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Qualification vs. Work Experience vs. Certification: What Matter Most When Hiring?

Qualification vs Work Experience vs Certification What Matter Most When Hiring

Jan, 31st 18

What matters most when it comes to getting a job? What do employers look for? Qualification? Work experience? Certification? Or combination of these three? It’s an enigma that faced by many peers looking to headway their careers.


Hiring managers are more likely to hire job seekers who have coveted qualifications, have experience in IT environment and relevant skills sets and who would fit well into the organizational culture.


What grabs their attention most when evaluating CVs?  How do you determine the right blend that lands you best job?  Are IT certifications most important? What about the hands-on working experience? Any Qualification required?


Let’s have a glance on few aspects of discussion on Qualification vs. Work Experience vs. Certification



Having a degree at graduate or undergraduate level is a sign of accomplishment and dedication that is universally accepted.  A degree is just for a start to work life. A college degree brings out students to a variety of discipline, develop the credibility, ability and analytical skills to solve the problem. Before entering into the IT field, you must have certain degrees to meet the job requirements. But if you don’t have any then don’t panic, as long as you have attended any interns (work experience) and have certifications. 


In Today’s IT job environment, the fear of not having the degree is getting less day by day. Many colleges and universities are embracing the world-paced technologies domain with the launch of IT courses and degrees based on career paths.

Work Experiences


Work Experience is something which many hiring managers look in candidates than other prospects. Once who don’t have the relevant work experience would be missed out from multiple opportunities. Candidates who own more experience are the ones who would get a call from recruiters. Experience shows that you are capable of solving problems in different situations, especially when there is no one to hold your hand. In order to develop commercial skills, work experience is mandatory and also understanding the working environment. Employer always looks out for individuals who have practical experiences in their relative job roles.


A survey found that 80% of recruiters seek for candidates who have relevant work experience. Companies are looking for someone who can come up with the solution to problems. With the years of experience, you can find out the right career path and also gain the capability to make a decision regarding a future job.


Experience improves their personal brand and also the visual percept of proficiency.



In today’s competitive job market where competition is on a high peak in each and every field of industry, every individual wants to have extra knowledge or certifications apart from a regular degree and work experience to go through any interview.


Certifications make your profile better and help you to stand out from the crowd. 60 % of hiring managers in the IT industry rate potential employees with IT certifications as competent and valuable when they are weighing your CVs. It provides in-depth knowledge of understanding new technology and need to perform the task effectively. After earning IT certifications, it shows that you have put the time, money and effort to master the essential skills needed for a particular position and want to build a career in this field. IT certified peers can provide better approach for that company’s prospective clients. Many Clients ask for specialized or well-equipped skilled employees who can do the task before committing to contract.


In an IT professional environment, the most valuable employee is one who constantly updating their skills and adapting to a quickly evolving workplace. Adding Certifications to your profile in today’s life is as important as having degrees and work experience.


Not to confuse at this stage, the importance of Qualification, Work Experience, or IT certifications will differ according to the role you are applying for and the hiring managers. IT certifications and relevant experiences can help you to land a better and as well as higher paying job. But at the end of the day, you need to make sure that your profile highlights strengths and shows your hands-on experience.


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