the Project Management Institute(PMI)®. The course fee is to be paid during registering for particular course.

      Tell me about the Exam Format?

      Exam comprises of 200 questions. 175 questions are compulsory to answer and rest 25 questions are the pretest questions.  Time duration for the exam will be 4 hours.

      Who can attend this training?

      Project managers Assistant Project Managers Team leads Project Executives Project Engineers Developers in Software field Or Any professional in this field who wants to be a Project Manager

      Can I clear my queries directly with trainer during training?

      Yes, sure you can clear all your queries directly with trainer

        What Training Material I get during training ? 
        You will get soft copy pre course study material like PMBOK 5th Edition copy, 1000 Practice Test Questions, Project Frame Work soft copy. Note, Hard copy of PMBOK 5th edition is only available if you register for the class in Australia and UK. In USA and India it’s not available.

      8.     How PMI is related with PMP?
      PMI is the world’s largest association for project management profession. It is the governing body for PMP.

      Is there any other website where I can know more about PMP?
      For more information on PMP you can visit official website of PMP that is

    For attending PMP exam, 35 hours of training is mandatory which helps you in clearing the exam. After completing the training, exam will be scheduled. Clearing the exam makes you PMP certified professional and you will be awarded PMP certification by PMI (Project Management Institute), the governing body of PMP.

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    Customer Speak

    Customer Speak

    • Jenny Watson
      Training was good I enjoyed thoroughly
    • Emy Brake
      Well-structured training, strongly recommend the trainer for all Project Management Training
    • Willy Noon
      4 days is not sufficient for me 5 days would have been better
    • Betty coorg
      I was recommended this training by my manager, it was worth taking the training
    • Erika Essa
      Nice training I passed my exam, Thanks Sprintzeal
    • Henry Ross
      Thanks for helping me pass my exam, I got my new job
    • Emily clair
      I went through training it was ok, I cannot think of recommending anyone for now but I will spread the word
    • Joshua
      I felt I paid little extra, never the less training was good. I am giving three stars for $100 extra I paid compare to others in the class
    • Erika
      I passed my ITIL Foundation exam, as promised by the company 100% pass guarantee. For this you guys deserve 5 stars
    • Kim
      Trainer was good, he was able to complete the training in 4 days I liked the interactive class and with class size
    • Bridget
      PRINCE2 Training was good, I was asked my boss to do this training and I am glad I passed the exam. Looking forward for the benefits of this certification
    • Kesha
      Adam was my relationship manager he deserve the hike. Well supported, prompt in responding my emails, very helpful.
    • Erik
      Nothing much to improve in overall training, but little snacks in the training would give you 5 stars.
    • Robin
      PMP training was good, hopefully I will pass the exam. It was nice to so many people attending the training never expected the class size could be around 14
    • David
      I passed my exam I am giving the review now Ryan Carson, I hope this makes sense. I have attended 4 days training in New York last October and took the exam in December I am glad I passed the exam it was nice experience.
    • Vinicio
      Six Sigma training I keep hearing this from many people and on the floor, I contacted many training institute but I am glad I choose Sprintzeal for their best price guarantee and commitment on delivering the training as promised.
    • Steve
      Trainer was little lazy for that I am giving 3 stars, for the service and acknowledgement what I received for that 5 stars.
    • Genien
      Sprintzeal should give more practice tests, I received 5 but I think its not sufficient if not overall training was good
    • Kevin
      I am giving this review before the training start, I hope the training will go well. I received an email asking for the service review I haven’t taken the training yet but if I have to rate before training start then its 4 but I am still looking forward the training which i hope it will go well, i assume it should based on the prompt responses i get.
    • Jesenko
      Good example and scenarios, need more of interesting activities in the class..
    • Paul
      Helped to understand the concepts and key processes. Could have more exercises and scenarios to discuss
    • Marie
      Liked the mostly the trainer and the learning strongly recommended
    • faith
      The Acknowledgement of PMP is the best I liked. Handouts was really good, I rate 4 out of 5 for Sprintzeal PMP training.
    • Joan
      The instructor was very energetic and interactive, but the course was intensive because of the tight schedule
    • Keshini
      Knowledge, The facilitator of our class was very knowledgeable. Handouts was good, Content was Excellent, Arrangements was good. Facilitator was Very Good.
    • Bonnie
      Trainer was good, I enjoyed getting trained. My knowledge on training was good but now it’s excellent.
    • Brad
      Like the most about training is, Interaction and Discussion to improve the project understanding
    • Evelyn
      Great news. I have cleared my Prince2 Practitioner certificate exam, Please take this mail as a token of appreciation from my end for the wonderful training provided by your institute. ID : 9980082524888231. Thank you very much
    • Autumn
      Six Sigma Black Belt training was good. The trainer was very well-versed about the subject.
    • Steve
      Training was good & Trainer was V.GOOD. Looks like he is veteran in this area
    • Martha
      Training was good & learned about Minitab tool to analyze data
    • Laura
      The group completed the PMP training with Bruce Maidi yesterday. The training was very worthwhile; Bruce is a great trainer with an unusual sense of humor, a refreshing educator. I’d like to start moving towards the next level of the certification process, give more options
    • John
      Thanks for the ITIL training. It was good informative training session conducted by Bilkis Naidu
    • Matthew
      The training was good and relevant, appreciate all the efforts taken to get me certified
    • Bruce
      Well Structure syllabus trainer has good knowledge about the subject
    • Zachary
      Online training is good for me, so far learning is going well I hope I pass my exam. But thanks for the extra discount it helped me save few dollars
    • Adam
      I took this training from other training company I dint pass the exam, but I had to rely on some company to pass my PMP exam I am glad I did through you Ryan, thanks for the help I finally passed my exam you deserve hike in your pay checks
    • Kelly
      I passed my PMP exam thanks Simon for your support and help. And special thanks for those extra gesture on giving E-Learning access
    • Damien
      Still waiting for the service to receive post training, I sent emails couple of times but noone responds
    • Ryan
      Adam Todd thanks for the service, it was nice dealing with you. I will recommend this course to my friends as promised to you. Keep doing the good work
    • Lara
      It was ok for me. CISSP Training, thanks
    • Jason
      I am little disappointed on the pricing it could have been better, after completing my training I received an email from another company for lessor price
    • Lawrence
      Good Training, Good Service, overall nice experience
    • Matt
      TOGAF training was good but expected more people attend the training, I had only 6 in the training room with no refreshments. Any ways thanks I passed my exam that’s all it matters now
    • Donald
      Scrum training was good, trainer Blair Collinson is well trained to train. He has good knowledge on subject, very engaging good experience overall
    • Jerome
      Looking to set up this training for my team. I am glad I tested before I take this further with my team. Sprintzeal is flexible on dates, I had re schedule more than 3 times they did for free
    • Christa
      The Expertise of the trainer and being well versed to PMP. Overall good experience
    • Robert Waters
      I passed my ITIL Foundation exam thanks
    • Justin
      Knowledge about the trainer and the process was good. I chose 2 days PMP Speed Prep short time but I learnt lots of things
    • krishna kumar
      I liked Scrum Training, it was good trainer is also recommended for his expertise
    • Udhayakumar thiyagarajan
      I passed my exam, overall I like the training
    • sudhakaran gopalakrishnan
      It wasn’t great experience, training could have better than this
    • Srinivasan durgachalam
      Thanks I passed my PMP Exam
    • Mohamed Ziyath
      I attended Agile training I liked the way you guys structure this in 3 days. Thanks
    • Siva Natarajan
      Digital Marketing online training is good, I can learn at my own time. Nicely made videos very interactive nice way to present the training
    • Amritance Srivastava
      Not that great experience, but I completed my training when its required. Please work on your email grammar
    • Guruprasad R
      Thanks for the PMP Training I liked it thoroughly
    • Ravichandran C R
      Folks, choose Sprintzeal for your Data Analyst training there are good in delivery
    • Nagappan.K
      Big Data training has too much to cover your 8 days will not help me understand the syllabus please extend my e learning It will be appreciated
    • S Aravindh
      Attended Data Analyst training it was nice, very interactive. I am happy I paid less compare to my friends
    • Harshal Bhosale
      PRINCE2 Training was good, I am waiting for results I am sure I will pass the exam. I am not over confidence, but I am happy to see that everything went well. So 5 stars for Sprintzeal
    • lakshminarasimham
      Ramya is indeed good asset for Sprintzeal, we enrolled as group and she ensured we all get what we want by end of training. Thanks again
    • Ashish Bhoskar
      Training was ok, but I choose to give 4 stars for food quality
    • Neha Sharma
      Indeed this training will help me understand my day to day work that I do in my office, I am glad I passed my exam. And special thanks to trainer who helped me on this
    • Yogesh Jaiswal
      I dint like anything apart from the fees that I paid less
    • Santosh kumar
      Customer Relationship Executive was rude when I called to inform I will be late to training due to traffic and he just snapped at me saying we cannot hold the training for you alone. No complaints for trainer because he was good but not good behavior of the executive
    • Suranjan Kar
      Thanks I passed the exam. I don’t know what to review I keep getting emails asking for review but I think it will stop now since I am telling you I passed my exam
    • Jatin Parikh
      Training venue was good, trainer was good, executive was good, I am happy I had to pay less for the training compare to my other colleagues who has taken training with other companies
    • Shekhar Deshmukh
      There is nothing to review, I just hope my recommendation counts for others. Please choose Sprintzeal they are best in their delivery Cheers…!!
    • Ramkishor Yadav
      I cannot reschedule my training, I had to pay extra to do it. I am not happy for that
    • Upendra Patil
      PRINCE2 Exam I passed thanks for the support guys
    • Pradeep Simon
      ITIL Foundation exam was easy and I got through in first attempt, strongly recommend Sprintzeal for their courses
    • Sidharth Sainani
      PMP Exam prep training was good, but 5 days would sound better there is too many topics to cover
    • Jeetendra Anare
      CSM training I attended last month, it was nice. Trainer is from America he had good knowledge on the subject
    • Vaishali Sajjan
      Scrum training from Jelina Ross was good, I rate her 5 stars
    • Pravin Dhokane
      ITIL Service Design was nice, I can implement this on my work
    • Gaurie Dange
      I got this training arranged in house for my team in our premises, everyone enjoyed it. And thanks for the free entry to learn some extra knowledge
    • Jigyasa jain
      TOGAF training I had taken this from other company but it was waste of money but I am glad I chose Sprintzeal I am happy I passed the exam
    • Onkar Kurhade
      Nice training, I will send more people to your training organization
    • Harshal Bhosale
      Why do keep getting emails even after completing the training, Please take my name off. I told you I liked the training it was good
    • Sujeet jha
      I enrolled for the training and was still doubtful whether I will be able to make it for the training because of my schedule, but Sprintzeal had LVC option which saved my time and efforts. I completed my training while working in office
    • Imran Ahmed
      Good, but why did I pay 1000 INR extra compare to others?
    • Debakanta.Dash
      Good trainer, I enjoyed thoroughly. Class size was god nothing much to say about anything. Content slides would have been designed little better. I think I can help you guys
    • Gaurav Goyal
      Naa…!!! You guys aren’t that great what my colleague told me about so 4 stars for you guys. Improvement, please change the training venue next time its little far from city center and its difficult for people to travel and reach their on time
    • Navansh Mahajan
      Ok Thanks, I have nothing to say. I passed my certification
    • Rajeev Raman
      Guys be aware sometime you guys will be charged more in other companies. Compare this company with others before buying I did and I am happy I chose Sprintzeal. I had to pay less compare to others. I am giving three stars because I had to reschedule the training once which i am not happy if not company is good, training is good, overall it was good learning
    • Kapil Chatkara
      Overall good experience, I can only rate 5 stars no time to write speech
    • Manas Kumar
      Nothing Much to say, I passed my certification that’s all it matters
    • Nitin Goyal
      PMP Training was good, I enjoyed the training looking forward the exam hopefully I will pass. I will let you guys know once I have my results
    • Vipin Sharma
      Risk Management Training was taken through LVC it was good expereince I like interactive session, new way of teaching etc
    • Alok Barnwal
      I arranged this training for my team they all are happy for your service. Thanks again
    • rajan.bhandari
      Six Sigma Training is good, I like the content and trainer. Overall it was nice getting trained by you guys
    • Manoj Kumar Upadhyaya
      Training is strongly receomended to all working professionals, I enjoyed the training and it helped me I hope it helps you aswell.
    • Srinivas Harshan
      To the representatives Though I have not met them in person, they were cordial over the phone and very helpful in rescheduling my classes from Jan to Feb 2017. Keep up the good job about the Trainer: were very knowledgeable, plenty of patience he had with us even when we answered some simple question also wrongly. Soft spoken and gave practical examples for us to understand the topic Having spent good experience in similar field of project management, it was time that certified myself as a professional. I believe that I can be more effective after getting myself certified from Sprintzeal and hope to get better job offers in the market.
    • Manish Saxena
      It was easy and comfortable to discuss and get the necessary information which was required prior to training from sprintzeal. Trainer: In a single word , excellent. Sumanta is an excellent trainer with very keep knowledge on the subject. He always kept session very interesting and light and quote excellent real life examples to relate with course material. Training was very good which includes course content , material and venue. I would like to pay bit attention about the venue because on first Sunday class was arranged in Hall 3 which was not an adequate hall to study for 8 hours. Over all i am very satisfied with course content , material and Trainer abilities.
    • Bishnu Charan
      You are really a very very good person/ have lot of patient to deal with us and make us understandable (like i asked lot of stupid questions:) ). Honestly i have no words for representatives and their dealings it is 11/10. it was a lesson learning for me thanks for that Feedback about trainer! Trainer was very much cool and had lot of patient to explain any question asked by students. More focused about subject and gave real time example and compare to IT industry what made us understand very quickly. I can give him 10/10. It was also good , nice arrangement , good staff selection (trainer) and good environment too . So overall all was good . Thank you Sprintzeal and specially to Kavya .Hope see you soon with different training
    • Deepak chaudhary
      Trainer is very good, Sumanta is holding excellent knowledge from PMP world and his industry experience with knowledge adding nice mix for aspirants. Good to have session with him. and also Very Good, Responsive towards the early initiation of training
    • Sagar Mane
      One word for Sprintzeal Excellent Trainer, Excellent Training, Excellent Service
    • Scott Sharma
      The class was very structured and informative. The instructor gave us specific information to pay attention to and study thoroughly in preparation for taking the PMP exam. The portion that was very helpful for me was going through and getting an understanding of the formulas.
    • Manju Venugopal
      Thanks Kevin (Instructor) I enjoyed your classes and learnt a lot this week. Thank you for your support.
    • Azira Kendall
      (Instructor) Kevin, Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful additional resource. I can see that it will also be a great help - yet another secret weapon. Your instruction and supplemental materials are quite superb. I\'m genuinely impressed. Sincere thanks, Azira
    • Uday Mallya
      Mr. Nitin Gokhale was excellent in his teaching skills as well as very thorough with the PMP course curriculum. Sessions were interactive and Nitin made it quite lively with examples and also sharing the entire knowledge about not only PMP curriculum but also sharing the knowledge on the process of registering for exams, exam center rules, exam preparation required etc. Training was good and well conducted with some hiccups at the Training location. Need to co-ordinate well with the training venue. Proper rooms with adequate seating facilities and all other arrangements should be done well in advance, before the training starts. It is suggested that post-lunch two sessions of tea is arranged, one Say at 3.00 pm and the other at
    • Ravi Vishnu
      Overall a great experience and training was Excellent
    • Sagar mane
      Good training session it helped me a lot... Excellent.
    • Mahesh Limaye
      Handled all queries well, program organization was good, Sprintzeal has very good content compiled in the training material. Few slides have poor color contrast and readability of many slides can be improved. About trainer Knowledgeable, experienced and could answer all doubts. Tried his best to overcome the limitations of the visual aids - i.e. inconsistent quality of slides and the slide projector - to make us understand concepts. Gave valuable inputs for the exam
    • Udaya Shankar
      Trainer was very good and he gave us sufficient time for our understanding and questions. I believe this training has given us a good platform to further prepare and appear for PMP exam. I appreciate your support and approachability at all times.
    • Srilakshmi Elan
      Co-ordinated well in arranging the training and the location. Was patient enough to hear our concerns and act accordingly. Trainer was very efficient and we/l versed in the topic he covered. Overall a good experience.
    • Mery baker
      I really enjoyed the PMP exam prep training .The information provided has giving me the tools to prepare me for the exam . The instructor Mr. Davis, made this training enjoyable and informative . I will recommend this training to my coworkers who are interested . I want to thank everyone from the instructor as well as the others attending this training, and it was a pleasure.

    Train you employee

    Train your employee

    Training the employees is one of the best task that one organization must do for their employees. This training will help individuals to learn and gain more knowledge on their particular field.

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