PRINCE2 Agile Certification Training Course in Alhambra CA

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The PRINCE2 Agile Certification course on Foundation and Practitioner level in in Alhambra CA is a fine blend of effective Project management concepts and a Kanban framework. If you are looking to deliver projects with briskly transiting customer exigencies this is the better call for your soul

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Key Features

  • 4/8 Day Live Online PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification Classroom Training. We are an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) of AXELOS - Peoplecert, we assure you the standards. 
  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification Training Program Live Training - Interact with the Expert Trainer Live and Ask Questions Real-Time.
  • Get 1 Year E-learning Access for PRINCE2 Training and Certification Training with High-Quality Audio-Video Lectures.
  • 1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions and Get Live Class Recordings Post Training - Life Time Access
  • 32 PMI PDUs and PRINCE2 Course Completion Certificate from Sprintzeal (REP ID - 4719)
  • Request For PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification Training EXAM Voucher Post Training Completion and Get PRINCE2® Exam Application Assistance
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed - We Assure you'll Pass the PRINCE2 Program certification Exam After Taking Our Training Classes
  • Best Price Guaranteed in the Training Industry. Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally

Key Features

  • 4 Day Instructor-led PRINCE2 Agile Classroom Training in Alhambra CA. We are an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) of AXELOS - Peoplecert, we assure you the standards. 
  • Only ATOs have the license to offer training courses that incorporate the official AXELOS trademark. Being an ATO of AXELOS - PEOPLECERT, we have trained over 26000+ delegates globally.     
  • Get 1 Year PRINCE2 certification training E-learning Access with High-Quality Audio-Video Lectures
  • 1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions
  • 32 PMI PDUs and PRINCE2® Course Completion Certificate from Sprintzeal (REP ID - 4719)
  • PRINCE2 Training Certification Exam Cost is Included In the Course Fee
  • 100% Moneyback Guaranteed - We Assure you'll Pass the PRINCE2 Program Exam After Taking Our Training Classes
  • Best Price Guaranteed in the Training Industry. Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally

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Have you heard about various perks of getting the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner Certification ?

Every Project Mangers with a PRINCE2® Practitioner Agile Certification shares far more well-fare than you ever imagine, An average salary of a PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner is $90,800 in an annual basis, that is way cooler when it compares to the peer's earnings.

As per the survey done by AXELOS, there will be enormous opportunities for the practitioners of project management courses in the coming years; this ensures a clear career path for people interested in project management.

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner certification are one of the best project management certifications for senior project managers in all industries and sectors, project managers, assistant project managers, project executives, team leaders, team managers and, project engineers.

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Live Online Training $ 2325
Traditional Classroom Best Price To Be Scheduled

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PRINCE2 Agile Certification Training Course in Alhambra CA

PRINCE2 Agile Certification Training Course Overview Guide in Alhambra CA

Our PRINCE2 Practitioner Agile Certification Course is a manifold of Kanban Concepts, techniques, and a lot more frameworks and at the same time, it is a clear glean version of PRINCE2® methods and Processes. You will learn to authorize crafted governance within the kanban envelope and focuses on its delivery and management at the same time.

Prerequisites for the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification Training in Alhambra CA

Indeed there are no actual preconditions for doing the PRINCE2 Practitioner Agile and Foundation course, all you must have is a deep knowledge of project management and Kanban concept, that’s enough for proceeding.

Skills Covered for PRINCE2® Agile Certification in Alhambra CA?

  • Skate Holder Management skills
  • Kanban Method
  • Project Management techniques
  • Scum Framework and Concepts
  • Scrum Methodology and Framework
  • PRINCE2®Agile Certification Methodology
  • Principles and major Concept of effective Project Management

As an ATO (Accredited Training Organization), Sprintzeal holds so much crafted just for you. As a dedicated team of experts, we tend to offer what is best for you in the field of Agile Project Management.

Here are the factors that make our training approach stand out from others in the training industry:

  • Practical approach 
  • Goal-oriented concept
  • Well-structured teaching methodology
  • Effective and affordable coaching sessions
  • Higher passing rate with PRINCE2® Agile Training
  • Helps clear the exam and get the certification in the first attempt.

We assure you our teaching methodology has shown effective and marvelous outcomes in the past years and we hope that will continue for the rest of the human entity and hopefully, every aspirant could get in our revelation and history.

Exam Certification

For PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner Certification, you need to score 55% to mark the win with 50 numbers of questions. When it comes to PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification the questions are the same as 50 and the winning percentage should be 60%.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification: It’s a 150-minute lengthy open book examination with a restricted reference of the PRINCE2® manual only

PRINCE2 Foundation Agile Certification: It’s a 60-minute long-closed book examination with 60 multiple choice questions overall. So don’t get caught with a book!

With over 126000+ professionals trained to spread the globe the success rate of Sprintzeal’s training programs is impressive with 99.6 %

We got everything you are looking for; all you have to do is join for formal training with a globally recognized ATO like Sprintzeal. And you have our assurance that you will pass the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification and Practitioner certification exam with our super-efficient training trends.

For your knowledge to earn the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Certification, all you have to do is to clear the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification exam, if it is not cleared don’t worry since if you have PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification in your file, any of this is fine with AXELOS.

4.8 out of 5.0
3k Total number of Reviews 86.5%;
Aggregate Review Score 77.5%
4.8 Star 93.6%
Course Completion Rate 72.5%

Sprintzeal Participant Reviews

Massoud Howayeck

Massoud Howayeck   Oct 3rd, 19

The instructor is very knowledgeable, very professional and friendly. we asked a lot of questions, he gave us a lot of tips and advice. Great materials, it covered everything. Thumbs up. Source - Trustpilot

Stephen Abioye

Stephen Abioye   Apr 23rd, 20

The Admin works from registration to training was very helpful.

Kevin Henderson

Kevin Henderson   Feb 18th, 20

Overall an excellent training opportunity. Dani is not only well versed in teaching from the PMBOK but more importantly, he has real-world experience which aided my understanding of the presented material. As a newcomer in project management, Dani was able to communicate in a manner in which I could easily understand the subject matter without diminishing the rest of the students learning opportunities. The only area that I asses that needs adjustment is that the slide used to conduct the class are not available for student download. It would be helpful if the course material was made available in order to better prepare for the exam.

Sean J Davis

Sean J Davis   Feb 27th, 20

I just finished the PMP Boot Camp and it was an excellent experience. Mr. Wood went above and beyond assisting me with enrollment and without him I would have missed out on this great opportunity. My instructor Gabi was phenomenal! She was very patient and brought a wealth of real-world experience that provided clarity throughout the training. I had numerous instructor in my life but Gabi is one of the best. I would recommend the Sprintzeal PMP Boot Camp if you are interested in pursuing employment in this field. I and prepare to put my newly learned skills to use after this great learning experience.

Elaine Park

Elaine Park   Jun 18th, 20

Sprintzeal PMP Course Review

The course content is comprehensive and invaluable! I gained key understandings that I wouldn't have gained studying on my own. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable in PMI and PMP, with expert experience in project management. They made hard concepts easy to access through simplified visuals and ample resources! I am confident that this course has prepared me well to succeed and pass the PMP test. I highly recommend this course.

Eric Williams

Eric Williams   Apr 26th, 19

Material is tough but the training and tools provided were good.


TESS MARSH   Apr 23rd, 20

I received marking emails for Sprintzeal during the last year or so. My intention was to earn my PMP certification in 2020. COVID-19 helped to motivate me to get signed up. The first live online training class was a disappointment, the instructor was ill and that round of training was cancelled. Sprintzeal staff apologized and did a great job of finding me a place in the next round of training.

The instructor for the second training session was very good. He went at a pace that was just right, was patient and make sure we understood the concepts before moving on.

Neetha Kotagiri

Neetha Kotagiri   Aug 27th, 18

PMP Training provided by Sprintzeal The training is amazing. Trainer Tammy is so good she is very understanding, Patient and very good teacher. She made the most difficult topics very easy. I loved training with her. Alex Wood from Sprintzeal who help me with the process of the enrollment was very good. Answered each and every concern of mine and was very helpful.

Sridhar Sesham

Sridhar Sesham   Sep 19th, 19

Great work by Sprintzeal i did my certification and it was great to support from staff. All the study material was very helpful. Examination assistance was really good. Planning to do further certifications from Sprintzeal.

Claire Berman

Claire Berman   Mar 19th, 20

Biswa created different handouts and worksheets that helped with the reviewing and were external to what the book was providing. Instructor tailored examples to our actual careers to help make understanding easier and more relatable. The course overall was extremely interactive.

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PRINCE2 Agile Certification Training Course in Alhambra CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry about it will reach you timely right after the completion of the course you will get a PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Training completion letter from Sprintzeal.

As a trusted ATO (Accredited Training Organization) of AXELOS and PEOPLECERT, we will book your exam officially from Peoplecert which will be either online proctored or Paper-based, post-exam pass you will receive certificate from Peopelcert directly.

Benefits of PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner Certification

As a sum of Kanban plus Scrum concepts and Prince2 frameworks the benefits of getting PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification will bring you to success. Compiling two successful concepts altogether can be marked as a real astonishment to the IT and Business Management Industry.

The demand for professionals with PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification is multiplying each day. Global Pioneers such as IBM, MICROSOFT, HONEYWELL, TESLA, GOOGLE, ORACLE, and many more are in a silent marathon run to find the best in the world to work with them. 

Sprintzeal has the most amazing fleet of trainers and team members as a Global pioneer and most trusted ATO by gazillions, without fail we are working so hard to provide our service with a gold standard.

And our power fleet is always the back support we need to fulfill the career growth desires of millions of professionals. When comes to the selection process of our trainers he or she has to undergo Peoplecert selection process. Which means all our trainers are accredited from Peoplecert to conduct the training.

Yes, when coming to a refund we have a zero hesitation policy; we will wire back your money with no delay. For more details, you can read our refund policy 

For the PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner level, it is in value for 3 years and you can easily maintain the validation by re-sitting for the examination or either by maintaining PDUS on time.

And coming to the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification, it is valid for a lifetime.

As the foremost Academy in the knowledge pouring Industry, our passing rate for the PRINCE2® Agile training examination is unbeatable because we are the best. We have a success rate of 99.2%. 

It is the most recommended iteration when it comes to controlled Environment Projects. Yes, initially it was a joint venture of the United Kingdom’s Government concerning certain managements in multi-scale public sector projects. But in a short time, its popularity speeded like The British missionary to every nook and corners of the World. Now it’s powering enormous Public and Private sector projects across the Globe.

Will I be able to find the answers in the manual while attending the open text Examination?

Dissimilar to the PMP examination, where the majority of the questions are traced back into several documents like the Code of Ethics, with PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner training Certification every question answer is fetched from the allowed Manuel only.

There is no post-nominal given after this Foundation and Practitioner Examination.

Since PRINCE2 is a non-membership platform there is no urge to keep up your CPD (continuous professional development) log, unlikely to most of the other professional certifications. But for the betterment, you can keep the track record of CPD just for your career’s good sake.

A part of the critical aptitudes to have as a project manager is to fuse bunch management, trade, affiliation, peril management, and correspondence. Consider the capacities that you have and which ones you should change to transform into an exceptional project manager. You'll see that learning and creating at work can make you an impressive project manager and help you in various life processes.

The five stages or times of project management join the beginning, organizing, execution, watching, and project end. 

Beginning Stage:  The project upholds, and other colossal colleagues due dependably pick whether to concentrate on a project. Subordinate upon the opportunity of the project; possibility considers are driven. Or then again, as it may require, in an IT project where there is a need to get together. In others, a project favor is done in this stage.

Organizing Stage: A project management plan develops with individual structures for cost, scope, length, quality, correspondence, peril, and resources. A blueprint for supervising obvious and unidentified threats settles as this may influence portions of a project later on. Danger management masterminding includes peril seeing evidence and appraisal, chance alleviation approaches, and hazard response design to continue reading …

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Feel free to choose according to your wish and aptitude, after all, for your information, there are no restrictions on how many courses you can do with us its totally up to your convenience and comfort. That’s what matters the most to us.

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