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(ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification is an internationally recognized credential that validates an individual's knowledge and expertise in cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration. The CCSP certification is offered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)², and it is designed for IT and information security professionals who want to demonstrate their competency in cloud security. The CCSP certification covers six domains, including cloud data security, cloud platform, and infrastructure security, cloud application security, cloud security operations, legal and compliance, and cloud risk management. Getting CCSP certified can help professionals enhance their career opportunities and earning potential. CCSP certification holders are highly sought after by organizations that are adopting cloud computing technologies. The CCSP certification provides individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to design, manage, and secure cloud environments. Additionally, the CCSP certification demonstrates an individual's commitment to continuous learning and professional development, which can lead to career advancement and increased job satisfaction. 

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  • Globally Recognized Credential in Cloud Security 
  • Hands-on Learning with Industry Projects
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CCSP Certification - Demand and Scope

According to the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study 2020, cloud security skills are in high demand, with 56% of organizations planning to hire professionals with these skills.
Professionals with cloud security skills earn an average of $15,000 more per year than those without these skills. CCSP certification holders can command higher salaries and better compensation packages than their non-certified peers.
A survey by IDC found that 91% of hiring managers believe that IT certifications are important when evaluating candidates. Earning the CCSP certification can give you a competitive advantage over non-certified candidates

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Course Agenda

Course Agenda

Company Brochure

Company Brochure

CCSP Certification Course Overview

Sprintzeal’s CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) certification course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration. Our curated CCSP courseware is designed and delivered by our expert CCSP trainers and helps you analyze and apply the concepts from the six domains of the globally approved cloud security standards. The CCSP training will also introduce you to the basics of IT security, followed by cloud computing and virtualization security.

After the training, this CCSP certification helps showcase your capabilities and advancements in technical skills and knowledge to manage and secure the organization’s cloud data, design a secured cloud infrastructure, and manage cloud-based applications. Our (ISC)2-recognized CCSP Certification Training Course is designed by our industry training expert, with over 11 years of experience in training professionals in the field of cybersecurity and cloud security.

Due to the constant rise in cybercrime, the importance of CCSP certification in the field of cybersecurity is immense. For professionals working in any organization dealing with cloud security, Sprintzeal’s CCSP certification should be on their top priority list.


CCSP Certification Course Objectives

The main objectives of our CCSP training program are to offer in-depth knowledge about cloud computing, security, and compliance.

With our CCSP training, you will learn about cloud computing, cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration. You will also acquire skills to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets in the cloud.


Objectives of CCSP Certification Training 

- Understanding the security risks and best practices for cloud computing

- Understanding the legal and regulatory issues related to cloud computing

- Enhancing your understanding of cloud security architecture and design principles

- Understanding the cloud infrastructure security and operations

- Understanding the cloud application security and data security


Benefits of CCSP Certification

Our CCSP certification training course is aligned with the (ISC)2 CBK (Common Body of Knowledge). The training course blended with the study of CBK and other CCSP training materials will help candidates become proficient in carrying out all essential functions in the field of cloud security.

This CCSP certification validates your cloud security skills and this training will help you improve those skills, making you more of an all-rounder than just a regular cloud security professional. Our CCSP training will help you excel in the cloud security domain and keep you updated about the concepts related to your field and advancements in it. The CCSP certification serves as a guarantee that you are qualified to carry out the necessary functioning.

The CCSP training offers skills from six security domains, and all of them are covered in detail in the course plan.

Domain 1 – Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design - 17%
Domain 2 – Cloud Data Security - 20%
Domain 3 – Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security - 17%
Domain 4 – Cloud Application Security - 17%
Domain 5 – Cloud Security Operations - 16%
Domain 6 – Legal, Risk and Compliance - 13%

Boost your career with Sprintzeal's (ISC)2 CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional training and become a certified expert. Sprintzeal also offers training for many other popular IT Security courses like CISSP, CISA, and COBIT 5 Foundation.

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Participant Reviews

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4.8 out of 5.0
3k Total number of Reviews 85.4%
Aggregate Review Score 77.1%
4.8 Star 92.4%
Course Completion Rate 70.1%

CCSP Certification Exam Details

Exam Duration - 240 minutes (4 hours)

Exam Format - Multiple Choice Questions

Number of Questions - 125 MCQs

Exam Cost - $599 (for ISC2 members) and $699 (for non-members)

Passing score - A scale score of 700 or higher is required to achieve the CCSP certification.

Examination Availability - English, Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, and Spanish

In order to achieve the CCSP certification, the candidates must obtain work experience of at least five years in the IT field and three years of experience in information security, along with a year in cloud computing.

Yes. A re-exam is applicable three times. You may request a re-examination within a year (12 months), followed by a 90-day waiting period.

The CCSP certificate has a three-year expiration date. Professionals must clear the exam once again or meet the continuing education requirements to maintain their credentials. Also, visit the (ISC)2 portal to follow the renewal or re-certification process and gain credits.

The following eligibility criteria must be considered for the CCSP certification,

- Individuals with at least five years of combined paid IT work experience, three years of experience in information security, and a minimum of one year of experience in cloud security

- A CCSP exam scaled score of more than 700

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CCSP training certification is most suitable for,

- Cloud Architects

- Cloud Administrators

- Cloud Consultants

- Cloud Engineers

- Cloud Security Analysts

- Cloud Specialists

- Professional Cloud Developers

- Security Architects

It is an excellent choice for IT and information security professionals who work in the field of cloud computing. Any individual looking to advance their career in cloud security can opt for the CCSP training.

The CCSP certification is highly regarded in the industry, demonstrating expertise in cloud security, increasing credibility and recognition, and providing a competitive edge in the job market. It can also lead to higher salaries and career advancement opportunities.

The fact that it evaluates advanced knowledge and abilities related to cloud security, the CCSP exam has been considered difficult.

The six areas covered by the CCSP exam are;

- Cloud Concepts

- Architecture and Design

- Data Security

- Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

- Cloud Application Security

- Legal, Risk, and Compliance

Our CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) training is Practical, Goal-oriented, Structured, Effective and Affordable. Our approach will enable you to put your learning into practice. We have a proven track record of candidates passing the exam and getting certification in the FIRST attempt.

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