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Tools Available to Increase your Social Media Reach

Tools Available to Increase your Social Media Reach

Jun, 22nd 17

In today’s digital world, it seems that Social media marketing still commands everything. Social Media has defined Digital Marketing. With millions of people, big companies as well as small companies and entrepreneurs engaging on social media sites, trying to gain the attention of customers. All of these companies want to touch with social media craze and use it to their own advantage, to advertise products or services and market themselves. There is no magic formula for success, it requires the huge amount of planning, and effort to get a better result.


Moving on, I have a question for you:


you aggressively promoting your business and improving your brand on the social media?


If you are not answering this question properly, then I can say that you haven’t taken advantage of right tools – you prefer to do it manually.
Make use of right social media tools, how far can you go with a ‘manual’ social strategy?


If you use the top social media tools, you will gain more customers attention and achieve your goals. The use of social media rapidly increases from last 5 years. According to the report, out of 7.2 billion people on earth 3.2 billion peers access the internet and 2.1 million of them are active on social media.


However, if you have done properly then you will surely amaze by the significant result and impact that your brand would make.

Here are some tools that increase your social reach. These tools are quite affordable and easy to use.




Hootsuite is social media management tools that enable you to post, monitor, manage up to 100 social profiles both posting new Post’s and responding to interaction and grow your business on different social media platforms. It’s used by 10 million professionals.


It allows you to schedule your posts at what time you want, monitors accounts and measures your social media growth over time. It also has features of an auto scheduler that automatically choose the time and date. Though managing social media activity can be tedious at some time, but when you leverage Hootsuite, you can achieve the maximum results.




Speaking of Buffer, it is a social media scheduling manager that enables you to schedule your post, update your timelines, providing you the opportunities to reach new audiences and engage existing customers.
You can schedule your all posts at once or multiple times automatically.
Buffer supports Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.




According to the infographic’s result, Agorapulse is the best tool for social media marketing on the market. The Agorapulse dashboard is very easily accessible, dashboard includes Inbox, Monitoring, Publishing, are all top of the dashboard, switching all your accounts is easy. In my opinion, social media inbox is the best features in Agorapulse, because it makes easy to check all the updates that require attention.

Apart from other social media tools, Agorapulse has another unique feature that is CRM function. This feature makes it easy to track all the customers and find out who actually are the most engaging users.


4.Sprout Social:


Sprout Social is similar to Hootsuite in concepts, has a very clean and easy-to-use interface. It connects with all the major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus.


You can schedule posts from all of your accounts from one box, which are in the form of shared content calendar where you can check all the content updates and edit all the updates accordingly.


Sprout Social has one feature that makes it stand out that you can also point out of your team’s activity and engagement.

All these social media tools are unique in their own ways. So start leveraging these tools for your business, sharing right content to the right people that increase your social reach.


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