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The AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate Certification Training, offered by Sprintzeal, provides a comprehensive foundation in AWS Data Engineering, covering data storage, processing, security, and analytics. The Data Engineer Associate Training Course aims to prepare individuals for the AWS Data Engineer Associate certification exam, enhancing their career prospects in the growing field of cloud data engineering. Examine the exam's topic areas and how they relate to particular study areas and AWS development to learn how to prepare for the test. Assess your knowledge of the subjects and ideas from each task statement arranged according to domain.

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What is the scope of AWS Certified Data Engineers Associate Certification? How is the AWS job market?

AWS Certified Data Engineers typically earn higher salaries, with average earnings around $130,000 yearly, significantly more than non-certified professionals.
The demand for cloud and data engineering roles is projected to grow by 15% annually, reflecting a robust job market for certified professionals.
It boosts your expertise in AWS data solutions, making you a more competent and confident professional in the field. Certified professionals report a 30% improvement in job performance and efficiency.

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Course Agenda

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Company Brochure

AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate Program Overview

Sprintzeal AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate Certification Training provides an in-depth understanding of AWS data technology tools and processes. The Program covers basic concepts such as data warehouses, ETL systems, and data lake architectures. Participants gain hands-on experience with AWS services, Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue, Amazon S3, and Amazon EMR, mastering how to store, process, and analyze large datasets effectively. The AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate Level Training also emphasizes data security best practices and compliance. With Sprintzeal, participants will develop the skills needed to pass the AWS certification exam and will be able to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. The course is designed for both beginners and experienced professionals.


AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate Learning Objectives

Key objectives are:

Data Movement and Integration: Efficiently move and integrate data using AWS services like AWS Glue, Data Pipeline, and Kinesis.

Data Storage Solutions: Design and implement storage solutions with Amazon S3, RDS, and Redshift. 

Big Data Analytics: Perform analytics using Amazon EMR, Athena, and Redshift.

Data Lakes and Warehousing: Build and manage data lakes with AWS Lake Formation and data warehouses with Amazon Redshift.

Data Security and Compliance: Implement security best practices with AWS IAM, KMS, and Macie.

Cost Optimization: Optimize costs for storage and processing on AWS.


Sprintzeal also offers training for other AWS Certification Levels like,

AWS Solution Architect Certification

AWS Developer Associate Certification

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Who Should Attend the AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate Training Course?

The AWS Certified Data Engineer - Associate Certification Training program is designed for individuals who want to become experts in managing data on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. 

Data Engineers: If you are someone who works with data regularly, like organizing, processing, and analyzing large datasets, this Data Engineer Associate Training is perfect for you. It helps you master the tools and techniques specific to AWS for handling data efficiently.

Aspiring Data Professionals: If you are just starting your career in data management and want to build a strong foundation using AWS technologies, this training can be your stepping stone. It covers all the basics you need to know to become proficient in managing data on AWS.

IT Professionals: If you are already working in IT but want to specialize in data management within the AWS ecosystem, this training provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this area.

Students and Graduates: If you are interested in working with data and cloud technologies, this training can help you gain a competitive edge in the job market by equipping you with preferred skills.

Exam Overview

 The AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate exam is designed for those looking to demonstrate their skills in designing, building, and maintaining data processing systems on AWS. Here is an overview of what to expect:

Category - Associate level.

Exam Duration -You will have 130 minutes to complete the exam.

Exam Format -  The exam consists of 65 questions, which can be multiple-choice or multiple-response.

Cost - The exam fee is USD 150. Additional costs may apply, such as foreign exchange rates. Please visit Exam Pricing for more cost information.

Test Options -  You can choose to take the exam either at a Pearson VUE testing center or online through a proctored exam.

Languages Offered - The exam is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

By understanding the exam format, duration, and available languages, you can better prepare for the AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate exam and showcase your expertise in data engineering on AWS.


Exam Preparation

Get to know the exam: Familiarize yourself with the exam structure and style by reviewing the exam guide and practicing with the official practice question set.

Learn about exam topics: Dive into key areas such as data analytics on AWS, large-scale data migration strategies to AWS, and cloud operations on AWS.

Prepare for the exam: Utilize the provided exam prep courses to enhance your understanding of the exam content and sharpen your skills.

Assess your readiness: Evaluate your exam readiness by taking the official pretest, which helps identify areas where you may need further study.

The AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate exam can be successfully prepared by following these steps and utilizing recommended resources, such as 

Prepare for the exam

Exam pricing

AWS Certification FAQs

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Participant Reviews

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4.8 out of 5.0
3k Total number of Reviews 85.4%
Aggregate Review Score 77.1%
4.8 Star 92.4%
Course Completion Rate 70.1%

This certification showcases your ability to design, develop, and maintain data pipelines on AWS. It covers key domains like data ingestion, transformation, storage, security, quality, and more.

This certification training is suitable for data engineers with 2–3 years of experience and some hands-on experience with AWS. It validates your skills gained on the core data-related services of AWS.

This certification, offered by Amazon, showcases your skills and capabilities in designing and managing data pipelines on AWS. This serves as a key to your career advancement in the data engineering field.

There are no formal prerequisites, but AWS recommends AWS services experience of 2-3 years of data engineering and 1-2 years of hands-on expertise.

The exam covers six domains: designing and implementing data ingestion pipelines, selecting data storage solutions, data transformation and ETL processes, data security and encryption, data quality and monitoring, and cost optimization. For more exam-related information, refer to the AWS Exam Guide.

The exam is 130 minutes long, so plan your time management accordingly.

Yes, the exam is accessible in simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English.

No, there's no mandatory renewal for this certification. However, staying updated with the latest AWS advancements is recommended.

The retake policy for the AWS Certified Data Engineer - Associate exam typically allows candidates to retake the exam after 14 calendar days of waiting period.

Sprintzeal's curriculum is regularly updated to reflect any changes in the exam format or AWS services covered.

To achieve certification, you need to score at least 720 on a scaled score of 100-1000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sprintzeal offers instructor-led courses designed by industry experts. Our curriculum aligns with exam objectives and includes hands-on labs for practical learning.

Live online courses offer the benefits of instructor interaction and real-time Q&A sessions, all from the comfort of your own location.

Yes, our course incorporates hands-on labs using the AWS platform, allowing you to practice data pipeline design, transformation, and management in a simulated environment.

Our courses often include access to experienced instructors who can address to your queries, provide you the guidance, and clarify any doubts throughout the training program.

Some of our training courses may include access to practice exams and mock tests that align with the exam format and difficulty of AWS certification exam.

Sprintzeal may offer customized corporate training solutions for companies seeking tailored programs for their teams.

Sprintzeal offers a transparent refund policy outlined on our website. Be sure to review it before enrolling in a course. Please refer to our companies’ Terms and Conditions to know more.

Sprintzeal courses align with industry standards from PMI, CompTIA, AWS, and more. This ensures you're learning relevant, industry-approved content.

Yes, Sprintzeal often offers group discounts for companies or organizations enrolling multiple participants. Contact us for more course details.

Absolutely! Sprintzeal offers a wide range of AWS training courses. You can enroll in multiple courses as you desire and pursue certifications for all. Each certification has its own exam requirements, so be sure to review those details before scheduling your exams.

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