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Top 25 Interview Questions Related To PRINCE2 Certification

Top 25 Interview Questions Related To PRINCE2 Certification

Aug, 23rd 18

Introduction of course:


PRINCE2® (an acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environment) certification course offers an extensively detailed approach to effective project management with effective steps and procedures to follow. It is a widely recognized certification and has been high in demand over the past few years.


The course focuses on both the process and the project. It is offered at various levels based on the requirement and experience of the applicant,


  • PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation


  • PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner


  • PRINCE2® Agile Foundation


  • PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner


The foundation level course certifies that the individual has thorough knowledge about the PRINCE2® and possesses project management skills. And the practitioner level course certifies that the candidate has sufficient understanding of the method and he/she is capable of applying the approach in real-time.

Why is it important?


With growing technology and market trends, landing a job and keeping up with the updates becomes quite a difficult task. In such cases, certifications always come handy by giving you an edge over others. PRINCE2® is one such certificate that helps you stand out from the crowd at any point of your career.


It gives you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to manage high-end projects successfully. All in all, it becomes an invaluable asset to your career.


Phases of the interview:


Here are the three major phases of an interview,


Phase 1: Invitation


When you apply for jobs at the organizations you aspire to work with, the first step from the employer’s side is ‘reviewal’.  After reviewing your resume, if you are believed to be a good fit for the position, you receive an invitation for the interview. The invitation can be sent in various forms like e-mail, phone call, message or even a letter. However, each of them is kept professional and the same is expected from the candidate. Be sure to revert to the invitation professionally and promptly.


Phase 2: Meeting


The next phase is the face-to-face interview on the decided schedule. The main aim of this is to estimate the capabilities of the candidate and understand their personality. It is essential to make a good first impression on the employer by being punctual and professional. Highlight your strengths and very politely, accept your weaknesses. Be confident and positive but don’t over-do it.


Phase 3: Follow-up


The last and certainly not the least important phase is “Follow-up”. This phase can either make or break the opportunity. It is essential to adopt a professional way of communication for a follow-up. You can either drop a mail appreciating the time provided for interviewing you, expressing gratitude for the opportunity or simply give a phone call thanking and enquiring about the job.

Interview Questions:


Here’s a list of topics for the basic and personalized type of interview questions on PRINCE2®  


  • What are the key features of PRINCE2®?




  • Can be applied to any project


  • Precise and Cost-effective approach


  • Management by exception


  • Organized and easy to understand


  • What are the principles of PRINCE2®?




There are seven principles of PRINCE2® which are as follows,


  • Continued business justification


  • Learn from experience


  • Defined roles & responsibilities


  • Manage by stages,


  • Manage by exception


  • Focus on products


  • Tailor to suit the project environment.


  • What does directing a project involve?




The DP involves supporting a project, accepting the results and providing approval from the management.


  • Name the progress controls provided by PRINCE2®




Event-driven and Time-driven.


  • Which department is responsible for setting project tolerance?




  • Project Support


  • Project Board


  • Project Management


  • Customer Support


  • The responsibility of communicating with the stakeholders is of?




  • Project Support


  • Project Board


  • Project Management


  • Customer Support


  • What is checkpoint report used for?




The checkpoint report is used for updating the project manager on the status of a work package.


  • Describe the process model of PRINCE2®?




The process model of PRINCE2® includes,


  • Initiation


  • Managing a stage Boundary(SB)


  • Controlling a stage


  • Managing product delivery


  • Project Closure


  • What are the activities involved in product based planning?




The activities involved in the product based planning are,


  • Write the description of the product for the project


  • Creating a product breakdown structure


  • Writing product descriptions


  • Creating product flow diagram


  • Define risk, quality and issue register?




The risk register is used to keep track of the possible risks involved in a project.


The quality register contains data related to activities planned for quality improvement/enhancement.


And, the issue register keeps a record of all the complaints, feedback and queries made by the members involved in the project.


  • What are the types of projects? Name a few.




The types of projects are not for profit projects, external projects, compulsory projects and multiple organization projects.


  • Name any two PRINCE2® deliverables




The PRINCE2® deliverables are a risk management plan and issue log.


  • At what stage should a risk management plan be created?




In my view, the risk management plan should be created at the initiation stage of the project to have a strong backup and support.


  • What are the levels of a plan?




There are four levels of a plan,


  • Project Plan


  • Stage Plan


  • Team Plan


  • Exception Plan


  • What does the managing product delivery allow that other processes don’t?




The managing product delivery allows non-PRINCE2® practices to be applied in a PRINCE2® project environment.


  • 1 In what way is the project product description document important?




The document includes roles of a project and acts as an acceptance/approval factor for initiation of the project. It is used during the start and end of a project.


  • Name a few risk strategies




The risk strategies are,


  • Avoid, seek, neutral


  • Risk tolerance


  • Risk appetite


  • Which of the following is an activity from the DP process?




  • Give ad-hoc support


  • Plan Initiation stage


  • Issue Log


  • Select the project approach


  • The authorization for project initiation is given by:




 Project board


  • What are the PRINCE2® planning approaches?




There are two planning approaches,


  • Product planning


  • Work-based planning


  • State the activities of SU process




The activities of SU process involve Appointing the project manager, Preparing a business case outline, Selecting the project approach and Planning the initiation stage.


  • What are the steps involved in the PRINCE2® theme?




 Prince2 Theme is as follows:


  • Business case


  • Progress


  • Change


  • Risks


  • Plans


  • Quality


  • Organization


  • Who is responsible for outlining the business case?




The executive is responsible for creating the outline business case.


  • Name the levels of business plan




The four levels of a plan are,


  • Project Plan


  • Stage Plan


  • Team Plan


Exception Plan


  • What does a product checklist document include?




The product checklist document includes the information on dates for project approval and delivery.


Interview tips:


Having discussed the phases of an interview and questionnaires, here we have listed some quick interview tips to help you ace the interview,


  • Be punctual and show up on time.


  • Be ready to talk about your achievements — both personal and professional.


  • Keep a check on your language and avoid using fillers.


  • Go through the job description and find key requirements you can talk about.


  • Listen carefully and take time to gather your thoughts before answering.


  • Dress and behave professionally.


  • Avoid interrupting the interviewer.


  • Carry all the essential documents.


  • Do a brief research on the company and understand their needs.


  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time and be polite with criticism too.




We have tried to gather all the essential information required for the interview but know that PRINCE2® is a vast topic and several other questions can be asked too. Prepare for the interview based on the type of industry you are applying for and some of the sample answers provided here vary with the type of industry. All in all, be honest and positive as it outshines all other qualities. 



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