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How ITIL Certification helps you to grow in your Organization for IT Management Professionals

How ITIL Certification helps you to grow in your Organization for IT Management Professionals

Apr, 21st 17

The technology is continuously evolving, making it difficult to stay with one technology. In this rage of technology, ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is growing in demand and most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. It is an established within the ITSM (Information Technology Security Management) field.

How ITIL® Certification helps you to grow in your Organization for IT Management Professionals

ITIL® is a standard framework or a set of practices used by companies to manage IT Services. ITIL® has become a need of the hour for IT professionals involved in IT services or IT Management and it can help individuals and organizations use IT to realize business change, transformation, and growth.

AXELOS®, a joint venture between Capita and the cabinet office. It is the accredited licensed examination institute.

ITIL® courses are designed to help the organization identify the section where they need improvement, and achieve good quality service. It provides a practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT service to the business.

The demand for ITIL® (here link you can give) is so much so that organization is providing training on implementation of ITIL® and this is going to help the entire team working with ITIL®.
It consisted of 26 processes are listed in ITIL® 2011, and it has five

core volume provides the main content in each process:
1. Service Strategy.
2. Service Design.
3. Service Transition.
4. Service Operation.
5. Continual Service Improvement.

Organizational Benefits:


With increasing demand for ITIL® certification, organization ensured about the following benefits:

  1. Increasing Productivity.
  2. Improve customer satisfaction and maintain a positive business relationship with the customer through a professionals approach.
  3. Proper use of skills and experience.
  4. Increased in staff retention.
  5. Greater visibility of IT costs and assets.


What can individuals get benefits of being ITIL® certified?     


  1. Best Salary package in the IT industry.
  2. After Gaining the ITIL® framework, will make the professionals expert in the IT service and makes work easier and helps to complete tasks in cheaper, faster and easier ways and produce quality results.
  3. With the bearer of ITIL® certification, the certification offers candidates to be chosen for the best job in the job market of ITSM profile.
  4. If you have done the ITIL® certification, there are chances to go abroad. As many companies and organization have adopted the ITIL® framework.
  5. Understand the ITIL® principles and apply them to the real-world context.
  6. Understand the concepts of ITSM in depth, and apply them for continual service improvement.


ITIL® is a globally organized framework that finds implementation in IT service management in many organizations. There isn’t a lack of ITIL® certified professionals in the IT industry. This adds as perks of an organization that increased in ITIL® qualified professionals translate to cost reduction on training.


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