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Classroom Training
Price : $ 4995
Date : Nov, 06th 17
United States, Warren MI
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TOGAF frameworkis the enterprise architecture used by the organizations to improve theefficiency of business. It is a detailed method and a set of supporting toolsfor developing enterprise architecture. It may be used freely by any organization.It ismaintained by the members of Open Group working within the architecture forum.It is a framework for enterprise that provides an approach for designing,implementing, planning and governing information technology of an organization.

It helps practitioners to avoid locking situations in proprietary methods andin utilizing resources more effectively. In this course you will gain knowledgeneeded to prepare and clear your TOGAF Foundation exam. The course provides an acceleratedand entertaining coverage of TOGAF® 9.1 framework.

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Nov, 06th 17
(4 days)
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9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Classroom Training
$ 4995
United States, Warren MI
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TOGAF®is managed by The Open Group, a global consortium of organizations whichdevelops open standards and Certified for IT. TOGAF® is used by successfulcompanies all across the world. The vision of this is to flow the informationin a secure, reliable and timely manner. TOGAF defines enterprise as any collection of organizations that has a common set of goals. The businessoperating model concept is useful to determine the nature and scope of theenterprise architecture within an organization. Large corporations andgovernment agencies may comprise multiple enterprises, and may develop andmaintain a number of independent enterprise architectures to address each one.

The purpose of enterprise is to improve across the enterprise and get into an integrated environment that is responsive to change and supportive of the delivery of the business strategy. A good enterprise architecture enables you to achieve the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation. It allows individual business units to innovate safely in their pursuit of competitive advantage. TOGAF has been developed through the collaborative efforts of over 300 Architecture Forum member companies from some of the worlds leading companies and organizations. Using TOGAF results in enterprise architecture that is consistent, reflects the needs of stakeholders, employs best practice, and gives due consideration both to current requirements and the perceived future needs of the business. Developing an enterprise is a complex process that involves many decision making processes by stakeholders in the organization. It provides a best framework and enables the organization to build economic solutions that fulfill their business needs and requirements.

The coursebegins by introducing enterprise architecture and the value of it in real worldenterprises. It then quickly establishes the need for enterprise architectureframeworks. After that the course introduces TOGAF enterprise framework andcovers the core concepts used in the framework.

TOGAF isdivided in seven different documents:

  • Introduction
  • Architectural Development Method
  • ADM Guidelines and Techniques
  • Architecture Content Framework
  • Enterprise Continuum and tools
  • TOGAF reference models
  • Architecture Capability Framework

The main aim behind dividing TOGAF into these parts is to allow for different areas of specialization. Organizations that are new to TOGAF can consider particular parts of specification.
This certification is best suited for:

  • IT Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Enterprise Architects

TOGAF is based on 4 architecture domains:

  • Business Architecture: Defines the business strategy and processes for an organization
  • Application Architecture: provides a blueprint for the individual systems and interactions between the application systems
  • Data Architecture: describes the structure of an organization’s physical and logical assets
  • Technical Architecture: describes the hardware, software and network infrastructure

There are no prerequisites for the TOGAF 9 Part 1 Foundation Level Certification. Any and all candidates are thus eligible to take this examination.
To take the Part 2 Exam, candidates should have passed Part 1 Foundation Level Certification Exam or can take both Part 1 and Part 2 Exam on the same

Who delivers the training?
All Our Trainers are TOGAF 9 certified and highly qualified with over 10 years of experience in implementing TOGAF framework

What certification do I get post the training?
After successful completion of the training, you will be awarded the course completion certificate. Once you clear the exam you will also receive TOGAF 9 certification from The Open Group

What about the location for classroom training?
We determine the classroom training locations before 2 weeks of training schedule

What will I get along with this training?
You will have access to online e-learning and practice tests along with the training.

 If I have any regarding this course, whom should i contact?
You can live chat with our experts for any queries or you can also mail us at

Are there any prerequisites for training?
No, there are no prerequisites for this training

During the course, you will receive a voucher allowing you to schedule the TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 and Level 2 certification exam. You will schedule the exams through a Prometric Test Center of your choice.
The TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 certification exam is a 60-minute closed book exam. The TOGAF Level 2 certification exam is a 90-minute open book exam. You must pass the exams to achieve certification.

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