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New Year Resolution for digital Marketers in 2018 - Sprintzeal

New Year Resolution for digital Marketers in 2018

Dec, 29th 17

New Year is around the corner!! And with zeal are you looking for a fresh start? Set some exciting New Year Resolutions to be a better version of ourselves and businesses. Each year we make a personal resolution, many of us will take up our own resolutions like to get fit, save money, to hang out with family and much more but marketers have something else on their mind.


If you are an digital marketer what would be your? If you want to stay cutthroat in the forefront of the industry, it may be mandatory to adapt those trends so that you can lift your digital marketing to the next level and garner all the perks of doing so.


What should every marketer be thinking in near future?  What trends should they follow to drive result? Since 2018 is approaching soon, here are 5 New Year Resolutions for digital Marketers:

Utilize short-lived Content:


Short-lived content refers to the online content which is generally visible for 24 hours. This trend gains the popularity with the launch of Snapchat and later embraced by both Instagram and Facebook and yet represents a convincing way to connect with your audiences online.


There is something about the time limit content which forces users to view and engage with the content and after some time it disappears.


Over 200 million people use Instagram stories each month, keeping this figures on a mind, half of all Instagram users will be using stories by the end of 2018. Brands should start connecting with Instagram users and try to put valuable content on Insta stories. Short-lived stories should be added to the marketing strategies to encourage trust with your followers and generate excitement for your brand.

Look harder at your Influence Marketing:


Those brands who have still not yet embraced social media-based influencer marketing strategies, then in 2018 they need to make sure that they employ influencer marketing strategies to connect with new audiences and improve engagements with existing audiences.


By collaborating with influencers who have built up a community involving members from the target market, you can reach to right audiences, attract more new followers. The key is to partner with someone whose interests are aligned with yours and who has the ability to drive the action from your chosen audiences.

Start talking more with Chatbots:


Chatbots (those chat box that pops up online mostly at right-hand site bottom to ask if you need help) is a very common sight on every business websites. It helps the visitors, what they looking for without having to call or email a support team.


Customers can continue to chat with a business anytime they are online. Visitors are more likely interested to chat with the real-time live human being than the virtual agent.


55% of consumers are interested in interacting with a business using messaging platform to solve queries.


In 2018, more chatbots will interact with visitors across multiple platforms. Chatbots not only just improve the customer experiences but also takes the load off the shoulders of support team.

Do better Live Streaming Video:


Today, a live streaming video is the wanted form of online content. It has been one of the fastest growing social media trends of this year, and many big brands and small have started using video marketing to grab the attention of followers.


Businesses can benefit from live streaming on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platform. According to Hubspot, 60% of customers are more likely to buy products online after watching a video about it.


In 2018, more businesses will begin to realize the perks of live streaming and will integrate it into their marketing strategies. It will help future marketers to increase their brand awareness and followers at flashing speed.


Diversifying Ad Spends on different platforms:


New Year Resolutions are all about trying something different. Online Advertisement is influenced by Facebook and Google, but from now marketers need to diversify their ad spends on other platforms also, just because you may miss out on reaching your target audiences by only focusing on one or two platforms. In the New Year, try to more focus on advertising via other platforms where your target audiences are present. By advertising on other channels, that will increase the probability of reaching an additional audience that will provide real business results.


Here you have it! If you commit to these resolutions, your marketing will be in better shape for 2018.


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