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Key Questions ask yourself before you make any Career Changes

Key Questions ask yourself before you make any Career Changes

Nov, 03rd 17

Career decisions are the things of the heart. Just think about it. It can be difficult to make a big change. There are lots of things you need to conceive thoroughly before making any extreme decisions like switching your job.


What is your next career move? What do you want from your career or from next move? There are many questions that you should think carefully before finalize what your next move should be. While moving forward to next career, you must look at once your past and reflect. By having an experience in any field, you can get lots of clarity in terms of where you want to move and how you’ll get there.


Still, many people encourage a deep ambition for a career to fulfill them in some way. Before making any career decisions, you should ask yourself some question to determine if you are ready for a career change:


Why do you want to change your career?


The very first question you should be asking why exactly you want to switch your career? Is that problem the environment you working doesn’t fit you anymore? Have you been having a bad week?


Sometimes when your stress level is high, it can make you daydream about a different career. But once the work pressures get down, things start to go back to normal, and you start loving your job again.


Instead, the daydream could be one that is from a long run, in this case you should start thinking about it more seriously. In some cases, you are at a good position in your current career, and you are no longer feeling challenged or like no growth in your work. When this thing happens, people tend to switch companies for a fresh start, but also to maintain the same position.


Or else in some case, the problems could lie with the company itself. It can be discouraging if you are not receiving any recognition for your smart work, or may be a company policy is making your work life difficult.


An easier switch would take you to as same role at different company within the same industry. Through this, you could find a job satisfaction again without the big change in your career.

Do you have a Clear passion and purpose?


People often give up the job just because they may not like the work they use to do. So what are you really passionate about? What is your purpose in the world? What do you feel called to do? If you have stable idea already then look at what you can do. If you don’t, start discovering what you want to do, and how it will serve both yourself and others.


What will the long-term opportunities be?


Before taking the extreme steps to change career, you need to evaluate the long-term benefits, future scope and opportunities the switch will bring you a clear path that you can follow, or is there a level of doubts?


If you have to take a lower profile as you will start progressing as soon as possible. Can this profile lead to certain perks that you are aiming for?


After having the experiences, you can look at the job description of higher profile to assess if they match-up with your long-term goals.


Will your previous experiences help in your new career?


Suppose you have transferable skills that are from the previous job, and then can take advantage of it. This could mean that you require less training, giving you an edge over the others who applying for the same.


Skills with latest technology, software or hardware can easily adaptable to almost any role. As simple as problem solving or excellent communication skills can be invaluable in your new career, and then make sure you recognize what you can use to your advantage.


Changing career is never an easy decision to make. If you don’t know where you at are, or don’t feel valued what you do, so it is important to consider all your option before taking option. Sometimes we feel like it is the right time, and you need to trust yourself with that too.



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