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How to Find Fruitful career in IT industries - Sprintzeal

How to Find Fruitful career in IT industries

Feb, 23rd 18

Nowadays, getting a new job in IT industry is never a simple process, especially when you add something extra to the list of things that you want.


Who doesn’t want to live a profitable life?


We always look for a career that not only provides financial support to our lives but also provides value and make us feel fulfilled. However, it’s not always easy to determine whether my current job is right for me or not. It takes time to adapt to the work environment and your position. There are some certain aspects that you consider during your job hunting that will intend your next opportunity will be fruitful one.

What to look for?


Take Pride in your work


As an employer, I think having a feel of pride in your work and your organization is very important and should come naturally. If you don’t love what you do and where you spend your quality hours 5 days a week, then your long-term goal is doubtful. If you find yourself dedicated towards your work, energetic, and proud to describe your work in the company, then you know you are off to good start. You own it, your name on it, everything your company does, bad or good, it has your name on it. It matters, everything you do, a contribution to a large project or a part to play in a quality delivery, you own that success, be proud of that.

Work on projects that are meaningful to you


The projects assigned to you should fit your role. You do love coding, but your job will be more focused on managing part, that not the best fit for you. If your work is something you love, it will give clarity, work satisfaction, drive and happiness to all aspects of life. Think about what makes you enjoy into work. Are you being given any projects that add value to your team and make use of your skills?


If your work is meaningful, you will be more likely to perform well in long run, which means you will more likely to be successful as a result.

Working Culture that feels Comfortable


Is your organization culture working for you or against you? When it comes to career happiness, an organizations culture is equally as important. Engagement grows from your personality and you find it easy to communicate and create a connection with your team members.


Company’s culture also involves work-life balance, company’s policies like leaves, exercise benefits and flexible work hours. Every organization has different policies, so don’t be afraid to ask about the culture and gain the insights from the employer during the interview.

Opportunities for Growth


Are you looking for growth in your career? Sometimes we don’t show seriousness towards the upcoming future, where we are standing now, what we have to do next?


By providing opportunities for growth help employees expand their skills, abilities and knowledge. Gaining new skills and experiences can increase your job satisfaction and help employees more effectively manage job stress.


Opportunities for employee growth include:


  • Continuing education courses.
  • Career development or counseling services.
  • Skills training provided in-house training or through outside training center.
  • Coaching, mentoring and leadership development programs.


A Competitive Salary


Are you getting paid as per the industry standard? We all have heard this phrase “money can’t buy happiness”. But make sure you are being paid for the work you do and the experiences you do have to pay your bills, does provide stability and comfort. During the job searching or interview process, research properly for which position you applying for how much they are offering so you are in a good position to negotiate.


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