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Key features

Course description

Big Data Hadoop Analytics training is where the world is heading to! The demand for qualified data professionals is a beginning of new culture in industries, according to the most entrepreneurs’ views on data analysts is a raise in opportunities “In the next few years, the size of the analytics market industries will evolve up to One-thirds of the global IT market from the current one-tenths”. 

Big data analytics is a process of investigate large amount of data sets to reveal hidden patterns, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information. These findings can lead to more effective marketing, new trends of doing business towards company growth. So get ready for the most popular certification training to grab the hottest skills of data analytics from the most experienced trainers on sprintzeal, the soaring demand for analytics professionals is awaiting for you.

Sprintzeal Big Data Master’s Program provides hands-on training in tools and systems used by Big Data Architects. The program includes training on Hadoop and Spark stack, NoSQL DB Cassandra, Talend, and Apache Kafka messaging system, which are essential skills for Big Data Architects. Curated and led by industry experts, this program boasts of an exhaustive curriculum that sets it apart from other short-term certifications. This program is designed to transform you into an expert Big Data Architect.

Scala Essentials, Java Essentials,  Big Data Hadoop Certification Training, Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training, Cassandra Certification Training, Talend Certification Training, Apache Kafka Certification Training.

Big Data & Hadoop Classroom Training:

Sprintzeal offers blended model of Big Data & Hadoop training which helps the aspiring candidate with greater learning experience.


Big Data & Hadoop Preparation:  Our 4/5 day or LVC - Live Virtual Online Calssroom Trianing covers the complete Big Data & Hadoop syllabus . Along with practicles after each session, we recordings of previous class and other helpful tools to help you understand the subject really well.


Industry Expert Facilitator: Learn from our industry recognized Data Scientist subject matter experts. Our trainers carry decade of experience under all domain to help to understand Big Data Projects pertaining to all types of domain.


E-learning: Our pre course Big Data & Hadoop e-learning content is designed to meet the requirement of self-learning candidate. The content is self-explanatory with quiz at end of each session.


Re-training: Free repeat session subjected to seat availability.


Post Program Support: Get expert advice on Big Data Tools and application lifetime after completing the training.



Course Overview

Sprintzeal Big Data Hadoop Analytics helps industries gather their data and use it to analyse new opportunities, and develop new ideas for the betterment of business which in turn will be a lead to smarter business, analysing data to achieve business goals and create more strategic goles with more efficient operations, for higher profits and happier clients.

Some of the value added aspects of Big Data analytics

  • Lower cost expenses: Technologies such as Hadoop and cloud based analytics bring valuable cost advantages when it comes to large amount of data, Plus analysing can identify more efficient ways’ of doing business by inventing new ways of strategies.

  • Better decision making: With the speed of Big Data analytics tolls and Hadoop in memory analytics, combined will invent new sources of data, which will enable business to analyse accurate information immediately, and make decisions based on the eligible data.

  • Better product services: With the ability to engage customer needs and satisfaction through analytics gets you the power to deliver customers what they want. Development points out that with the help of Big data analytic, every industries are creating new products to meet accurate customers and provide best services.

Exam & certification

With the advancement of IT storage, processing, computation, and technologies, Big Data has become a mandate norm of life, it has increased rapidly since recently, as computers were able to capture and record all sorts of large and small-scale data from all kinds of fields, even people, behaviour, information, devices, sensors, finance, vehicles, astrology, neurology, and many more.. Scope of Big Data is vast almost all industries are bracing into the mood of Big Data and want to crack out valuable information to get insights to solve their business goals.

The expert trainers at Sprintzeal shall provide the fundamental knowledge about handling these challenges, this training involves many fields. Because of its popularity and importance which has broad impact in market.  Every now n then there are new upgrades and software’s tools are implemented. A data scientist needs to keep up with these ever changing trends to be able to match those requirements for a real time solution for organization.

Whether you are tracking the efficiency of a warehouse storage or predicting how and when to modify your staffing levels in a call centre, than this training course is exact equips you with the perfect knowledge and skills required to reach the next level in decision making. You will learn to derive value from huge amount of introductory data and apply analytics techniques for smart, accurate data driven decision making.

Under completion of course you will be able to

  • Analyse importance among data and advantage from both structured and unstructured data

  • Will be able to predict outcome with supervised tools learning techniques

  • Gather information related to customer behaviour with unsupervised techniques



  • Participants need to have master’s degree or graduate certificate related skills in math, statistics, computer science, information management, finance or economics; all these subjects place heavy emphasis on statistical and analytical skills.

  • Candidates can be working professionals with at least two years of experience, with analytical background.


 1. What are the objectives of this course? 
The main objective of this course is to understand basics of Hadoop and analytics, and analytics concepts, data preparation, merging, managing missing numbers, and data visualisation, on basic statistics, and practise to ensure that to handle analytical projects of Big Data. 

2. What are the eligibility criteria for this course? 
Any graduate can enrol for this course, a minimum of Year or two experience as professional, and with some mathematical and statistical knowledge can go for this course.

3. Who can attend this training? 
Any professional seeking higher education in field of data analytics can learn and any Data analysts who want to know how to get expert in analytics, any database managers with knowledge of Hadoop and consultants who want to know what Big Data Analytics is. 

4. Do I get certification? 
Yes once you complete the training course from sprintzeal certification will be provided. 

5. Can I ask questions and doubts to the trainer during training? 
Yes the trainers are very much approachable during classes and any question can be directly put across to the trainers. 

Course Agenda

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