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The importance and roles involved in the Project Initiation phase

The importance and roles involved in the Project Initiation phase

Aug, 01st 18

One of the vital steps in delivering a high-end project effectively is the ‘initiation’. The project initiation and approval is the initial phase where a project is acknowledged through a Business case, prioritized according to the requirements and aligned with the business goals. It is then followed by governance and planning which sets the project flow in motion.

Quiz Question


Q) A project can be initiated by which of the following individuals?


a) Sponsor, PMO, Project Manager


b) Customer, PMO, Sponsor


c) Project team, Customer, Sponsor


The project initiation step involves defining scope, goals and products details. To get started with the project, one needs to set up a strong project team and gain approval from the authorities. This phase includes six major steps which are as follows,


  • Developing a business case


  • Undertaking a feasibility study


  • Creating a project charter


  • Hiring a project team


  • Setting up the workplace


  • Performing a phase review


In step 3, a project charter is used to get the approval of a sponsor. It is a document that signifies the authorization and support from sponsors which is essential for the initiation of a project. Alongside this, approval and authorization from customer/client and project management office is required in order to initiate the project and lead it to further steps.


The role of a project management office is to govern the project at each level and approve the team for usage of the resources required. Apart from this, it does the strategic planning for the project keeping the goals of the organization in mind. It also brings


together with the best practices and ensures they are applied while handling the current project. In fact, the PMO even takes the responsibility to make sure the project is progressing at a steady rate without any halt and delivers at the promised due date. Another major function of the project management office is to maintain proper and clear communication between various teams and project managers irrespective of the projects that are being handled. It promotes unity and open mindset at the workplace which is essential for the success of any business.


The initiation phase holds great value since it involves hiring a project team and setting solid goals. Without an efficient project team and clear goals, it gets difficult to perform the required duties throughout the project cycle. One of the major parts of the initiation process is the project charter. It involves an overview of the project and the kind of approach that is to be taken throughout the project. It acts as a sign of authorization providing approval to the project manager and the team to access the resources being provided for the successful completion of the project. Here is a list of information that needs to be included in the project charter,


  • Purpose


  • Objectives and success criteria


  • Budget


  • Stakeholders list


  • Constraints and assumptions


  • Project manager details


Not performing the above-mentioned steps effectively can even lead to failure of the project which is not desired by any of the individuals involved in the project.


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