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Value of Certification Programs, Reasons why certifications Really Matter ?

Does Professional Certifications really matter

Oct, 04th 17

Does Professional Certifications really matter? Can they assist me to land a better job? Or are they just a waste of money and time?


Countering to the question, in some circumstances Professional Certification can make all the difference between landing a job or not being considered at all. Let’s cut through these questions and make you understand why Professional certifications are really noteworthy.


Professional Certification is becoming more notable in today’s workplace. Employees are looking forward to garnering certification in a relevant field and value a set of skills and qualifications to perform the jobs at better pay mostly in the field of IT and healthcare.


Being a professional certified in some specific domain, that means you have taken the time to become an expert in your field, so it could open the door to many job opportunities and also provide the job security. Moreover, a certification might help you to grow your networks, which can also help your career in a number of ways.


In a competitive job market, professional certifications help you to stay at cutting edge. In fact, a report from CompTIA shows that an individual who hold certifications are more skilled and more confident about the concepts, and are more reliable than without those certifications. The study also reveals that employees with professional certifications earn more salary than non- certified employees.

 Look for Certification Helpful in your field


Before getting certified in any of such certifications, start looking at the peers in the position you’d like to mean for.  Get a look what kind of certifications they have, what it takes to earn them. See if there are any certifications that can get you where you are now to where you want to be.


Check the job listings you are interested in, whether you are surfing for job boards or company specific vacancies, see whether they are professional certifications along with experiences requirements. Search for a LinkedIn professional group and pages in a field you want to move in, and check with them which certification they have opted or ask if there are any certification programs for their profession. You will get relevant information about the certifications.

Start with Certification that really matter for your career


So if someone getting their start in IT industry, should consider those basic level certifications, and then move to entry-level certifications. Just because your certification is low-level or has less competitive in market doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it if it is applicable to your career. Even low-level certifications are still valuable if they are right for the type of job you are doing.


For employee who wants to get better job, make more money and have a secured job, certifications are the way to go. In the end, getting one or two certifications will prove that you are capable of learning and retaining knowledge, give the confidence to earn more and you will become familiar with the industries best practices.


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