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CCDE® certification is a vendor specific certification for networking professionals, offered by Cisco. CCDE training in Long Beach CA is useful for those who are keen on gaining knowledge and expert level skills in network designing. This training offers exposure to designing skills, network design principles, and concepts that can be used to handle complex and challenging networks. 

Modes Of Training

Key Features

  • Enroll in 5 day Interactive Live Online Training Sessions for CCDE Course  
  • Get 24x7 Support from Course Counsellors for Training and Exam Preparation Guidance
  • Get Hands-on CCDE Training with Industry Projects and Assignments
  • Learn to Perform Design Analysis and Develop a Design Implementation Using Best Practices. 
  • Get Access to Quizzes and Assessment Sessions for Better Understanding of Concepts. 
  • Learn to Develop Network Designs that Meet Functional Specifications. 
  • Get Access to E-learning Content Available on Sprintzeal’s LMS Portal
  • Easy and Flexible Learning Methods to Fit your Schedule

Key Features

  • Enroll in 5 day Interactive Classroom Training Sessions for CCDE Course
  • Get 24x7 Support from Course Counsellors for Training and Exam Preparation Guidance
  • Get Hands-on CCDE Training with Industry Projects and Assignments
  • Learn to Perform Design Analysis and Develop a Design Implementation Using Best Practices. 
  • Get Access to Quizzes and Assessment Sessions for Better Understanding of Concepts. 
  • Learn to Develop Network Designs that Meet Functional Specifications. 
  • Get Access to E-learning Content Available on Sprintzeal’s LMS Portal
  • Easy and Flexible Learning Methods to Fit your Schedule

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What is the scope of Cisco certifications? How is the demand and job market scenario?

The average salary for a Cisco certified professional with work experience ranges from $70k to $110k and for beginners, the average salary is $50k to $75k.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for IT professionals holding a Cisco certification will experience an 8% growth up to 2024.   

Cisco Systems are leading in network technologies and holding a certification offered by Cisco will be highly beneficial for a professional striving to make a successful career in the networking field.

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Live Online Training $ 3475
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CCDE Cisco Certified Design Expert Certification Training in Long Beach CA

CCDE Certification Training Course Overview

The CCDE® certificate helps in assessing and advancing network infrastructure design, principles, and fundamentals that are required for large networks. The CCDE® certificate confirms that one has deep technical networking knowledge that is helpful in network infrastructure. This certification tests your ability in performance design and is accepted worldwide as one of the most prestigious networking certifications in the industry.   

CCDE Certification Course Objective

The Cisco Certified Design Expert Training can be taken up by professionals wanting to advance their career in IT infrastructure and networking.

Some of the major objectives of this course are helping candidates in

- Applying network design methodologies 
- Identifying and defining software-defined networks 
- Applying network design concepts of modularity and hierarchy
- Creating and designing a resilient and scalable network 
- Providing connectivity between parts of the enterprise network
- Integrating and collaborating wireless infrastructure into core networking. 

CCDE Certification Benefits and Skills Acquired

- Gain knowledge of the evolving technologies

- Learn about network virtualization

- Develop network designs to meet functional specifications

- Develop an implementation plan

If you are looking for ways to advance your career and becoming an expert in designing, getting CCDE® certification is the best option. 


Latest Update: Cisco is releasing the new version (v3.0) of the CCDE certification on On November 2, 2021. To stay updated and know more, visit the CCDE v3.0 page

Note: This certification is designed for Network Professionals with at least 7 years of experience in Network Engineering or Advanced Network

CCDE certification is beneficial for expert-level professionals like expert-level network design engineers and expert-level network leads in both the infrastructure and architecture domain. It certification validates their expertise, knowledge, and skills in network infrastructure design.

Why opt for Sprintzeal's CCDE training?

Our 5-day CCDE training offers in-depth technical networking knowledge. It prepares individuals to address technically challenging network infrastructure problems and helps them carry out design assignments efficiently.

Exam Certification

CCDE Exam Details 

The CCDE® exam comprises of written and practical exam:

First, the candidate must pass a 2-hour written CCDE qualification exam. Then he/she must pass an 8-hour hands-on practical exam.


CCDE Design Written Exam: 

Exam Code - 352-001 CCDE
Exam Cost - $300 USD
Duration - 2 hours
Number of Questions - 90-110
Exam Registration Portal - PEARSON VUE


CCDE® Practical Exam:

CCDE Practical Exam is an 8-hour, scenario-based design exam

Type - Scenario-based

Number of sections - 4

Number of questions per section - 25 - 30

Duration - 9 hours (including 1 hour of lunch break)

CCDE Practical Exam Cost - $1,600


Note - The Practical Exam can be taken up only when one passes the written exam. 


CCDE Written Exam Format

  1. Layer 2 Control Plane – 24%
  2. Layer 3 Control Plane – 33%
  3. Network Virtualization – 15%
  4. Design Considerations – 18%
  5. Evolving Technologies v1.1 – 10%


CCDE Practical Exam 

1. Analysis of design requirements - 36%

2. Develop network designs - 39%

3. Implement network designs - 13%

4. Validate and optimize network designs - 12%


Important Dates:

There’s a new version of CCDE Exam releasing on Nov 1st 2021

Last date to take the Qualifying Exam – November 1st 2021

Last Date to take the Practical Exam) – October  26th 2021


The CCDE certification is valid for a period of three years. 

The CCDE exam has no specific prerequisites. 

  • Log into Cisco’s Continuing Education Portal
  • Choose the recertification pathway for their certification and complete it for gaining CE credits
  • Submit completed item(s) to cisco for credits
  • Candidates can track progress and check recertification status using Cisco Certification Tracking System (For all cisco certifications except CCIE and CCDE)
  • Recertification status for CCIE/CCDE can be tracked through the CCIE tracker

Read cisco's recertification requirements to know more

After the completion of computer-based/written exams, candidates receive a score report along with a score breakout by exam section and the passing score for the given exam.

Lab exams are Pass/Fail and results are available online (using login) within 48 hours.

Cisco does not publish exam passing scores because exam questions and passing scores are subject to change without notice.

Yes, you can apply for a re-exam after 5 calendar days from your first attempt. 

Yes. Customers can contact us either by phone or chat if they need help with completing the application form or in case of any course-related queries.

4.8 out of 5.0
2k Total number of Reviews 86.5%;
Aggregate Review Score 75.8%
4.8 Star 92.4%
Course Completion Rate 71.6%

Sprintzeal Participant Reviews

Susan Combs-Foushee

Susan Combs-Foushee   May 25th, 20

Sprintzeal's preparatory course for PMI's "Project Management Professional" certification provides the knowledge base and test-taking strategies needed to pass the exam.The course fee includes all the study materials and the instructor guidance needed to succeed!

I highly recommend this experience and will consider taking additional Sprintzeal training courses in the future.

Aaron Coleman

Aaron Coleman   Nov 18th, 19

Jason and Shane were phenomenal. I scheduled the bootcamp and went through the training. I had a hiccup during the training and was unable to complete a portion. Jason made all of the resources available to me and accommodated me in moving forward. Jason from Sprintzeal was helpful from the start and through the finish of the process. Thank you all so much! You are all that you advertise and so much more. 100% great training and service!

Mark Ridgely

Mark Ridgely   Apr 26th, 20

Instructor very knowledgeable of the PMI content and provided solid instruction as such as well as practical experience in exam preparation and test taking strategy.

Online version of class was better than anticipated, but think I still would have preferred in person classroom setting.

Ahmed Shahein

Ahmed Shahein   Apr 26th, 20

Enjoyed, great atmosphere although it online. Trainer is an expert in sharing and delivering knowledge. Sprintzeal management is great and very assisting and helping.

Liza Barrick

Liza Barrick   May 15th, 20

Overall, the course was highly in depth and interactive. The instructor had a great knowledge of the topic and explained the content in full. While the instructor was great, I did have a hard time understanding their accent and spent a decent amount of time trying to understand what was said rather than the content. Ultimately, I will have to re-listen to the recordings or teach myself the content I did not understand. I did have a few issues regarding the preparation of the program. It would be beneficial to the student to know exactly what the program will entail and what is expected of them such as: what technology is required, the level of participation, and the expected schedule of the program. The support team answered emails quickly, and sent out the recordings in good time. I believe this was a good experience to have and to prepare for the PMP test.

Linda Parrish

Linda Parrish   Nov 19th, 19

Awesome CBAP Test Prep Course with Excellent Customer Service. In March 2019, select staff from two of our departments partnered up to undertake the CBAP Test Prep course offered by Sprintzeal. I learned the BABOK was difficult to comprehend until our trainer, Delilah Allison, explained the book's layout and the meaning behind each section. Her teachings enable me to grasp the Business Analysis concept (even though most of my tasks were in a project management world). Our Account Manager, Alex Wood, provided excellent customer service going above the call of duty to ensure our satisfaction. We did encounter some hiccups along the way which were either resolved or addressed in an expedited manner. Also, the price per person was reasonable compared to what was offered and what other companies offered. My overall experience with Sprintzeal is a positive one. I would definitely recommend the class. Source - Trustpilot

Sean Allen

Sean Allen   May 16th, 19

Carmen was exceptional, knowledgeable and had a wealth of practical experience. She provided superb facilitation of PMP instructions that will aid me on the upcoming PMP test. Carmen's transparency and presentation is an asset and a must have in the classroom setting.

Russell Deatherage

Russell Deatherage   Oct 25th, 19

PMP Boot camp by Syed M. Quadri on 21-25 Oct 2019. Excellent class. Mr. Quadri presented sound information and gave logic advice that was helpful to tie the information together for memory. Great point on the ITTO's that I and O are nouns and TT's are verbs or actions

Neetha Kotagiri

Neetha Kotagiri   Aug 27th, 18

PMP Training provided by Sprintzeal The training is amazing. Trainer Tammy is so good she is very understanding, Patient and very good teacher. She made the most difficult topics very easy. I loved training with her. Alex Wood from Sprintzeal who help me with the process of the enrollment was very good. Answered each and every concern of mine and was very helpful.

Michael Hanson

Michael Hanson   Jul 29th, 19

The instructor is experienced, this is obvious. To help drive home the point in instructing, they should use personal experience more often. Less reading of the data on the slides. The class was helpful.

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CCDE Cisco Certified Design Expert Certification Training in Long Beach CA

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Live virtual classroom training is a personalized form of online training where the student and the trainer are live and face-to-face, discussing concepts and doubts. 

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Certifications have undoubtedly become a significant criterion for the job selection process and promotions. The certificate gained from Sprintzeal surely holds great value. It can certainly help one land a great job or help experienced professionals get promoted. It improves skills and knowledge of a candidate which becomes an asset to having a fulfilling and successful career.

The chances of getting a job increases manifold on getting certified. It surely acts as an add-on that gives you an edge over your competitors. However, since several other things are also taken into consideration by interviewers, we cannot give a 100% guarantee as a considerable part of the selection depends on the interviewer and the candidate.

With over 200000+ professionals trained across the globe the success rate of Sprintzeal’s training programs is impressive with 99.6 %.

When you complete the training course, you will receive a course completion certificate from Sprintzeal. However, Sprintzeal does not administer the CCDE certification, but once you have passed that exam, you will receive the prestigious CCDE certification from Cisco.

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