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PMI ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) certification from the Project Management Institute holds a high level of professional integrity as it is a combination of agile training and agile fundamental tools. This PMI ACP certification training by Sprintzeal in Antioch CA aids in addressing the needs of the association which depends on agile practitioners to apply the skills and execute projects effectively. This methodology mainly aims to deliver the product to customers in smaller sprints at a time. Hence it will be easy for customers to deliver the module of the project to ensure proper quality is maintained.

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Key Features

  • 3/6 Day Live Online Classroom Training. We are a REP (Registered Education Provider) of PMI, we assure you the standards. 
  • Live Training No Replay, You Get To Speak to Trainer Live and Ask Questions Real Time.
  • Get 1 Year E-learning PMI-ACP Access with High-Quality Audio-Video Lectures
  • 1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions and Get Live Class Recordings Post Training Life Time Access
  • Get 21 Contact Hours training certificate from Sprintzeal (REP ID - 4719) to apply for PMI Exam.
  • Application Assistance and 1-year Live Support Post-training 
  • The PMI ACP® delivers value far into your career so it’s worth the time, money and investment. 
  • Best Price Guaranteed in the Training Industry. Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally.

Key Features

  • 3 Days instructor-led Classroom Training in Antioch CA. We are a REP (Registered Education Provider) of PMI, we assure you the standards.  
  • Get PMI-PMBOK 6th Edition Hard Copy Guide.   
  • Get 1 Year E-learning Access with High-Quality Audio-Video Lectures.  
  • 1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions.  
  • Get 21 Contact Hours training certificate from Sprintzeal (REP ID - 4719) to apply for PMI Exam.  
  • Application Assistance and 1-year Live Support Post-training.  
  • The ACP® Certification delivers value far into your career so it’s worth the time, money and investment.     
  • Best Price Guaranteed in the Training Industry. Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally

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What is the scope of PMI-ACP® certification? How is the job market?

The average salary of a certified PMI-ACP®  professional is $123,000 PA

According to Forbes, there are going to be 15 million new project management jobs by the year 2020 and the demand for PMI-ACP® certified professionals has increased by over 35% in the past few years. 

The salary of a PMI ACP certification holder is about  28% higher than that of a non-certified professional.

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PMI ACP Certification - Agile Certified Practitioner Exam Prep Training in Antioch CA

PMI ACP Certification Training Course Overview 

Sprintzeal's PMI ACP course in Antioch CA advances careers, improve organizational success and accelerates the career in professional management through globally recognized standards, resources, tools, academic research, professional development, and networking opportunities. PMI delivers professional working, global advocacy, collaboration, education, and research.

It is one of the most popular options available for agile practitioners it demonstrates your knowledge to agile to a rapidly emerging methodology, tools, and techniques, principles, and practices. It aims to help uncover better ways to uncover developing software by providing clear and measurable structure development.

PMI ACP Certification Course Objectives

  • Explains the principles of continuous improvement.
  • Describes PMI ACP mindsets.
  • Describes concepts under adaptive planning. 
  • Describes the best practices involved in stakeholder engagement.
  • Problem detection and resolution technique in PMI ACP course
  • Value-driven accomplished projects.
  • It helps in improving team performance.

PMI ACP Certification Benefits and Skills Acquired

The practices and skills required by the PMI ACP certification themselves are building blocks in this field; some of the benefits of skills are:

  • High demand for agile project managers

  • Professional growth for agile project managers
  • Wide scope for career

  • Benefits the organization


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Introduction to PMI ACP certification

Associations and Business adventures are ceaselessly creating different strategies and techniques to grasp the latest patterns in their creation and administration lines while sufficiently satisfying the buyer's needs. There are plenty of undertakings and associations where the chiefs and specialists, with their insight and abilities, help associations fabricate the accomplishment paces of their errands.

One such undertaking administration gadget is an agile strategy. Largely, the agile procedure is mistaken for it to being a belief system or theory. The organized approach is an undertaking that incorporates the heads to plan and comprise isolating a huge solitary endeavor into a couple of scaled-down scales practical exercises.

This methodology intends to help associations accept a system of reliable plans and quick formation of items and administrations. Associations are getting dynamically aware of the immense proportion of threats and are imagining new procedures to restrict them. The organized approach helps with limiting the perils by a consistent assessment of the different market dangers.

The critical clarification behind the mistake of endeavors is a botch and the inability to perceive issues during the hidden stages. The agile procedure helps limit the dangers by continually improving and creating different approaches to handle the issues.

Advantages of Agile Methodology onto your professional career:
There are many habits by which the agile strategy approach can help you improve your capacities.

It will allow you to focus more on reactions and explore every movement all the more warily. With this, you can gain from the past blemishes in arranging and adjust new, better designs for the practical consummation of tasks. so, you will be able to design better.
You will be adequately talented at developing a vocation basically while chipping away at the course of action and not only worthy on paper. At the same time, this encourages you to get worldwide acknowledgment and make your market specialists on form and all actuality. therefore, you will develop skills.
You will manage buyer dependability, which is a significant factor that may speak to the conclusive snapshot of an undertaking. also, you will improve customer satisfaction.
Flexibility will effectively become all-good for you. You will be more ready to manage changes in such a condition. therefore, you will adapt to changes better.
You will get some answers concerning the various periods of putting everything in order adventures and associations. At the same time, you will have the choice to manage each one of them effectively. The unlimited authority and administrative force fall onto your hands so you can adequately help in the consummation of the given errands.

Why should you get PMI-ACP certified

Here are the reasons you should consider getting the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner confirmation.

It will improve your knowledge base:
You will adjust plenty of agile methodologies like Scrum, Lean, Kanban, and XP that will help you pick up data on a vast extent of focuses. in addition, it will help you understand latest technologies better.

Global affirmation:
The PMI Agile confirmations are very much seen worldwide, so your capacities will stay authentic in any bit of the world. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner infers you can move to any place your choice and still find a tolerable work decision. In addition, you will also find employment wherever you go.

Valid accreditations:
This PMI Agile Certified Practitioner accreditation ie., ACP certification will favor your capabilities as composed practices. The organizations will ensure that you have the critical capacities required to transform into a flexible master and effectively realize the Agile techniques in undertakings. therefore, it helps in giving you accreditation. therefore, having a PMI ACP certification will immensely help you.

Industry-standard accreditation:
The Project Management Institute has composed and organized its accreditation strategy to fulfill legal industry needs. Likewise, any business looking at the assertion will, in a brief moment, understand that you have definitive aptitudes required for dealing with an undertaking reasonably. therefore, you will be able to join any industry you want.


You will receive PMI ACP course completion certification from Sprintzeal and the PMI ACP certification from PMI – Project Management Institute, the governing body.


High intrigue:
Project heads look for after the PMI Agile confirmation. It is one of the most searched for after certifications in the business. Supervisors immediately enroll PMI ensured experts since they understand that these individuals will expand the estimation of the affiliation. Overall, it is the best option for you. therefore, it will help you find employment wherever you want.

Constant updates:
PMI offers an accreditation upkeep program that keeps awake with the most recent with the latest enhancements in Agile. PMI ACP infers the PMI Agile Certification will never get out of date. Furthermore, a consistent course of action of overhauling will allow you to change livelihoods if you need them. You will reliably turn out to be more familiar with the new examples that will drive you towards making customer-driven strategies.

These were a part of why you should transform into a PMI Agile master at the soonest. It is the best organization methodology starting late and will colossally uphold your calling. Therefore, you will be able to perfect it soon.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Examination Structure:
The PMI ACP Exam comprises of 120 MCQs that you have to reply inside 3 hours. Out of the complete 120 questions, 20 questions won't add any value to your end score. You can, in any case, endeavor this inquiry for additional impressions.

There are seven domains in the schedule PMBOK for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner. Out of them, the Agile Principles execution conveys the most extreme weightage. In this way, ensure you experience every one of them.

History of PMI Agile Certified Practitioner:
The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner is a generally new affirmation. Individuals have consistently been keen on thinking about the development of confirmations.

 The number is very noteworthy, thinking about how different accreditations have fizzled previously. The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner was begun as an option in contrast to the PMP test. A conventional methodology is the characteristic of the PMP style of undertaking the board.

The PMBOK direct assumed an imperative job in expanding the quantity of PMI Agile Certified Practitioner accreditation holders. It helped them take the test and exceed expectations in it.

What is the PMI ACP Certification Examination?
Essentially, the PMI-ACP test is intended for trying Agile Certified Practitioners. This test is an intense test that goes on for 3 hours. The entire test is broken into a different domains, and every one of the domains conveys some weightage from the test perspective. The various domains are:

Domain 1: Principles of Agile and Agile Mindsets:
This domain is the exact domain of the course where the wannabes will find out about the nine essential errands committed to the Agile Principles and Mindsets.

Domain 2: Value Driven delivery: 
This domain is the most significant domain in the whole assessment perspective. This domain includes 14 assignments, which further sort into four subdomains. It comprises significant themes that are understanding the worth driven conveyance of administrations, understanding the cycle to join the customer's criticism, and seeing how to organize or design the work.

Domain 3: Engagement of the Stakeholders:
In this domain, the hopefuls should experience nine undertakings that are ordered into three subdomains. It will instruct the wannabes about joining the partners' prerequisites with venture objectives while adjusting both the angles together and keeping up the client connections better.

Domain 4: Understanding the presentation of the group:
There are nearly nine undertakings in this domain, which separate into three subdomains where every domain will convey three errands. From this domain, the wannabes will figure out how to deal with a group, more gainful, compelling, and community-oriented way.

Domain 5: Planning to adjust:
This domain contains ten undertakings that are ordered into three subdomains. In this domain, the competitors try measure, work, and close a task if they have enough aptitudes.

Domain 6: Detection of Problem and their Solutions:
This domain comprises five undertakings where the hopefuls will get familiar with an entire arrangement of strategies to identify any conceivable hazard that emerges in a task's lifecycle. so, it will help you change the project plan.

Domain 7: Continuation to improve:
This is a domain that includes six assignments. In this domain, wannabes' capacity to improve the nature of the group and venture prevails. This encourages the hopefuls to comprehend that persistent improvement prompts the creation of the best outcomes. therefore, you will be able to improve continuously.

In the excursion of the groundwork for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner test, make sure to be tolerant and persevering with a reliable assurance of breezing through the test; at that point, you will for sure accomplish the best score. What's more, eventually, you will get the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Certification. In addition, the PMI ACP certification will also help you get a job as a project manager.

To get full details about the PMI ACP certification program or about the best project management certifications, chat with the course expert

Exam Certification

PMI ACP Certification Exam Details

The PMI ACP exam comprises of 120 multiple-choice questions. Out of these 120 questions 20 questions are considered as pretest questions. The pretest result will not be carried to the final score. The time allotted to complete the exam is 3 hours.


PMI ACP Exam Costs:

For PMI Members: US$435.00
For Non-members: US$495.00


In view of COVID-19, PMI is offering the Online Proctored Testing Option for aspirants to take PMI ACP Exam from home or office, 24x7. 

The certificate is valid for three years and to maintain your PMI ACP certificate one must earn and record 30 PDUs every 3 years.

Yes, completion of all the videos from PMI ACP course is mandatory before taking up the final exam. This is to ensure the candidate taking up the PMI ACP course is well acquainted with all the topics and well versed in the subject being dealt with. 

To familiarize you with the PMI ACP exam pattern, we conduct mock tests. Although it isn’t mandatory, taking up the mock tests from our PMI ACP course is highly recommended for getting better results in the finals.

You are granted one year eligibility period in which you need to pass the PMI ACP exam. During your eligibility period, one can take up the exam three times.


Read this guide to understand benefits, steps and everything about Agile Methodology

PMI Project Management Institute is the certifying body for PMI ACP Certification.

4.6 out of 5.0
4k Total number of Reviews 85.6%;
Aggregate Review Score 78.7%
4.6 Star 90%
Course Completion Rate 71.4%

Sprintzeal Participant Reviews

Eric Williams

Eric Williams   Apr 26th, 19

Material is tough but the training and tools provided were good.

Archana Kalwani Sajnani

Archana Kalwani Sajnani   May 28th, 20

I have completed my six sigma green belt training. The admin staff, support team and the trainer were very helpful and flexible. The trainer was very good and helped understand the concepts well. Thank you for all the support.

 Margaret Tanner Glover

Margaret Tanner Glover   Apr 30th, 20

I found my instructor and the coordinator Alex Wood very easy to work with. They were VERY accommodating to my schedule, and I was very happy with the training, the presentation of the material and the quizzes that the instructor walked the class through at the end of each Chapter. I will take another class from them again.

Darrin Lunsford

Darrin Lunsford   Sep 11th, 19

Sprintzeal PMP Boot Camp The boot camp gave me a comprehensive look at the PMP material. The instructor was very knowledgeable and offered many real-world applications of the principles. Further, I was able to ask questions which went otherwise unanswered in the previous video study course I purchased. I was able to connect the different aspects and highlight areas needing more attention. The instructor-led class was a tremendous benefit.

Yasser Zubaidi

Yasser Zubaidi   Dec 1st, 18

Mohmmad Erfan gave the course in a very professional way he simplified the subject and made it easy to grasp I definitely recommend Sprintzeal for PMP exam prepration

Ron Barness

Ron Barness   Feb 19th, 19

Jason Saetrum review Sprintzeal's 4-day PMP Testing course with Jason Saetrum was excellent. Jason brings to life the core principles while drilling down the key formulas and fundamental distinctions of the PMP. He is passionate about the PMBOK and constructs the whole "world" of the PMP. I highly recommend this course and Jason Saetrum.

Christi Sifri

Christi Sifri   Feb 13th, 20

Dani is a very knowledgeable project manager, with real-life experiences and stories. He was able to take the slides provided by Sprintzeal and know if they were from PMBOK 5 or PMBOK 6, what was enhanced, what was deleted, and apply an example that made sense to the topic. Dani's biggest challenge was the GoToMeeting process and landing back on the slide deck after providing additional information to teach a particular point. It is challenging to teach people on different coasts, but he was able to and respect the time difference.
Review of Sprintzeal: Alex reached out to me and walked me through the entire registration process, answering all of my questions and there were many. I was supposed to have a live class, but because I ended up being the only person that did not cancel they transferred me into an on-line class and have offered an additional class to make up for that. I received my PMBOX 6 book ahead of class and found everything very straight forward. I hope that the three mock tests and assistance in completing my application are as clear and efficient as the rest of this has been.
I have 4 stars for the slide reading and technical challenges to date.
Thank you - Christi

Linda Parrish

Linda Parrish   Nov 19th, 19

Awesome CBAP Test Prep Course with Excellent Customer Service. In March 2019, select staff from two of our departments partnered up to undertake the CBAP Test Prep course offered by Sprintzeal. I learned the BABOK was difficult to comprehend until our trainer, Delilah Allison, explained the book's layout and the meaning behind each section. Her teachings enable me to grasp the Business Analysis concept (even though most of my tasks were in a project management world). Our Account Manager, Alex Wood, provided excellent customer service going above the call of duty to ensure our satisfaction. We did encounter some hiccups along the way which were either resolved or addressed in an expedited manner. Also, the price per person was reasonable compared to what was offered and what other companies offered. My overall experience with Sprintzeal is a positive one. I would definitely recommend the class. Source - Trustpilot

Bandar Al Jasser

Bandar Al Jasser   Nov 15th, 18

The facilitator, Ms. Noor Zohara was extremely helpful and made our life easy in registration any queries or information about the course. She is very organized, friendly and supportive of the applicants. The speaker Mr. Mohammad Al Rumaih, was knowledgeable, very nice, informative, skillful, highly professional and really made it real with real-life examples. We are feeling that we are confident enough to take the exams and start our own project management. There are some areas for improvement in the venue it’s relatively small, hot water is not available all the time for making hot beverages. Otherwise, everything was fine and thanks again. I will definitely repeat my experience with sprintzeal again and again.

Valerie Alexis-Seymore

Valerie Alexis-Seymore   Apr 9th, 20

The class was very informative. Great job Biswa.

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PMI ACP Certification - Agile Certified Practitioner Exam Prep Training in Antioch CA

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Our online training offers web-based training for over 100+ courses. The PMI ACP course classes are conducted by a certified trainer with vast knowledge in the area and training experience. High-quality PMI ACP training videos are provided which can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time. Basic knowledge of using computers and access to stable internet is all one needs to get the most of our online training.

In our classroom mode of PMI ACP training offered in Antioch CA, professionals can take up the course by attending classes the conventional way and get trained in a classroom environment. You can enroll in the upcoming batch in Antioch CA and join our industry expert trainers. Professionals can take up this offline form of training and attend classes in groups too. 

Live virtual classroom training is a personalized form of PMI ACP online training where the student and the trainer are live and face-to-face, discussing concepts and doubts. 

This mode of PMI ACP training is preferred by professionals who wish to remove minor inconveniences that come with watching pre-recorded videos for training and by those who want the flexibility that classroom training fails to offer.

Our PMI ACP training approach is

Effective and 

Our approach will enable you to put your learning in practice. We have a proven track record of candidates passing the exam and getting the certification in the FIRST attempt. 

On completion of the PMI ACP course, you will receive the certification from Sprintzeal. Trusted by millions, we are the industry leader in providing certification courses across the globe. After clearing the exam, you will receive the PMI ACP certification from the Project Management Institute. 

Yes, certifications provided by PMI and training programs offered by Sprintzeal are internationally recognized. All the courses we offer are accredited by internationally recognized governing bodies and are registered trademarks of institutes like PMI and AXELOS Limited.

Yes, you can learn all the courses offered by Sprintzeal. There are no limitations to learning courses and one can even get multiple certificates provided he/she completes the courses and clears the exam.  

You can get instant support on our live chat, can reach us on call 24/7 or request a call back to have your queries about PMI ACP training answered.

PMI certifications have undoubtedly become a major criterion for the job selection process and this one gained with the help of PMI ACP training from Sprintzeal surely holds great value. It can certainly help one land a job, get a promotion, gain exposure to new areas of the field, and advance your career.

The chances of getting a job increases manifold on getting PMI ACP certified. It surely acts as an add-on that gives you an edge over your competitors. However, since several other things are also taken into consideration by interviewers, we cannot give a 100% guarantee as a huge part of the selection depends on the interviewer and the candidate.

With over 200000+ professionals trained across the globe the success rate of Sprintzeal’s PMI ACP training programs is impressive with 99.6 %.

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