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Sprintzeals CSM® - Certified Scrum Master training in London caters to 2 Years scrum alliance membership included in CSM Training, 100% moneyback guaranteed, video and audio lectures, and experts who trained over 26000+ delegates for CSM Certification globally. The CSM® - Certified Scrum Master Certification in London is an entry-level credential designed to enable professionals to scrum practitioner's role and cover skills in project management methodology. Also, get on the complete guide to project management with refine details in scrum project management field. Read more about on master scrum certification and get insights on Agile Methodology

CSM® - Certified Scrum Master Key Features 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 2 Year Membership With Scrum Alliance
  • 16 PDUs to Maintain Your PMP Credentials 
  • CST - Certified Scrum Trainer Is the Host
  • FREE Certified Scrum Master Practice Test
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What is the scope of CSM certification? How is the job market for scrum masters with a CSM certification?

With the rise of agile, there's a growing demand for agile scrum masters holding CSM certification. 
According to research conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows, the demand for certified Scrum masters grew 24 percent in the year 2018. Having a CSM course certification definitely leads to advancement, influence, and credibility needed on the corporate firm.
The average salary of professionals with scrum master certification in the United States is $90,746. The CSM course credential not only provides an edge over your peers but determines tangible proof of potential scrum master.

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Course Agenda

Course Agenda

Company Brochure

Company Brochure

CSM Certification - Scrum Master Certification Training Course Overview

Our CSM course expands your career opportunities across all industrial sectors by adopting agile practices. Having knowledge of the CSM course boosts competence in the attainment of core Scrum knowledge. The agile scrum master certification helps one to understand what is CSM certification, how to become a scrum master and learn the foundation of Scrum. It helps engage agile practitioners who are committed to continuous improvement.

Specifically, scrum masters with CSM course certification have a broader advantage, as it is an easy way for the employer to hire experts who can provide and run varying agile projects. Being one of the most valuable certifications, the CSM certifications help in gaining an understanding of the scrum framework for agile project management. CSM certification validates your knowledge of the processes of scrum methodology. CSM course is the best scrum master certification offering a framework that breaks down a complex project into smaller stages and adapts at each stage. It is widely recognized and is usually involved in helping their teams learn and implement Scrum. Get online CSM certification by undergoing scrum training.

This CSM training in London will open career opportunities for you in multiple sectors. Scrum is growing rapidly and it is a modern framework suitable for ever-changing business environments.


CSM Certification - Scrum Master Course Objectives

  • The candidate with CSM course covers the following key objectives:

    • To develop a plan to monitor performance
    • Aids projects using Scrum effectively
    • Attain new skills with CSM certification
    • To stay focused on changing trends and advancements
    • Get a hike in salaries for being a CSM certification holder
    • Expand networking opportunities with CSM training
    • Boost confidence with newly gained skills from an agile scrum CSM certification
    • CSM course helps the team work together and learns the framework.

 Benefits and Skills Acquired from CSM Certification Training

The CSM course syllabus deals with adaptation, artifact transparency, agile development manifesto, scrum theory, scrum foundations, transparency, inspection, and purpose of the scrum. The practices and skills required by the CSM certification themselves are building blocks in this field. Some of the benefits of scrum training are:

  • CSM training helps in acquiring greater jobs in the networking field
  • CSM course provides a firm base that makes an individual self-confident
  • CSM course helps one in demonstrating his/her proficiency
  • Get ahead in your scrum career with the prestigious CSM certification
  • Improve business with scrum methodology taught in our CSM course
  • Master the essential scrum techniques taught in CSM training
  • Ability to make effective use of scrum in CSM course

In addition to the CSM certification, Sprintzeal also offers training for other scrum alliance certifications like

CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner Training


To get information about CSM Training, CSM Certification, or CSM classes near you, reach us at Click Here

Learn more on Agile Manifesto Explained.

Sprintzeal does not administer the CSM course certification, but certification will be provided from Scrum Alliance, the governing body.

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Participant Reviews

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4.8 out of 5.0
3k Total number of Reviews 85.4%
Aggregate Review Score 77.1%
4.8 Star 92.4%
Course Completion Rate 70.1%

CSM Certification Exam

The CSM® exam comprises of 35 multiple choice questions (4 choices)

Pass marks for CSM certification: 24 out of 35 questions should be correct.

The candidate should take the CSM exam within 90 days of completion of the scrum master course or CSM certification program.

The CSM certification is valid for 2 years. CSM certification cost varies based on region. For instance, in the US, the certified scrum master certification cost is $1000-$1400. Enroll in Sprintzeal's CSM course and get started.

Yes, the candidate is allowed to retake the CSM certification exam after a month of his/her first attempt. In case you take the exam before the end of one month, it will result in a void. 

Yes, completion of all the videos in CSM training is mandatory before taking up the final exam. This is to ensure the candidate is well acquainted with all the topics taught in CSM training and are well versed in the subject being dealt with. Take up the CSM certification online, complete the CSM training to get scrum master certified.

To familiarize you with the CSM certification exam pattern, we conduct mock tests in our CSM training. Although it isn’t mandatory, taking up the mock tests is highly recommended for getting better results in the finals and to get scrum master certified.

Yes, you can apply for a CSM certification re-exam. In case of a failed first attempt, you need to wait for a month before applying for the exam for the second time. However, most of the candidates taking our CSM training or scrum master training pass the exam in just one attempt.

Yes. Customers can contact us either by phone or chat if they need help with completing the application form or in case of any course-related queries. For CSM online courses, CSM class schedule, CSM online classes, CSM training online and to find scrum training near you, you can chat with us or send an email.

Stay away from Grey Market CSM or CSPO Certified Scruam Alliance courses. Only Certified Scrum Trainers are authorized to conduct Scrum Alliance Courses. So be assured that, all our CSM Training is delivered by Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) Scrum Alliance

Agile Manifesto Explained

If you're new to scrum or project management, read this complete guide to project management to get all details about types, skills, and certifications in scrum project management field. It is helpful for CSM certification aspirants enrolling in CSM training programs online.

Read this master scrum certification guide to understand benefits, steps and everything about Agile Methodology.

CSM course certification is a globally acknowledged certification and this credential is for experts to showcase their skills and tangible proof in scrum terminology, practices, and principles in the CSM exam.

The CSM training will open career opportunities for you in multiple sectors. In fact, a certification in the CSM course provides the overall knowledge needed to implement scrum successfully and drive the achievement of production goals. Scrum is growing rapidly and it is a modern framework suitable for ever-changing business environments. Thus, the CSM course gives value addition to the scrum master profile mainly IT services.  

Major key benefits of CSM course program involves

  • Team management and coordination
  • Higher career scope
  • Flexibility
  • Better product quality
  • Efficient use of client time and money
  • Work transparency

Do You Have Questions ? We'll help you to grow your career and growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our certified scrum master training online offers web-based training for participants all over the world. These master scrum certification classes are conducted by a certified trainer with vast knowledge in the area and CSM training experience. High-quality CSM training videos are provided which can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time. Basic knowledge of using computers and access to stable internet is all one needs to get the most out of our professional CSM certification online training.

In our classroom mode of scrum training offered in London, professionals can take up the CSM course by attending classes the conventional way and get trained in a classroom environment. You can enroll in the upcoming batch of CSM training in London and join our industry expert trainers. Professionals can take up this offline form of CSM training and attend classes in groups too. 

Live virtual classroom training for CSM certification is a personalized form of online training where the student and the CST certified scrum trainer are live and face-to-face, discussing concepts and doubts. This mode of CSM training is preferred by professionals who wish to remove minor inconveniences that come with watching pre-recorded videos for scrum master training and by those who want the flexibility that classroom CSM training fails to offer.

Our CSM training approach is

Effective and 

Our approach to CSM training will enable you to put your learning to use practically and reap its benefits. We have a proven track record of candidates passing the CSM certification exam and getting the scrum certificate in the FIRST attempt.

On completion of the CSM training designed for CSM certification aspirants, you will receive the course completion scrum certificate from Sprintzeal. Trusted by millions, we are the industry leader in providing certification courses across the globe. In this CSM certification training, you'll understand what is a scrum master's roles and responsibilities, and learn about scrum related skills. 

Yes, certifications provided by Sprintzeal are internationally recognized. All the courses are accredited by internationally recognized governing bodies and are registered trademarks of institutes like CSM® and AXELOS Limited.

Yes, in addition to CSM training, you can also learn other courses offered by Sprintzeal. There are no limitations to learning courses and one can even get multiple certificates provided he/she completes the courses and clears the exam.  

You can get instant support on our live chat for CSM certification info. You can also reach us on call 24/7 or request a call back to have your queries answered about our world-class CSM training.

Scrum Certifications have undoubtedly become a major criterion for the job selection process and promotions. The certificate gained from Sprintzeal surely holds great value. It can certainly help one land a great job or help experienced professionals get promoted. CSM certification improves skills and knowledge of a candidate which becomes an asset to having a fulfilling and successful career.

The chances of getting a job increase manifold on getting certified with CSM certification. The prestigious CSM certification surely acts as an add-on that gives you an edge over your competitors. Enroll in our CSM training and get started.

With over 200000+ professionals trained across the globe the success rate of Sprintzeal’s CSM training programs is impressive with 99.6 %.

When you complete the CSM certification training course, you will receive a CSM course completion certificate from Sprintzeal. However, Sprintzeal does not administer the CSM course certification, but once you have passed that exam, you will receive the prestigious CSM® Scrum Alliance Certification, from Scrum Alliance, the governing body.

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