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Career paths and job opportunities available for freshers in the market

Career paths and job opportunities available for freshers in the market

Dec, 08th 17

To become the type of success you are setting out the goal you have to choose the right career option at the beginning. Every industry is creating new field opportunities for the fresher’s. In the initial stages you should be very careful while choosing the career path for a bright future. Nowadays, freshers are very much worried about their professional career options and personal life. The newbies graduating from universities has a pitiless competition for a limited number of jobs.


In this post, you will explore some profitable career paths that have a bright scope in the upcoming years and have a large requirement of the workforce to fulfill the demand.

Digital Marketing:


By now you have probably heard the hype that digital marketing skills are booming in the job market. 5 years back many companies did not take digital marketing seriously. However, with market forces have made brands to put more of a focus on digital skills than ever before.


Bigger budget, High Salary and more career options are just some of the perks digital marketing professionals can look forward. According to the recent report, Digital Marketing will create 1.5 lac jobs by 2020 and not enough digital professionals to fill them. With this figure, digital marketing is one of the best options for fresher and professional.


Here is the list of different digital marketing job profiles available for those seeking a career in this field:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Executives
  • Content Writer
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • Social Media Specialist

Big data and Cloud Computing:


Big data and Cloud computing are almost everywhere and they are essential to the business world today. There is a huge amount of data floating around and such you cannot do without cloud. At the same time, this kind of data is a large business for cloud. And this two together offer valuable job opportunities for all fresher who are interested in this field. If you are planning for a gainful career then this field would undoubtedly be a good path.


The demand for professional is very high but the supply does not match the demand because of the skills gap which needs to be filled. There are still many jobs available in the arena as the world is outsourcing to us. In near future, the demand of individuals trained in this skill would definitely rise.


Professionals are getting such huge salary. Lack of professionals; have caused the salaries to move up further.


There are a variety of job profiles in the field of big data and cloud computing. Some of the positions in the field of big data are Data Analytics Business Consultant, Analytic Architect, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Analytics Associate and Business Intelligence.


Cloud Computing has many profiles to offer: Cloud Computing Engineer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Cloud Developer, Cloud  Network Planner, Cloud System Engineer, System Administrator and Network Engineer.

Web Development:


With the advent of latest technology, Web designing has a wide scope in upcoming years. Web Designing is a structural part of any IT industry and deals with designing the identity of that particular industry. Today, it is a Promising career option. This service is being applied in every walk of life be industries, business, education both in public and private sectors.


It demands high level of creativity, perfection, and uniqueness. A designer who can deliver the best as per market trends will surely have a bright future. So, the career scope in web development is marvelous and you can get opportunities in various fields such as advertising agencies, educational institutes, publishing, marketing firms, audiovisuals media and design studios etc. This has increased the demand for web designing professionals.


Web Designing is a very much lucrative career option. Starting Salary for fresher is about 15k to 20k. With some valuable experience, individual can earn up to 35k to 50k. The earning depends on the demand and nature of the clients.

Android Application developer:


In recent time, an Android Development has gained terrific momentum and is the most coveted career option for many newbies. With the most usage of the android device, Android development has benefited an upper hand in IT sector.


Android is definitely best career option who wants to go for mobile app development field. It is an open source operating system for smartphones, tablets, and ipad. One can learn android, start developing apps and launch it without spending anything other than time and effort.


Android developers can easily make high revenue on an average app. The ever-increasing demand of smartphones in the market, the need for Android developers also increasing at a good pace because businesses want to gain brand visibility, increase awareness and reach out to the maximum audiences through apps.



Testing is looked after as an interesting professional career for many of the aspiring freshmen. For those individuals who are really passionate about this field and want to enhance skills as a quality tester end up getting the best job available in the market. Anyone can be trained but only the right candidates with real interest and passion about the software testing would survive in this field.


Software testing has become more challenging than ever, with the soar of mobile technologies, big data and cloud computing. It is indeed a growing sector. IT contractors are witnessing an increased demand in this arena including web Development.


 Rapid growth and increased opportunity simply showing up will not assure success. The job market will be more competitive as candidates increase or as where the money and jobs are. That’s why it is an important to identify your career objectives and improve your necessary skills to build a competitive edge and meet your goals.


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